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  1. It also kind of walked back one of the things that I really liked about season 1, namely when Nancy called Jonathan on his bullshit while they were in the woods. The most incompatible moment between them (I thought) was when they were talking in his car about how he didn't mind not going to college because they would be able to stay together. It showed that he was thinking of his future as an extension of being her boyfriend (and future husband, devoted, but a little immature) whereas she was thinking about where her life could take her in a more grounded and practical way. It was a very true to them both kind of moment. I think she was a worse girlfriend than he was a boyfriend. He seemed to spend a fair amount of time doing unpleasant things only for her benefit. As far as I saw, he was very emotionally supportive a ton of times, and only really tried once to get Nancy to cheer up and fake it the one time before the party. I think he was more just out of his depth with the whole survivors guilt thing. Nancy could probably get more from a therapist at this point than a new boyfriend, however arty and sensitive he might be.
  2. She has a perfectly nice figure, they just need to stop dressing in either such form fitting head to toe clothes, or these swamping muumuu styles. Neither of the two extremes are working for her. Something a good bit more inbetween would suit her much better. This for instance: http://dailycaller.com/2017/11/24/debra-messing-triggered-over-new-york-times-piece/ or this one http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Debra+Messing/2017+Summer+TCA+Tour+NBC+Press+Tour+Arrivals/B1yV0uDIUyA are both great styles for her.
  3. Yeah, there's so much good storytelling they could do with the biblical set up, but they always pic the laziest family dynamics angle to go for.
  4. That really was dumb that they skipped over it. I feel like the writers are trying to pretend the whole Uriel thing never happened. In the immediate aftermath Lucifer was so much more fragile and upset, but since the end of that season they haven't even brought it up (that I recall, correct me if I'm wrong). I don't think they show wants to be that serious, they lean pretty hard on the silly/fun side of all this. Ella is without question my least favorite character. They keep trying to use her as the morality pet of the group, but I think the Doctor does a much better job of filling that role. Ella somehow manages to be both gratingly annoying and somehow overly sanctimonious on a show loosely based around religion. Every time she's on the screen I wish she wasn't, and they keep giving her episodes that focus on her.
  5. Speaking of couches, did anyone else think get reminded of Twin Peaks (original series) when BH Santa from Betty's dream was climbing over the couch? The over exaggerated/uncanny valley way he was moving reminded me of long-grey-haired-killer-guy-that-somehow-turned-out-not-to-be-the-killer, so, foreshadowing?
  6. This was beyond ick. Daddy from a girl her age is bad enough, then they made it even grosser. It also always reminds me of how grossly over privileged she is, I think this episode might have been the first time she realized the US has a problem with medical expenses. I'm not looking for a socialist screed in the middle of an episode, but can they show the teens on this show working hard at something? Like school, or an after school job? They seem to have unlimited free time and no responsibilities, or parental oversight. Then they turn around and try to tell their parents what to do, how am I supposed to like these people? I'm starting to like Archie the best. He's kind of dopey and useless, but at least he works on stuff. He works for his dads company over the summer, then sells christmas trees, everyone else just spends 100% of their time doing whatever they feel like (you will never convince me that Betty would not choose 'snoop around and annoy people' as her hobby, black hood or no). I'm thinking it was Sheriff Keller, and he swapped places some how/blackmailed the janitor into being his puppet, then shot the guy that could have caught him out. How much was that Christmas tree? They're not usually more than 60 or so dollars. In fairness, they might have had multiple emotional and heartfelt conversations about this, dozens even, and we were inexplicably never shown it. Is Betty really not going to write an expose on the Nuns who are abusing their physical charges? Has she really just been sitting on that information all this time? Is she really supposed to be any kind of hero/good on this show? Does Jughead go to Southside High still? How is he always at Northside during school time?
  7. I think having Betty and Veronica develop into rivals for a while makes total sense. It was always a little odd and rushed that Veronica immediately wanted to be Betty's friend and that they got so close so fast first season. Their friendship has always been somewhat underlined by the fact that both of them have prominent characteristics that the other has no liking or respect for. We saw some of this come out when Betty was made to attack veronica by the BH, she wouldn't normally have said the stuff she did, but it was still stuff that she believed. They can make it back to being friends eventually, but for now there's a lot between them that is left unsaid to preserve their friendship.
  8. Oh man, this episode. Why does this show distance itself from reality so hard? I spend half the tie shrieking at the tv, and not in the good way. What janitor doesn’t knock?! I guess we’re to assume he was creeping at the door and interrupted to protect Josie’s virtue. Archie and Veronica –‘OMG there were three children!! This changes everything!!’ yeah guys, which obviously is not news to the people that were investigating the crime, and probably not news to anyone investigating the current crime. It seems more likely that black hood is the guy that got dragged of into the woods by mob justice. How did FP and Jug get another bike? those aren't cheap, and Jug was riding FPs while he was in jail. FP: 'then leave him! ...at home' that was so great. I love/hate how Alice has to be the center of attention in every room, regardless of what said room is/who is in it. Man, Archie is a toxic little crybaby, he went from ‘it’s okay no pressure, V.’ to ‘that is if your cold dead heart can love anything’ in the space of literally two seconds. Betty's dance? Good god, your mom is there, your boyfriend's dad is there! So much cringing! All the cringing that exists. I may never watch again, due to the second hand embarrassment. Seriously, Skeet out acts so many of his costars, like, the majority of them. And Betty and Jug are broken up again. Honestly, I think both of their break ups come down to Betty’s hard core type A personality and inability to stay out of things. She is so much her mother…And not to be too harsh, but good lord Betty, actions have consequences. You can’t just run over everyone all the time. I think we were supossed to find it uncomfortable. It was so quiet when she started stripping. No whistling, or hoots from the crowd (on a similar note, I will be forever disappointed that the serpents didn't hiss, instead of boo when Veronica and Archie left the stage.) and when she was done, dead silence. FP had to make them cheer for her.
