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  1. A need for hydration isn't really comparable to something like consuming tobacco. Even though many or all of the beverages Claire is consuming has a fermented component, it's still providing hydration, which all humans need to survive. Not to mention, Jamie and Claire are operating a liquor business. As far as tobacco, I would have thought snuff was the popular tobacco product of the time, especially in France. I wouldn't expect to see a lot of smoking in those settings. We do get some smoking in backgrounds and comments about tobacco smells, but still, snuff should be the go-to pro
  2. This seems to be a frequently asked question all around this forum so I figured I'd chime in here at least. The scientific link between alcohol and birth defects is fairly new. There have been casual connections made throughout history, most of which were viewed as more moral or hereditary issues. It wasn't until 1973 the the first scientific study linking alcohol with fetal defects was published and even then, it took more than a decade for it to really start trickling down to practicing doctors such that they would 'suggest' their patients merely lower their alcohol consumption rathe
  3. YES! I had a head-desk moment reading through the headlines this morning and seeing that journalists totally missed the point. My spouse and I are both frequently involved in having studies published. We are in very different fields, one science, one social science. But we still experience the same annoyance and fury of having the media latch on to a study, completely misread it and then misinform their audience about what it means. I've wondered whether it's a deliberate attempt to devalue science so the looneys can try to better sell their creationism, climate-warming-is-a-myth bull
  4. Thankfully they cast an older child who can easily move between various ages up to and through the teens. Too many shows often start with actors way too young and forget that kids grow up, and they do so quickly. So we'll have an 8 year old Carl Grimes and then two years later show time, he'll be 17 and you just have to pretend that he was 15 at the start. But here, they smartly started with a teenager who can easily pass for young but can also easily be made to seem as an older teen.
  5. But why would Vincent know the technicalities of what and why Marcel did what he did nearly a century ago? Marcel emerged the victor and then was a leader of the supernatural world in New Orleans. As such, he writes the history. That's how Vincent knows Marcel - the dude who kicked the Mikaelson's out of New Orleans because that's the public image, regardless of how things occurred in private.
  6. Women still live in fear. Men still get away with it. I appreciate the sexual violence in the series and on the show. It's not that I like watching it or that I get off on it. It's that it's honest. It may be the ugly part of life, but it's still a part of life. It's not treated as an afterthought or something to include because it's shocking. We see the results and consequences of all of this violence and trauma, everything from sexual violence to domestic violence to institutionalized violence. None of the writers involved shy away from showing us how horribly damaged people ca
  7. Nothing like returning home from such a lovely vacation, feeling perfectly high on life, and then being greeted with an episode of Outlander that just punches you in the gut. Black Jack Randall simply sucked all of the air out of the room. I was on edge despite knowing exactly what would and will happen. This is the point in the series where it's hard not to dislike Claire. Everything from destroying the life and prospects of two perfectly wonderful people (Mary and Alex) to making Jamie not deal with Randall in case of Frank. As Jamie pointed out, they were there to change history,
  8. Marcel and Rebekah did it together. At least, they conceived of it together. So, Vincent saying this isn't some sort of revisionist history. This show has a serious woman problem. Either the writers are from the Supernatural staff and they despise women, or there is something going on on set that makes the women want to leave. Haley is the only woman left from the pilot (and she's died at least once and has forced to be a werewolf for months on end), and her story just revolves around the men in her life. It's all pretty gross.
  9. Didn't they establish last episode that the magical barrier in the bar was breaking down?
  10. Another week goes by with no word about renewal and this theory on waiting is starting to look even more enticing. On the one hand, it seems unlikely that a premium network would play these games, but on the other hand it would be quite delicious if they did. Outlander is doing well in the ratings, I think it's their top show ratings wise. They have received widespread critical acclaim. It's possible behind-the-scenes negotiations and such are still going on, but we're nearing the halfway mark and one has to think that not announcing now indicates games are afoot. I'm starting to route fo
  11. Sure, Ron Moore can change things. But making adjustments to the adaptation is not the same as saying the Comte's story shouldn't be used because it's somehow so different from the other many time travelers. It's incredibly unlikely that you never gave the Comte another thought considering he's mentioned multiple times throughout the series. There's a pretty large plot about his lineage in Echo, as just one example.
  12. Mary almost certainly would have married that old dude if she hadn't been raped. She and Alex declaring love to one another would have been unlikely to change that because neither were much likely to go so against societal expectations and run away together, at least not as things were then. How Mary is treated by society after her rape really opens the door to her and Alex having a physical relationship.
  13. I'm not sure how one can claim that St. Germain's story (which has been included across several books, btw) is somehow not 'grounded in reality' while Claire's is. Not to mention we meet MANY characters who are time travelers and who have varying levels of skills. We're talking everything from Raymond's strange healing of Claire after the stillbirth and his seeing auras to odd occurrences when travelers hold gemstones to heightened senses to Jem's and Mandy's telepathic connection and much more. We see Claire's mystical-seeming abilities growing as the series goes on (she's starting to see
  14. More about the Comte. My partner pointed out to me that the he looked concerned when Claire threatened him with poison after the talk about her necklace. It strikes me that from his view, the Frasers can be seen to almost be gunning specifically for him. All of the things we've seen him actually do in retaliation has been to try to embarrass them (and he appears to take such joy in it as that's when he gets his best smiles), like when disrupting the chess game or ensuring the 'police' were called which will certainly create a minor scandal. We can speculate that he tried to poison her but
  15. I pretty sure we all know the technical relationship between Joan and Jamie. But thanks for clearing that up for everyone who may have somehow been super confused about Joan having a different last name than her Da (in case you forgot, Joan considers Jamie her dad, Jamie considers Joan and her sisters his daughters). Except the Comte and Raymond have been sort of 'ghosts' in multiple books. They have served to move and shake several fairly major plots despite being completely off screen. Even if one missed all the massive neon blinking signs in DiA that point to the Comte having some
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