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  1. I thought she looks like if Gary Busey and Caitlin Jenner had a baby. Those teeth!!
  2. Question, didn't Ashley accuse Monique of drinking and driving a few seasons ago? She didn't beat her ass. And that to me is more damaging than someone accusing you of not sleeping or being annoying. I think Monique really DOES NOT like Candy-ah-chay (that's how mu hubby likes to say it) I kept rewinding the fight. Monique would not let go...it was really quite different from any other fight I have seen on any real housewives. Her lack of remorse on Twitter is scary.
  3. Vincent looks like he has a couple of bodies stashed somewhere. No chemistry between him and Amber and she knew it. Um the girl obsessed with serial killers (John Wayne GRACY???) needs to be obsessed with that extra toof Lacey looks like Mary (the one with Dominic) blonde twin. She looks ROUGH for 29. And Poppy was not having any of it. Where can I get me a rainbow sequined jumpsuit?
  4. That was the nurse writing it on the care board, in the room. I'm a labor and delivery nurse and we write the care plan on dry erase boards to involve the family.
  5. Nene was either drunk or on something. She made no damn sense. And when Kandi and Porsha were going into her closet, she was laughing while saying, you betta not go in there. It wasn't until the camera man went in that she lost it. I bet see didn't have shit that's why she freaked. This was a great episode. Shamari is a messy drunk, but I died when she said Ho- kanda.🤣 Everyone except Nene looked great with their hair. My husband is convinced Nene had a wig on.
  6. I'm kinda fascinated with this show....
  7. Steven was a vile ass. I could see him grabbing the baby out of Olga's hands. I like him last week. Not no more! Leida, matte lipstick is not the look for you.
  8. Even Mr. Tallulahbaby is concerned for poor Asuelu. His eyes get so full and watery, I start sniffling...he just wants to care for his little family! What does Kalani keep telling my Asuelu he better behave? She needs too. She treats him like he is Ishi. Time of death? 0557, PST.? Leida, actress/model/aviator/dog whisperer/surgeon/grocery checker/etsy seller/choreographer/food critic. Needs to run. RUN, BITCH, RUN. I cant stand her and her. Faux mothering, but Eric is a dirty, tiny toothed, man. I saw that one picture he catfished her with. I even g
  9. I live for your recaps. Seriously. Talking Glazed Ham Ricky?????? That's EXACTLY what he looks like. But you didn't have anything to say about the fairytale couple, Eeyore and the Pugilistic Midget! My husband walked by and wanted to know why she was wearing brown shoes with her white dress. I said, "they're taupe flats, honey." And what dummy uses an ATM card in Nigeria? Oh, that's right, Memaw Angela.
  10. I don't understand how Rachel can not tend to her baby crying and let some man she DOES NOT KNOW tend to her baby. I was furious. She is going to be one of those moms who puts dick before her kids. If Karineeee wasn't pregnant, why does she look so bad? She looks preggers to me. Acne, weight gain, large breasts... Hazel is a cold one, no? And Tarik is ridiculous. If Hazel does move to the US. I have an uneasy feeling about her and patience with Tarik's daughter. Is Melissa a teenager with her bolt on titties? Something is off with her. And Ricky is dumb as hell. Si
  11. Thank you to whomever bestowed Annie with the genius name, Pingpong Annie! As she would say, "Oh my Buddha!" She's a smug, slick bitch who knew damn well Bahtman had no Baht/Pesos/Lira/Pounds/Euro/Yen/Dollars My husband commented Anfisa should be with Russ. I kinda like that. I like Anfisa and am rooting for her.
  12. That Sharpei looking mother daughter duo.....
  13. It is a swing for kids with special needs. We have a park where i live that has several of these swings. My son who has Down Syndrome and Autism is able to swing comfortably and safely in one of these. He is 12. ? I got the heebie-jeebies with him just standing in front... leeering her at her with this weird stare and his hand hovering near her crotch area... he is really creepy.
  14. I swear to God, I thought I heard her say, "Silver rights are in my blood"
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