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  1. Since he's going to public school, this would also mean that he's going to be vaccinated or has already gotten his vaccines??. Not sure how it is in Arkansas, but for here, kids are required to have all their immunization shots up to date before starting school. Regardless, I'm happy for Izzy!! Wonder if they will put Sam in Pre-K once he gets old enough?
  2. I agree with you about the kids being too old at this point. At the same time, the kids were a lot of the reason people tuned into the show. I wonder if Kate might try to do what Jim Bob Duggar (another TLC "talent") did with his kids: pitch the idea of a spin-off featuring the oldest kids with Kate behind the scenes as some kind of producer or something?
  3. Exactly!!! If she were to become pregnant, this baby would have Franco's DNA. Interesting because like Oscar, Franco also had a tumor although in Franco's case, it wasn't malignant, no? Even still, this tumor caused a lot of very sick behavior which contributed to Franco's crimes. (i.e. the tumor made him do it, lol!) I can remember that for this very reason, Franco was so against having a biological child with Nina for fear that this tumor might be genetic or that Franco somehow would pass "evil" down to his son/daughter. If Kim does become pregnant, it should be fascinating to see how this plays out.
  4. Another thing about the video: I never knew Derick or Jill played the harp. In fact, when I was watching the house tour clip, Mr. Forever Pluto commented on the "monstrous harp sitting in the middle of the office" He said it reminded him of those pictures he would see when going over our kids' homework where it says: Pick the one that does not belong here!
  5. Given how much she freaked out in Danger America over the infamous shower rod falling, I'm a little surprised she would have this tour of her home like this. After all, Derrick is at law school and he's not very popular on social media, etc. In addition to that, she has a lot of followers and comes from a relatively famous family. It just doesn't seem safe to be showcase your (sloppy) home where some overzealous follower can probably find out where you live and show up on your doorstep.
  6. I'm curious about Nicky. I wonder if Nicky moved in with Kevin at some point. I ask this too because Kevin's son told Randall that his dad went to get takeout. When Kevin went for takeout, who was at home with Kevin's son and Rebecca? I didn't see a nanny or any other caretaker. This is why I'm wondering if Nicky at some point moved in with Kevin, got clean, etc.
  7. I was going to ask about the house and what becomes of it. I was going to suggest Ben and Jessa but it seems like they're not making much plans on moving anytime soon.
  8. Not really. In fact, I don't remember a lot of scenes that really showcased Dick Clark in terms of the behind the scenes stuff with Bandstand. I do remember the few times Dick was shown, he was portrayed by Joey Lawrence. But again, not much emphasis was put on Dick Clark himself. As far as American Soul, I do know that Bandstand/Dick Clark was threatened enough by Soul Train's popularity that they put out this rival show to Soul Train called Soul Unlimited. Apparently, it was a bust because it ended as fast as it started!!! As for American Soul, again, I'm struggling with this show and why certain storylines are even portrayed on this show. Case in point: Flo inadvertently stopping the young man with the gun by making him dance with her. I doubt this happened so why even make it a part of the show? Also, I thought it was somewhat unrealistic that Simone and Kendall got left behind by the Soul Train bus and that they just happened to sing Motown tunes in a country western bar. Don is a real piece of work! I hate to say it but this show is not endearing me to Don at all. Don seemed like he was very difficult to work with and for! Not only that but he was a womanizer and not a very loving dad. I wish the show would focus more on Don himself and flesh his character out more. Maybe then I can get more an understanding of Don himself and the method in his madness! Speaking of Simone and Kendall, I'm not sure where the direction of this group is going. While the other two guys of Encore can sing, Simone is the one who seems to have more charisma and star power. Plus, there seems to be more episodes of her singing solo than it is of her singing with the group. The show needs to focus more on developing storylines that have more of a connection to Soul Train as opposed to some of the storylines like Briana and the soldier she moved into her home, Flo stopping the guy with the gun, JT's legal and family drama, etc. Finally, I wonder if this show does come back for Season 2 if they are going to flash forward to maybe much later in the 70s or even the 80s?
  9. Well that explains a lot of the similarities now!!!
  10. And this is the problem I have with Beth. She always caves to Randall. In all the things you listed above (i.e. William moving in, adopting Deja, buying the old apartment, Randall staying in the race when at one time, he decided to quit because he finally got it that his family needed him, etc), Beth initially was against all those things but for whatever reason, she ultimately caved to do what Randall wanted all along. My problem with Beth lies with her inability to really communicate what she wantgs and to stand by that. The episode with her mom gave me a lot more insight because it seems with the strict mother that she had, Beth probably did a lot of what was expected of her as oppose to what she truly wanted. Don't get me wrong, I blame Randall too but in Randall's defense, he is going off of what Beth is telling him when she changes her mind about things he ultimately wants. She should just be honest with Randall and let the chips fall where they may. As for Randall, I still have major concerns with this city councilman thing, as well as the other stuff going on with him. I think he sees Beth as his safety net. Randall does not handle a lot of pressure being placed on him very well, hence his past two breakdowns. Each time, Beth has been there to catch Randall when he falls or fails. With Beth following her passion, I think Randall is secretly threatened by that. I like that the show is finally showing the cracks in the armor of Beth and Randall's relationship. No matter how solid a couple may seem on the outside, there are real problems underneath the surface that should be addressed. When they aren't, as I've seen with Randall and Beth, it creates the perfect storm.
  11. American Soul reminds me a lot of an older show called American Dreams, which oddly enough was loosely based on American Bandstand. Like American Soul, American Dreams had the same premise where there were multiple storylines going on at one time, some of which really had nothing to do with Bandstand. Then like American Soul, American Dreams featured current/semi-current stars portraying the musical acts of the time. For instance, Jennifer Love Hewitt performed as Nancy Sinatra. In another episode, Kelly Rowland played Martha of Martha and the Vandellas. It's been a while since I last saw American Dreams but the similarities in storytelling between the two shows is very similar. If American Soul is indeed following the American Dreams format, American Dreams had a short run which may not bode well for American Soul.
  12. I've been watching the show and yeah, I agree that there are too many storylines going on. Dare I say it, I have to wonder if that is because these other storylines serve as a distraction from the actor portraying Don. No disrespect to Sinqua Wells but I just don't feel like he's a strong enough actor to pull off "Don Cornelius". If anything, I am more intrigued by the nightclub owner. Don't know his name but I recognize him from Greenleaf. But even here, I am not sure how his character connects to Soul Train other than the fact that famous musicians occasionally come through his club. Even the 3 teens, they seem to be focused more on launching singing careers rather than dancing on Soul Train. I did have a thought that these 3 teens or Encore as they call themselves might be based on the group Shalamar but I'm not sure??? I really want this show to succeed but at the rate it's going, I don't know if it will. I think it would have made a pretty good limited series or tv movie but a full on series? I just don't know...
  13. I know it's wrong of me to wonder but can we really be sure she took those two kids to the doctor by herself? For all we know, Jana and/or Johanna was somewhere in the office just cropped out of the shot.
  14. I agree. I think Nicky will turn up alive at some point in this series. I keep thinking for some reason that Jack could have meant that the Nicky he knew died in Vietnam. I know war can do a number on people not just physically but mentally as well. Perhaps Nicky had a breakdown or just the overall effect of being the war just changed him for the worst personality-wise anyway.
  15. I agree. I don't think he would have been able to make it out with that broken leg. Interesting considering how he's always been the odd man out. Same case with this fire but this time, it ultimately saved his life. I do wonder if that plays into Kevin's feelings regarding Jack's death as well. I don't know if the right term is "survivor's guilt" but something in that vein.
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