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  1. Omg. 🤣🤣🤣 And I can hear them teaching the move in that descriptive way- ’Shut the car door, shut the car door..’ ’Peel the banana, peel the banana..’ ’Shoo shoo fart! Shoo shoo fart!…’
  2. I always wondered why TPTB didn’t adjust the fit/size/? of the bottom of Hannah’s uniform so she wouldn’t have so much booty ‘cheek’ visible. Not only did it obviously stand out (in a not so flattering way) compared to how the uniform fit on the girls around her, but the improper fit did her a disservice by making her look more bottom-heavy than I think she actually is (or was). Even if her booty is bigger than most, Hannah’s bikini photo makes her look more proportional than the DCC hot pants did.. but maybe that’s due to the magic of photoshopping..🤷🏼‍♀️😜
  3. We’ll have to agree to disagree because I think her ass looks fantastic (along with the rest of her). She’s gorgeous, very photogenic and has a bod to die for. This is the kind of photo that definitely sells calendars..
  4. Hmmm, I’m voting mostly creepy.. Perhaps they realized that this ... entity..doesn’t exactly shout, ‘World Class’ for the DCC?! 🤣🤣
  5. Looks like they did do Thunderstruck; short clip of it on Miranda’s instastory @mirandatims
  6. (Only posting this for the sake of argument/entertainment/?… please don’t come for me!!! 😂😂😂) In all fairness (how boring) to VK, *if* she keeps her weight in check, and *if* they could keep her from smiling (and distracting people with her unfortunate horsey chompers), but instead have her use a more sultry, mouth-closed expression for once in the photos, I could imagine her having knockout skimpy swimsuit potential that many (not this crowd of course) might find appealing; specifically, male consumers who shop for calendars from the ‘that girl’s so hot, so I’m gonna shell out the bucks for this calendar; maybe two..’ perspective. If it’s really about moving the merchandise and maximizing revenue -and pretty sure it is- she may very well have a shot at a calendar cover in the future based on her appearance alone. Regardless of every other flaw she has, IMHO she does have a nice figure - e.g. long legs and that DCC blonde hair Kelli et. al seem to love - and for which VK has clearly already mastered the beachy, uncombed ‘just rolled out of bed’ style 😅. Unfortunately it is a fact that the nepotism factor with management would likely result in her leapfrogging past other equally (if not more so) beautiful girls with more seniority than her, which would suck and which I would hate to see as much as anyone else. But I just wanted to throw out the notion that she might actually be competitive on an appearance-only basis even without the favoritism.. <ok, now running away to avoid rotten eggs, tomatoes, grenades, etc. being hurled in my general direction 😜>
  7. Totally agree. In addition to being extremely self-absorbed, she is immature and not all that bright. Without a lot of advance coaching, when left on her own and she opens her mouth, she comes across as a stereotypical ditzy ‘dumb blonde’ with very little between her ears. (Disclosure- I am blonde and have always been extra sensitive to the negative stereotype, so I hate to see someone bring it to life.) I would think Victoria’s childish vapidness doesn’t exactly reinforce the DCC image/brand that Kelli wants to sell to everyone.. but why even try to understand what’s in Kelli’s head these days.
  8. Given that Kelli likes to refer to uniform-fitting day as similar to the girls trying on a ‘Superman(woman) cape,’ I expect she and Charlotte wanted to hear something consistent with that mindset. “Of course the uniform makes me! Specifically—faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!”
  9. I realize you aren’t a Kashara fan, but I like her very much and I think she was a great cheerleader. She’s certainly not stupid. In my opinion she would be a great asset to the DCC organization in whatever capacity they, and she, would agree to incorporate her. I hope she does stay around; it would actually give me some hope that TPTB haven’t gone completely around the bend.
  10. I have to respectfully disagree. The following excerpt from an article in The Atlantic (The Psychology of Victim Blaming) succinctly captures my opinion on this issue (text bolded by me): “Victim-blaming comes in many forms, and is oftentimes more subtle and unconscious than Metzger’s tirade. It can apply to cases of rape and sexual assault, but also to more mundane crimes, like a person who gets pickpocketed and is then chided for his decision to carry his wallet in his back pocket. Any time someone defaults to questioning what a victim could have done differently to prevent a crime, he or she is participating, to some degree, in the culture of victim-blaming. “While victim-blaming isn’t entirely universal (some individuals’ experiences, background, and culture make them significantly less likely to victim-blame), in some ways, it is a natural psychological reaction to crime. Not everyone who engages in victim-blaming explicitly accuses someone of failing to prevent what happened to them. In fact, in its more understated forms, people may not always realize they’re doing it. Something as simple as hearing about a crime and thinking you would have been more careful had you been in the victim’s shoes is a mild form of victim-blaming.
