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  1. 3jt

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I'm not defending Hester's propensity for drama, but it looked to me like the needle stopped in the down position. It looked like she was stuck on the machine and Garo was helping to back the needle out.
  2. 3jt

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    I doubt that any designer anywhere is sitting in their studio and thinks, my "girl" is a 52 year old divorced bookkeeper who would just appreciate not looking like shit today at work. Because that would literally be the story with every purchase that I make..... On the other hand, I would love to see Nina's face if someone actually said that on the runway.
  3. 3jt

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    ok, I am only 1/2 way through the 20 pages, I'm going to throw my 2 cents in now because it's going to take a while to get to the end. I keep reminding myself that the major players here are so very young. Danny was 14(?) when she was married to Drogo, Sansa was not much older when she was married to Bolton, John 15(?) when he went to the wall. Wasn't Arya like 9 when they went to King's Landing.... I don't know how much time has passed, but my point being that they are expected to deal with a lot for being so young. They have been through a whole lot!!! I am really angry with the way that Danny is being written. I know that taking the IT has been what has gotten Danny through a whole lot of monkey business, but EVERY DAMN CONVERSATION WITH HER IS I AM THE QUEEN!! I MUST RULE!!!! We know her, we know what she has been through- these other people DO NOT. Of course no one in the North trusts her. To them she is just another MF telling them that she is their ruler. Sansa has zero reason to trust or like Danny. Jon, as a King, was sent south to get dragon glass. He comes back with this chick and tells everyone that he is no longer the King, and we are all following her now. I see everyone's side. Mainly- I see that the writers are not being true to characters that I give a shit about. Forgot to add- There is no reason for Sansa or anyone in the North to want to be ruled by any of the assholes in KL/Westeros--- they have been betrayed too many times.
  4. 3jt

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    ok, I was trying to get through the forum before commenting so that I didn't duplicate someone else-- however, I'm only on page 7 and there are 10 pages!! Theon rescuing Yara "so easily" has been said many times- my take is that this ship just pulled into dock- these sailors have been at sea for quite some time..... I'm pretty sure that most of the crew is following the Captain's lead and visiting some women folk. My guess it that it's a skeleton crew made up of the guys with the least amount of time at sea. I'm sure that Uncle Creeper figured that with both Yara and the ship "tied up" in King's Landing it was pretty safe.
  5. 3jt

    S09.E13: Chokepoint

    Yep filmed in Georgia- but I thought that Alexandria and such are in Virginia- I guess that we hand wave regional weather because the show is FILMED in Georgia.....
  6. 3jt

    S09.E13: Chokepoint

    Aren't they supposed to be in Virginia? There are actual seasons there. There would be snow. Maybe I missed it when they went back to the South.......... Hell, I don't know any more
  7. 3jt

    S38.E03: Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed

    I had forgotten about the EOE, so when Chris was voted I out, I was irritated. Then when they showed him at the sign post of in or out I was relieved- and said you get your ass back in the game and send Dan home for real. Not 100% sure if I like this season, but don't flat out hate it..... so there's that.
  8. 3jt

    S04.E14: MM 54

    I kept saying this to the t.v.- expecially #1 when every damned time they were barricading themselves they kept using items with wheels!! My boyfriend finally looked over at me and asked why I was watching the show if I was so bothered (he is not a fan) and you know, I had no answer :O( I absolutely agree with points 2 and 3 as well.
  9. 3jt

    S05.E06: Of Mice and Men

    Agree!! This is why I watch it. I like to find out what makes people tick.
  10. 3jt

    S15.E06: That's a Lot of Schnitzel

    As an alcoholic myself, I appreciate your outrage for Chris (? don't remember everyone's name yet), however if he's in a program he should have the tools to deal with this situation. He said he's been sober for 3 years, I think, and although a relapse can happen at any time, the fact of the matter is that once we admit we have a problem and cannot drink like normal people we don't go into isolation. We learn to deal with our disease. I thought he did really well considering.
  11. 3jt

    S34.E13: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

    I agree 1000%. I thought that she was very well spoken in that interview. She took responsibility for her social game (or lack there of) and she knew that because she was sitting there being pissed and feeling sorry for herself she missed the advantage that Sarah found. I love her and am sorry that she was voted off. But- that's the show.
  12. 3jt

    Naked and Afraid XL

    I like this season so much more than last- and I did enjoy last season. Other than Shannon right now, no one else seems to have a crappy attitude. I am really fascinated by what people who really have a comfortable life - compared to poorer nations- do with the barest necessities. Floving this so far.
  13. ok, I admit that I haven't made it through all 7 pages of this thread, so if I am repeating what someone else already posted, please forgive me. I know that David is not a good dancer- and David knows that he is not a good dancer. In his package I felt like he was saying good bye- it was fun, and he couldn't believe it that he had made it that far. I did think that Bonner and Dave would be the boot Monday night, I was ok if it was Bonner and Nick. I was shocked that it was Nancy. This is some crazy stuff!!
  14. I think it's interesting how so many people found Liv to be "simple", as I have always thought of her as shy and quiet. To me she just seems very calm like she's weighing what she is going to say. The way that I interpreted her reaction to the information about George is that she was amazed by how strong he must have been to have seen such horrors during the first battle, but then continued in the Army as a sergeant when they needed more fighting men. It had to take incredible fortitude after seeing what artillery does to the human body- and remember that the field surgeons at the time had little resources to operate on the battlefield. Liv said at the beginning of the episode that she wanted to research her father's mother's side because they already had a lot of information about the Italian side (Tyler is a shorted version of a longer Italian last name). I really liked this episode.
  15. 3jt

    S11.E14: Battle of the Beasts

    I thought that Emily's bug looked like a cockroach. I just couldn't shake that image, and I really didn't like it. I absolutely genuinely like all of the final 3- was happy Cig won, but was kind of pulling for George. He just comes off as so sweet.