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  1. Kate: Have you heard the wonderful news yet? Victor: That you whored yourself out to my brother Deimos? Kate: Try again. Victor: That you whored yourself out to my brother Deimos for a lot of money? I enjoyed him later telling Kate "You're running in traffic. With scissors."
  2. I think that was truly the worst final screen I've ever seen. I didn't think Hoarders could still shock me. Clearly I was wrong.
  3. Have to say I find Ken far more attractive with the beard. I like him in general, though.
  4. Ugh at Samantha's "friend" Rich, trying to put enabling tokens in the pretty addict until sex comes out. I wonder if he was the one she was giving the $40 sensual massages to?
  5. I would have given the win to Katya. I'm not familiar with the SNL version of Suze Orman, but I've watched an awful lot of the real thing and Katya had me rolling throughout. I thought Kennedy had made a huge mistake going with Little Richard, but I knew I'd been wrong as soon as I saw Ru doubled over laughing. Props to taking a risk. I had been pulling for Max lately, but can't really fault the decision to send her home, even though I preferred her lipsynch. That was just a colossal blunder. I'm also pretty over the trend of impersonating other contestants. And I don't know that Ame
  6. If Snatch Game doesn't bring it, I say we call off the rest of the season and replace it with Bianca, Latrice, Alaska, and Jujubee fighting crime.
  7. Oh! Back at TWoP we used to call Cameron the first "Black Leno", because of his scary chin.
  8. If Gordon's such a great supercop/Boy Scout, how has he not noticed that he's living with a pothead?
  9. Increasingly I feel like Gotham came about because some suit looked at the whole Batman mythos and said "you know, this would make a really great story if it weren't so positive and up-with-people."
  10. Her call to the newspaper clinched it -- Barbara is the only character I give a shit about.
  11. Silly me, I always thought Bruce was fucked in the head due to witnessing his parents' murder. After the pilot, I considered it might have something to do with the Waynes not being able to come up with anyone more appropriate than their butler as a guardian. Now I find out it's because Alfred was dumb enough, or subservient enough, to parrot Thomas Wayne's piss-poor ideas on parenting. I really didn't need a version of Batman that gave me an unlikeable, shouty Alfred.
  12. It's not, Camera One. Comics Allen is fairly cranky, but an excellent cop and an extremely loyal partner. Basically he is Pembleton from Homicide, but a much better partner. Gotham Allen also doesn't look like comics Allen either; this guy has too many muscles and gives off a meathead vibe. Comics Allen is scary smart. He also wouldn't pull that damsel in distress shit with Montoya, as he wouldn't deny Renee the pleasure of beating any creeps up herself.
  13. Crispus Allen, Gotham PD Major Crimes detective and partner to Renee Montoya. Played by Andrew Stewart Jones. (Trivia for any Homicide:LOTS fans out there, "a low-rent Pembleton" is how Crispus Allen's creator, Greg Rucka, referred to him several DragonCons ago.)
  14. I officially give no fucks about this show until the two best damn murder police in the DCU get substantial screentime devoted to doing something besides getting mocked by Bullock.
  15. We used to call Daniel Dr. Orange Dong and Dr. Pigpen back at TWoP.
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