  11. No tomatoes here; I agree with you 100%. I think Whitney was one the blandest, most boring dancers I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t figure out why they put her at Point. Average looking (at best) with no charisma, no pop... somebody’s going to have to explain her allure to tptb to me.. 😂
  12. Seriously; I have to believe that those repeated mistakes must at least give Judy (“Lines! LINES!!”) nightmares... I’d love to know how Kelli talks her down from the ledge.
  13. Cute photos… other than the first one looks like it was shot in a bathroom
  14. So I’ve been wondering: at what point in the chronology of VK’s future glories (ROTY, 1GL, diamond/triangle/Point, VOTY, etc…) should we expect CMT to re-shoot the opening of the show to feature VK parading/performing in front of all the other DCC? 😂
  15. I agree Christina’s dancing has improved this season, especially since her sit-down/come-to-Jesus meetings with Kelli. My problem with her is I think she always looks tired (facially) and how shall I say this.... a bit past her prime. I know that sounds unkind, but to me she is the very opposite of fresh-faced or vibrant. (I would say the same about Lily.)
  16. Her explanation of why she chose her cause struck me more like self-absorption … which she has already more than demonstrated as one of her personality traits in general! I put the blame for this completely tone-deaf response squarely on the shoulders of the brilliant DCC power(s) that be who approved each cheerleader’s selection of/narrative on why they chose their respective causes. I think the cause is a good one- but entirely inappropriate for anyone associated with the DCC (not just VK) to comment on. VK is young and immature- and while that is not an acceptable excuse for her poor behavior in some of the situations she has been in- in this case I can imagine her immaturity resulting in not knowing what to do/which cause to choose and therefore being more than willing to be ‘guided’(?) by the adults in the room (TK, Kelli, Charlotte…?) who thoughtlessly decided -or agreed with her if she truly came up with it on her own- it would be the perfect issue for Victoria. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of VK. I agree with most everyone’s negative opinion on the way she made the team as well as the way she continues to receive and enjoy (apparent) undeserving preferential treatment: i.e. unapologetic nepotism. If it sounds like I’m letting her off the hook here, it’s only because in this particular case I am less offended by her predictably self-centered ‘story’ on why she selected her cause, than I am by the appalling hypocrisy of the DCC organization as a whole claiming to support healthy body image for women. They think it’s perfectly fine to repeat ad nauseum that the minuscule ‘uniform is unforgiving!’ and that ‘the shorts keep getting smaller and smaller!’ and admit openly that not looking good enough by their standards (e.g. thin enough, tall enough, not too athletic/muscular, not too ‘boxy’ frame, not having what they think is a weird smile or eyes that are too wide open or closed, not “looking like the girl next door but the girl from last night,”… the list goes on, right?) can be enough to cut a girl from training camp or the team. All of these girls/women are stunningly beautiful; yet how often have we seen Kelli Finglass not just find a prospective or current cheerleader’s appearance lacking in some superficial (and often invisible to me) way, but gleefully and/or cruelly mock a girl’s appearance (and on national television no less)? People can say what they want about social media commentary being the villain in feeding the fire leading young girls and women (and boys/men) to fall into the pit of negative body image, and I would agree it has become a factor. However the DCC should be accountable for/recognize that their own role in openly encouraging unhealthy body image for women has no doubt led many to believe they will never be thin ‘enough’ (or their breasts large ‘enough’ or their hair style glamorous ‘enough’ or...). The DCC organization has gone so far as to institutionalize unhealthy body image expectations by requiring their cheerleaders to sign a contract stipulating that maintaining an unrealistic weight level is a requirement for keeping their job. (And for the unfortunate ones who verge into the red zone of increasing weight, we are treated to the fake concerned canned bullshit from Kelli, ‘we want you to lose weight in a ‘healthy’ way…) So hey there, DCC management: Don’t insult us with your endorsement of healthy body image as a cause you care about; everything you do proclaims the very opposite.
  17. Thank you so much for starting this conversation. I’ve been touched by so many other posters’ replies (to the point that I couldn’t pick just one cause for myself as with each reply I’d think, ‘yes- I agree with at one!’ until I’d mentally signed on to way too many 😅). Great food for thought to take a moment and reflect on during this holiday season. Thanks again!
  18. Omg....tiny raccoon hands..🤣🤣🤣!
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