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  1. If this wasn't Freddy, the show wouldn't get past the pilot episode. Listen to the dialogue, look at the rest of the cast and tell me this show doesn't belong at 2:00 pm with the rest of the soap operas.
  2. Jesus, what a waste of time. Had hopes for this show but I'm done.
  3. Did I miss something last year? The season ended with "no one can touch us" and now Abby is dead, how? Who's the guy Bridget found in NY? What surgery?
  4. Can't stand him, was hoping for a shark attack when he waded out to the boat. Could someone teach that moron to breathe through his nose? Hard to even look at him. Just like Rick Grimes
  5. Haven't read the book so have no idea where this is going or will end up but would someone please tell me that Pete gets killed. It's the only reason I keep watching; just hoping to see what weak dick pos get shot in the head by someone.
  6. You mean the Indian guy from Fargo, the one in this show who doesn't seem to be able to talk much without crossing his arms over his chest? Speaks damn good English too.
  7. Cannot stand that mouth breathing snaggle toothed Jacob Lofland.
  8. Lesbian manager of the hair salon in last years Fargo.
  9. Other than Quinn, I'm having a hard time liking anyone this season.
  10. Yakimaman


    I barely made it to the first commercial. Won't be back. Just so, so bad. (and I am a Goggins fan)
  11. Hearing loss leaves me dependent on closed captioning, but there were no captions on this episode even though the program guide indicated CC.
  12. Yakimaman

    S07.E04: Service

    You can't take a .44 mag case (which it is) and turn it into a 9mm (which is what the gun she found is chambered for). The whole premise of "making bullets" is ridiculous. Can't be done.
  13. For fuck's sake quit the fuck saying fuck. Really, what is with the almost juvenile fascination and use of this word in this show?
  14. I thought the episode was boring. And I am so tired of hearing the word "fuck".
  15. The book and the show have little in common. Enjoyed the book and am watching the show as a different story with some of the same names.
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