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  1. AllAboutMBTV

    The Other Two

    Just binged the series last week (what else are you supposed to do after oral surgery?). I, of course, know nothing about the upcoming season, but it wouldn't surprise me if the celebrity focus shifts from Chase to Pat, now that he's off to NYU and she's got her own talk show. Of course, TV shows about TV shows/personalities are some pretty well-plowed earth, but maybe The Other Two could bring a new slant to it. Also -- and this comes from the very shallowest end of the pool -- could they bring back Andrew Ridings as Matt, Carey's straight-adjacent roommate? My eyes would appreciate that.
  2. AllAboutMBTV

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    Smac's was the only audition I rewound. I might have rewound Gino's -- he gives good face -- but I felt like I'd seen it all before. Are the auditions traveling this year? Because I'm already over the 9,000 stage cameras giving us 360-degree views. We. Get. It. (Although it might be interesting/funny if the judges used video replay to judge the dancers like figure-skating judges do. "Nope, you didn't quite finish that turn. Points deducted.")
  3. AllAboutMBTV


    I've lost count of how many times I've watched Waller-Bridge's Crashing. I would love to see a second season, but apparently the network wasn't interested. (I also cannot figure out how to actually do a second season -- no spoilers as to how S1 ends -- but would trust PWB to sort that out.) For those of you interested in more of Andrew Scott, there's his Moriarty on Sherlock, of course, but I can recommend the movies Pride and Handsome Devil, plus he's in an episode of the next season of Black Mirror (on Netflix June 5, I believe).
  4. AllAboutMBTV

    Les Misérables (2018)

    Olivia Colman was just as good as Mme. T as I thought she'd be. There can never be enough Colman. I did gasp when Thenardier slapped her, though. I'm sure I've never seen Colman slapped before (although I wanted to slap her character in Fleabag all the way across the Thames and back, she was that horrible). I had to laugh that Mme. T had a Cockney accent. I know it's meant to be signifier of a lower class, but it just added to the mishmash of French/English accents. I hear a little needle scratch every time someone says, "Yes, monsieur" in the middle of an otherwise English conversation. It would be like me saying, "Ja, mein herr" here in California. Agreed with those upthread who think this Javert is underwritten and underplayed. And for a town with low crime levels, there sure seemed to be enough obvious prostitutes he could have arrested for soliciting, not to mention their johns.
  5. AllAboutMBTV

    Christopher Kimball's Milk Street

    I made the Turkish Beans as well, although I used a lamb shank. I trimmed as much fat away from the shank as I could before adding it to the pot, but the dish still ended up a bit too fatty. I opted out of adding olive oil at the end as it didn't need it, and even adding pomegranate molasses made it almost too rich (the pickled tomatoes did help cut through the richness). It is dead-simple to make, however -- just trim your shank of fat!
  6. AllAboutMBTV

    Les Misérables (2018)

    A bit more of why Valjean was sentenced to hard labor, instead of Javert's tossed-off "You stole a loaf of bread," would have been nice. Yay for Derek Jacobi's monsignor; Boo for the English-French dialogue mishmash. And I had to laugh at the Let's All Take a Minute Out For a Pee scene juxtaposed with PBS blurring West's backside.
  7. AllAboutMBTV

    Killing Eve

    Very much enjoyed the S2 premiere. I did, however, miss Phoebe Waller-Bridge's comic voice in the writing, though. I know she's executive producer now and not the showrunner but I assume she has input into the scripts. (Side question: How did Call The Midwife's Patsy [Emerald Fennell] get to be KE showrunner and writer?!) I could have been completely wrong, but I could hear Waller-Bridge in S1's Carolyn and Bill (there was an echo of it in Carolyn's S2 line about the swimming ponds and their added bonus for Daddy). It's like watching "Kimmy Schmidt" and hearing a line that could only have been written by Tina Fey. Anyway, I enjoyed it and didn't mind the reset. I guessed that Villanelle would kill poor Gabriel about five seconds before she did it. However, I missed the pink tutu dress out on the street, so thanks to the eagle-eyed poster(s) above!
  8. AllAboutMBTV

    Salt Fat Acid Heat

    I have only the final episode to watch. Any chance of a second season for this treat of a series? I, too, would like her to do an episode on Persian cuisine. And one on cheese (France). Maybe one on sweets (Vienna). And pickling (Scandinavia). Samin! Call me!
  9. AllAboutMBTV

    S05.E11: Meet the Parents

    Agreed with everyone above, this episode was a gift. Kudos to the casting director for finding two actors who looked like they could actually be Noah Reid's parents. I kinda sorta wished they'd saved the Moira Goes to a Soap Opera Con to be the A-plot of another episode. She had a long line of fans who wanted to meet her, and I wanted to hear what every one of them had to say and what Moira would have said in return (like the town-hall episodes of Parks and Rec where the citizens of Pawnee complain hilariously one after the other).
  10. AllAboutMBTV

    S05.E09: The MVP

    Just picking nits: If Stevie, Johnny and Roland were all playing baseball, who was running the award-winning motel? Who was minding Rose Apothecary? As mentioned above, shouldn't Patrick have been at Cabaret rehearsal (I think I saw Ronnie's 8x10 on the cast board last week, too, as well as Someone We've Never Heard Of playing Brian)? And I'm sure Ted could have swung a bat and caught a ball. And, no to black shoes and a brown glove. Just not done.
  11. AllAboutMBTV

    Past Seasons Discussion

    I can't get anyone to watch this show either, even after singing Rita Moreno's praises to the sky. And while I hope there are at least two or three more seasons (Penelope+Max 4evah!), if there aren't I won't have the insanely catchy earworm of the theme song stuck in my head for days anymore. (Well done, Gloria Estefan!)
  12. AllAboutMBTV

    S04.E13: Christmas

    "Oh, there's no booze in that. Ew!" Oh, Moira, never change.
  13. AllAboutMBTV

    In The Media: Schitt Hits The Fans

    Season 5 extended trailer (thanks, DLevy!).
  14. AllAboutMBTV

    S04.E08: I'm Not the Person I Used to Be

    I wasn't feeling SAstin as Greg either and, as others have said, hope he'll grow into the role. Mainly, though, I could not get past the five pounds of slap they put on his face. He looked poreless and Photoshopped. (Hi, WhiJo, nice to have you back, however briefly!) (Kamala Hare-is for the win.)
  15. AllAboutMBTV

    S08.E11: The Great Christmas Bake Off

    I enjoyed the episode -- as long as I didn't look out the windows of the tent. Clearly, it was filmed in the summer or early autumn as there were still plenty of leaves on the trees. Yes, I know GBBO isn't a documentary (and heating the tent would be as much of a problem for the sound techs as air conditioning it), but it kinda took me out of the holiday spirit. The foam snow on the ground at the end didn't help either. /Scrooge ANYway, my mom makes mincemeat pie every holiday season. She buys it jarred (Crosse and Blackwell's) and doctors it with booze and whatnot. Since it is the only pie I'd rather not eat I can't tell you what's in the whatnot. But she lets it sit around for a couple of weeks before she makes the actual pie. Smells nice, even I don't like the taste of it!