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  1. dstranger99

    S07.E08: Hearts Still Beating

    Not a bad episode, but wasting 15 minutes on Carol could have been wrapped up in 5.... We also got another reminder that you can't outwit Negan and Spencer got it.......Fine with me, I never liked him.. Poor Eugene, but at least he'll be put to good use instead of doing nothing. And so long fat girl......All you ever did was stand around anyway.........
  2. dstranger99

    S07.E07: Sing Me A Song

    An X rated spoof of TWD would be pretty funny. In this episode while Eugene is making the bullet, He could say something cheesy like "Here's a real bullet" and unzips his pants and him and Rosita go at it. So many funny opportunities, like last week's Tara episode could have been a full blown lesbian orgy in the woods. And think about the combinations we could use. Morgan uses his "Stick" on Carol, Gabriel blowing Spencer, Teen anal with Carl & Enid, Jesus & Maggie romp on Glenn's grave with Glenn coming back to life from Jesus' magic juice.... Okay, well, back to my lunatic cell now. See ya.
  3. dstranger99

    S07.E07: Sing Me A Song

    Was anyone else disappointed Olivia wouldn't give Negan a quickie? An X-rated version of this show would be awesome.
  4. dstranger99

    S07.E07: Sing Me A Song

    The funniest part of the episode was when Negan fat shamed the chubby girl. "Your practically starving?"....Really??.... lol But get used to him, Negan is still alive in all the comic books, He's gonna be long term.......
  5. dstranger99

    S07.E01: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

    This premiere went nowhere, they could have wrapped this entire show up in the season 6 finale. Even the commercials lied, showing Ezekiel and the Kingdom. It went nowhere close to that, Ricks group stayed on their knees, and Negan talked the entire time. STFU, your not even all that scary, shove Lucille up your ass....
  6. dstranger99

    S03.E06: Brick Hotel

    Seriously, why do I even bother with this show? I only made it 1/2 way thru and flipped the channel. It's no longer a "fix it" show, it's a depressing version of Dr. Phil.....
  7. dstranger99

    S03.E05: Lakeview Hotel

    Another stupid episode that resembles more of a "Dr Phil" show than a hotel make-over......
  8. dstranger99

    My Giant Life

    I think these big chicks are hot. Would love to see them in a porn shoot.
  9. dstranger99

    S03.E04: Town's Inn Part 2

    Bizarre episode, and that's the first make-over I've seen where the person still looks the same.
  10. dstranger99

    S03.E03: Town's Inn Part 1

    I saw that too....Why not just quit and find another place to cook where the people are "normal". You don't have to be an expert chef to flip burgers, he can get a job anywhere doing that. Let's start by giving both Sara & Karan a bath, They both look like they smell.....
  11. I thought the guy with the tape over his mouth was pretty original.....
  12. dstranger99

    Naked And Afraid

    This woman was a mess, and a 3rd degree martial arts my ass.... She couldn't even get a fire going for hours (with a starter) and the homeless guy got it going right away.......I even saw her laying around, legs wide open......Sheesh... And what moron puts a turtle back in the water to wash it off before cooking it, only to lose the turtle?..... (yet, that was his idea, but she still did it)........ This woman should have been a blonde.........
  13. dstranger99

    S03.E02: Vienna Inn

    That wife was a complete loon......She should also be on "Hoarders"....
  14. dstranger99

    Favorite Seinfeld Moments

    And I can never remember his name !!!! ........lol
  15. dstranger99

    Favorite Seinfeld Moments

    From "The Label Maker" episode: "I don't trust this guy. I think he re-gifted, then he de-gifted, and now he's using an upstairs invite as a springboard to a Super Bowl sex romp." And I saw Jerry's standup show back in 2014.....The guy who played "The Doorman" was his opening act......