  9. yeah, that's what I mean when I say every episode feels like a clip show. The closest I can remember to an 'in between moment' is when we saw Jughead and Archie hanging out in his room playing video games. It's stuff like that that makes the rest of the scenes work for me. It really bugs me that they keep skipping them. I'm honestly not sold on the idea that, if you take away all the bat shittery they team up to deal with, any of these people are actually friends. (a show that did a decent job of this would be The OC, a show that did too much of it would be Gossip Girl.) I think that Riverdale might be a little over-plotted for my tastes. Veronica is kind of like a Fembot. She doesn't really have another setting. Haha, Cheryl. Cheryl is hella crazy :)
  10. I think Avery and Trish might be my favorite of the supporting cast, though now that the B-team is getting along I like them a lot more too. I like the script stuff, but I did think that the Murtaugh /Scorsese stuff about the script went both too far and on to long to actually be funny. It's strange, but I tend to find Crawford funnier than Waynes, which, given their backgrounds is a little surprising. I think Waynes is not really committing to the straight man role, and so their dynamic is sort of off this season. Overall Crawford does get better material to work with though.
  11. It's possible. I certainly don't mean to suggest that she was actually making a play for the sheriff, just that she was being teasingly flirtatious. Personally I would have never said anything like that to a friends parent, as a teenager or now. I tend to be pretty compartmentalized though, I've never had a crush on a teacher or a boss or anything like that. To me it was more funny to hear that Veronica is so assured that her boyfriend is a renowned total beefcake to the point that even the Sheriff would be aware of it.
  12. I saw Jake and Molly run, and Jake come back and threaten Riggs senior with the gun, but that's where I got confused. The dad calls Jake's bluff but leaves him with the gun and somehow he's starts hitting Riggs junior again? When I saw the scene I thought he took the gun from Jake, and started hitting Jake for threatening to shoot him, then Martin shot him. But judging by how things shook out apparently not.
  13. So I guess last episode’s interaction is all we’re going to get as far as fallout from Betty having Archie dump Jug for her. Why even write that story line if you’re just going to spend one fourth of one episode on dealing with it. I know it’s a little off from the whole nerdy writer thing, but if they’re going to keep Jug doing this whole bad boy thing then they really need to get Cole Sprouse to put on some muscle. He looks like he would be less use in a fight than Betty. This deal with the lawyer is still so, soooo stupid. She’s the lawyer for the Serpents! FP is a Serpent!! The other Serpents sent Jug to her! Not only should she already be representing him, but all this strongly suggests that the Serpents set Jug up for all this crap. "they messed up that pretty face of his" -Legit gasped. So glad it was a lie. Hahaha Archie’s idea about living in new York as struggling broke artists is absolutely the most stupid thing he’s ever said. Dude is about 20-30 years too late with that plan. Pop’s is less dated than that idea. How absurd is it that the Mayor is safer at the four seasons? Does she not have some kind of security detail? Josie’s behavior is pretty nonsensical, her mom tells her to come home right away, the very next night she stays after at school then goes out with a guy and doesn’t even bother to check her phone? Cheryl is a friend no one needs. She is way controlling, even before the reveal. Why does this show cram so much plot into it’s episodes? And yet it still manages to leave so much out. Sheriff Keller has a wife?! Have we had literally one mention of this? No V! No hitting on your friends parents!! ‘Archie Andrews watch your back’?! Stop That At Once Young Lady! That Sheriff Keller keeps his office locked is literally the most responsible we’ve seen him do. Though, given the season one break in he should really have a better lock at this point. Also, Betty, you had your own murder wall of crazy last season, stop casting stones you glass house living psycho. Also; ‘here’s my log book’ bc the adults fully realize that Betty can and will not be stopped by reasonable discourse or the rules of her parents. ETA: The kids from Stranger Things could run circles around the kids from Riverdale. Every episode of this show feels like a clip show.
  14. They talked primarily about Molly dating and whether Riggs was going to move on so he could date too. It was a very forgettable scene. BC the two of them have no chemistry at all. Even as friends. She gets the worst writing of everyone. As much as I would love to see Riggs in high school they're going to have to make him and Molly compelling in the present too.
  15. So true, every show has to eventually be an ensemble on some level. So many shows can't seem to get this right, I think this one's doing okay. Riggs' behavior is so far off the grid this season. I think they're building up to a thing where he's losing it without having his wife as a touchstone. Her killer is caught, their relationship has a different type of shadow over it from the cartel thing. So he's kind of lost something that was integral to him keeping his focus. I honestly think that the Dad stuff is really good and compelling. It's well shot and Crawford is a very strong actor with a ton of range. The actress playing the doctor is pretty weak, she's also a terrible doctor. Like, terrible terrible. A big part of her character is supposed to be how competent she is and Riggs might not be an ideal patient,but she is hard core failing. I felt so bad for the dead surfer, he seemed like a good dude.
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