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  1. SO HAPPY to be back in paradise. A few early ractions: 1. Bibiana and her red hot chili pepper bathing suit are the everything 2. Joe is seriously the hottest ever. 3. Kendall could barely keep her tongue in her mouth when she met him. I'm being literal here. 4. It's so annoying that Colton made me feel bad for Tia. He's the worst. 5. Krystal throwing glitter?!! How did she not get that sh** in her eyes. That intro leaves me worrying for her cornea (corneas?) 6. John, Kenny and Wills (and probably Joe) are too good for this. 7. Jordan is great. David
  2. I actually think it is true. These stories circulated all season. And I think it's absolutely Bekah's business . She's a part of BN and I actually think the world would be a better place if more people broke rank and spoke out and spoke up for people with smaller platforms. I think it's great if she wants to stand up for issues while helping to maintain her relevancy. Good for her.
  3. I just couldn't with most of last week's episode, but I don't want to get too far behind forParadise (priorities) so thought I 'should' watch this weeks episode. Sigh. --So back when Becca was originally cast, I know a lot of people said it was too soon for her to go another dating show. I disagreed but I've changed my mind. While I think she's perfectly 'ready' to move on and fall in love, she also still seems to be suffering from breakup-PTSD from how things went down with Arie. If she'd taken a year between being dumped on television when she thought she was beloved and engaged (not th
  4. I hate what we see of Ashley I. I don't care at all about Jared. But I basically hope they work out because I don't know either of them enough to really have an opinion on who they should be with so I might as well believe them. But I don't want to watch them. Go away already. And I honestly think that their love story sucks. Girl falls for boy who likes her but not enough. Girl throws crying fit after crying fit while trying to win the guy who is dating other people. Girl attacks females who the guy shows any interest in, calling them names, manipulating them and acting like a possessive
  5. OH, I have a totally crackpot theory. So there's been a lot of talk about Colton and the likelihood that he's actually a virgin and why he'd say he was if he wasn't. Now, I've thought he was lying since we first saw the promo of that, but I've agreed that it's a weird thing for anyone, especially a guy, to lie about. So here's my crackpot theory: Tia is pretty religious/spiritual, apparently (this isn't to say anything about her sexual history). Maybe this virginity line was one Colton fed her in order to appeal to that side of her life because he thought it would give him a seriou
  6. Yeah, I love Kendall and Sienne. I don't know that Kendall would have worked as the bachelorette, but I do think she'd have been better than Tia would have been and I think she would have still been likable by the end of her season (which I don't think would have happened with Tia). I also think a Baby Becka season would have been fun, annoying but fun, but didn't see them doing it. She really is too young. I'm still convinced we've gotten the hard sell on Tia (and will probably get more of it in Paradise) because the producers think of her as a replacement for Raven and they loved Raven
  7. I like Tia fine and really did enjoy her sense of humor (early on in Arie's season) but agree that Becca is a much better choice. By the end of Arie's season, it seemed that Tia was constantly auditioning for the Bachelorette role and, because of this, I found most of her reactions disingenuous (and her comments about Baby Becca especially hypocritical). Shallowly, her nose still bugs me (she'd be gorgeous if not for that wicked-witch tip). And I agree with all the comments above saying that Tia would have been a complainer. She just turns sour so fast. I think there were a lot of
  8. Tia looked miserable. I don't know what she was having the most trouble with....Colton now 'dating' Becca or her missed opportunity (to be the Bachelorette). I will say that I buy her friendship with Becca but I don't blame her for her suffering from some bitterness. From Becca's point of view, I don't think that the problem with Colton is that he briefly dated a friend of hers or even that he thought it would be one Bachelorette and, instead, it was her (because situations like those aren't uncommon). The problem is that he seems like he might be someone who pursues women because of th
  9. Also, meant to say: Jordan is the new Corrine.
  10. Just a few thoughts: I'm over Colton (not that I was really under him before ;) )and that's because, in part, of some info on podcasts. Nothing earth shaking, just info on his charity and such. But I think he's here for awhile Love Leo's sense of humor. Still don't love his hair. It's fine. Whatever. Sadly, I don't imagine him making it more than 2 more weeks (just a guess) but I hope he makes it to paradise. Blake is great. Pretty basic in looks, but great. Clay is a sweetheart but I just don't see him with Becca but I have no doubt that he'll find someone someday. Probably n
  11. I absolutely could emphasize with Ashley's confidence level, especially since her season started on rocky footing that was similar to what Kaitlyn started with--a bunch of the guys (including that one super douche) went into the season thinking that the bachelorette would be a very particular someone else and they wanted it to be that particular someone else. I think that would shake even the most confident of lead. That said, I didn't like Ashley's neurotic insecurity on Brad's season and I liked it less on her season. While I think she's a catch, I didn't think she had the personality to to
  12. I know I said that Becca is a liberal but now that you say this, I think you might be right. I think I read somewhere that she was a liberal, but I don't know that that was much more than an assumption. edited to say: I still don't remember where I first got the idea she's liberal, bu, yeah, she is. At least close to. Hilary supporting feminist's generally are.
  13. Yeah, and it's not like Becca (or any other lead) really decides the order those names are called in either. They're given some input (and leads have said that that input gets bigger as the season progresses, when that lead actually has developed opinions about that stuff) So whether or not the names (those 6 in a row) were called in the order it appeared isn't really telling of anything....well, except maybe a hint to something that production is trying to tell us for whatever reason. Because Becca did not pick the order they were called in and she did not pick the order the calling was sh
  14. I was going to stay unspoiled this season but this news has been everywhere so here I am...and I'm just bummed out. This will be the fourth season in a row with a really depressing/worrisome background story happening that just sucks the fun out of it. First there was Lee being cast for Rachel, then there was the BIP incident and the truly cringe worthy weekly coverage of it that they did, then there was asshole Arie and now liberal Becca ending up with a douchy guy who thinks that it's funny to mock mistreated and abused children (among other things). Sigh. yeah, yeah...we
  15. Just have to add: Okay, I'm shallow but I just don't find Becca attractive and I don't really know why. Like I can say she's pretty and hear other people call her pretty and understand why but I don't really believe it. Theres not a thing that I can point to as the "problem" either. It just doesn't work for me?‍♀️. Weirdly, while I never saw chemistry between her and Arie, I did think they looked good together and physically complimented each other.
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