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  1. Stella MD

    S05.E10: I'll Fly Away

    I did like that they brought up Maddie's trumped-up testimony against Deacon when threatening to take her away from Deacon now. Finally a (brief) lesson for the brat about the consequences of crying wolf...
  2. Stella MD

    S05.E08: Stand Beside Me

    Nevermind Season 1, we seriously just had a major accident for one of the female leads THIS season. Laziest writing ever.
  3. Stella MD

    S03.E09: O, Farewell, Honest Soldier

    The plot and timelines here seem even more unbelievable than usual. First of all, I thought Jasper quit after he broke up with Eleanor and disappeared, but apparently he just took some time off and now wants to wander back to work? Pretty sure if you date your employer and then dump her unceremoniously, it's time for a new job no matter what you did or didn't steal. Secondly, the whole country knows that the Privy Council is meeting to determine if Robert should take over - if you're sitting on some giant scandal that would impact their decision, don't you maybe want to have that conversation with Liam before the bells start chiming?
  4. Stella MD

    S03.E06: More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind

    Isn't a privy an outhouse? ?
  5. Stella MD

    S03.E06: More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind

    So bored. Wake me up when something happens! It feels like this whole season is just going around in circles, without any forward momentum. The constant waffling and inability to just have a normal, human, straightforward conversation are ruining some of these characters for me. I'm sure Jasper and Eleanor will eventually get back together but his lack of communication (especially that stereotypical male thing of suddenly acting like a cold asshole instead of using his words to just explain he's being blackmailed about things she already knows) is not endearing me to him, and they better make him jump through multiple goddamn hoops to win her back or I'll be annoyed with her spinelessness. Meanwhile Blondie De Jour who won't break up with Robert despite not really wanting to be with him is also getting old. Is a 'look, sorry but we thought you were dead' conversation really that hard? The longer this plot drags on, the stupider it becomes.
  6. Stella MD

    Nick Viall Will Be The Next Star Of The Bachelor

    Lemme guess: "Ess okay"? ;)
  7. Stella MD

    S04.E21: Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday

    Seriously, why was that necessary?!?
  8. Stella MD

    S22.E08: Week 8

    As soon as Jodie got the good scores, I knew she was a goner. The judges and their pity paddles are so predictable.
  9. Stella MD

    S04.E19: After You've Gone

    This sounds awful. Kesha and Derek Hough almost sound like high notes, and that's ridiculous. I can't believe Rayna is still going there. What will it take for her to stop being such a damn doormat for her hell-spawn daughter to trample all over? Stop trying to 'help'. Let. Her. Sink. I seriously want Rayna to grow a spine and say 'good luck and hope it was worth destroying your family - you're dead to me.' And can't Will catch a damn break for just one week?
  10. Stella MD

    S04.E18: The Trouble with the Truth

    Ugh this show! Why am I even watching this depressing crap? Maddie should just be cut loose and left to sink on her own. Sometimes you try your best and your kids grow up to be hell spawn anyway. Honestly, the phrase 'this is not how you were raised' needs to pass Rayna's lips or else I'll throw something at the TV. Cut her loose and don't look back. Good riddance. Avery deserves the mess he's making with psycho Layla. Good luck with that terrible judgement. I predict you'll find her less charming when she starts boiling bunnies in the kitchen. Speaking of terrible judgement - Deacon, you're a complete idiot. I still have no absolutely idea what Frankie's underlying issue is. Just jealousy? That's stupid. And poor Will doesn't deserve any of this homophobic horseshit. When do the new writers start? Can it be now, please?
  11. Stella MD

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Seriously, WHAT are they repeating a billion times in the Marshall's commercial? "All in?" "All out?" "I'm in?" Does it still count as an earworm if the words are unintelligible?
  12. Stella MD

    S04.E17: Baby Come Home

    I think we're supposed to believe that Layla actually has feelings for Avery, though in that case shouldn't she see what terrible timing it is to get involved with him? I guess with her impulsivity and low self-esteem, she's happy just being his meaningless rebound fling. I wish Juliette would just eviscerate her already and get it over with. As for Maddy, I just can't with the plot holes. Isn't she under contact with Highway 65? Does that get nullified as part of the emancipation? If not, how is she planning to sign with another label? Does she even have any active other offers, or she's just emancipating herself for the liberty of playing at skanky bars without her father's disapproval? I fail to see how she's going to argue that her parents are thwarting her career when she's playing the Opry because of them. Idiocy, all of it.
  13. Stella MD

    S22.E03: Week 3

    Barf. I hate this theme.
  14. Stella MD

    S04.E12: How Does It Feel To Be Free

    Who exactly is Cash again? (Other than an obvious clunky replacement for Juliette in those scenes with Maddie)
  15. Stella MD

    S06.E08: Season 6, Episode 8

    Good grief, the redundancy. I will be thrilled when this show is over and I never have to read the phrase "Pamuk letter" ever again. As for which of the sisters is more mature (if this argument seriously needs to be made), the fact that Edith showed up for the wedding and made nice with her sister speaks volumes. If I were Lady Edith, I would have come back from London specifically to ensure that Henry knew about not only Pamuk but also Sex Week with Lord Boringham, since by Mary's own stated rules, fiancés should be allowed to hear everything and make an informed decision before saying "I do".