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  1. twinkietwin94

    S12.E04: Empty Your Bucket

    I really like the idea of having so many alumni review the girls and discuss concerns. I wish it were only recent alumni though. I just can't with Tina as we all know the dances are harder now than when the show started much less when Kelli and Tina were on the team. IDK maybe she's paid enough attention to her daughter's dance lessons that she actually knows something or that she only comments on showmanship and appearance, though even that she might want to watch.
  2. twinkietwin94

    S12.E04: Empty Your Bucket

    I couldn't tell if they were the same vets clapping as dancing, I thought maybe they did half the vets at a time
  3. As in you'll only share why you think Allie was cut? If so please do
  4. twinkietwin94

    S12.E03: Finals

    I may have to watch again bc it looked to me like Kitty came to Holly and just wrapped her arms around her. It might be that Holly had finally stopped fighting, broken down, and was ready to be consoled
  5. twinkietwin94

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Oh man I'd totally forgotten about teaching Jerry to wash his hands, and now I'm feeling rather sick to my stomach. Yeah I remember when that one aired I was really grossed out. I wish we had seen more of Dr. Bob, that was so cool. *fingers crossed*
  6. twinkietwin94

    The West Wing Weekly & Other The West Wing Podcasts

    I wasn't on TWOP until later but I've used the internet way back machine to read the forums. I used to have out bookmarked but somehow have lost it. I found the link on here though so it's somewhere in an old post, you might be able to search and find it.
  7. twinkietwin94

    S12.E02: Making the Team

    I think that's just a matter of them being called in during the technique class and we have no idea how long they'd been dancing a that point. There's also no guarantee that they show the office visits in the order they occur.
  8. twinkietwin94

    S12.E02: Making the Team

    I think I remember hearing she had her appendix out, maybe this was after that and she was still recovering. I would imagine she would certainly be marking the dance more then so as not to hurt herself.
  9. I do believe one of the girls asked to name the First Lady said she didn't know how to pronounce it. Still not great but not as bad as not knowing at all.
  10. I really enjoyed the dancing while they waited, but then again I love me some Phil and it was just cute. There's a video from years ago in the 90s I think of the DH playing music and the girls dancing while they waited. I wonder if they've done this other seasons and just not shown it
  11. Who's the blond on the left side of the kickline 4 people in, her kicks are low
  12. twinkietwin94

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    M*A*S*H one of my all time fave shows, definitely some great male friendships there They both came back and appeared in a few of the season 15 episodes, I won't say more if you haven't seen it don't want to spoil it
  13. twinkietwin94

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Theirs really is the best relationship and it lasts all the way to the end of the series.
  14. See DCC see what you have brought us to witholding information??? LOL man the rumor mill is rampant and the speculation is amazing. It would be fun if it weren't so annoying be kept in the dark, ok I admit it's fun anyway but man do I wish they'd let out more spoilers this year. And I wish Holly would post something on social media even if it's just an "I love Jamba Juice" pic
  15. There are so many other options for dancers besides Broadway, I'm not sure why everyone is focused on it. Besides she is in college and while she clearly loves to dance she may have other aspirations in life. She may have killed her DCC career but other than that unless she was involved in something major illegal I'm sure she'll come out of this just fine.