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  1. Seriously? Maybe the actual word "hate" isn't used but let's be real here almost without exception everyone posting in this thread is doing so because they hate-watch this show and its host. Which is fine, don't get it myself but we all have a hobby.
  2. Good episode. Absolutely agree that Gollum Sheldon was awesome. I liked the George and Missy storyline but felt that Sheldon trying to get his mind on something besides science was extremely well done. Loved him trying to do aerobics with Mee Maw - who looks fantastic BTW!
  3. And also the sister of his own children with Mia Farrow. One of the more disgusting arguments Allen and his apologists made at the time (and probably continue to make if given a chance) is that since Soon-Yi was adopted it doesn't count she was never really anyone's sister.
  4. Really, Abby? And if this had happened under Obama's watch - what then? Still "open to interpretation"? If someone is genuinely stupid, well, what can you do? But playing stupid because you don't want to admit that what you heard is what was said is another thing entirely.
  5. The message is still creepy as far as I'm concerned. it's like all those middle aged men who have the hots for teenage girls but somehow think they deserve credit because they did the celebrity countdown. Noooo you were still lusting after a kid. You're pathetic.
  6. A Woody apologist of my acquaintance commented that he's stayed loyal to Soon-Yi for years now so that proves -- something. She hates it when I point out that Allen doesn't really have much choice if he is at all interested in salvaging what's left of his reputation. Dumping Soon-Yi for someone younger isn't going to help him in his quest to prove that he's the hero of his story.
  7. One is free, of course, to believe Woody's side in all this (I do not) but it's not a coincidence that the same kind of high level PR smear job was put out about Mia that has been shown to have been put out by Weinstein and his associates whenever a woman he tried to manipulate fought back.
  8. I guess all the talk show hosts who made fun of him because he didn't have a bullying nickname for her finally got to him! That's the best he could do?
  9. A crushing observation to those who insist that Harry is not Charles's son! On the subject of his beard, personally I like it. I suspect he may have grown it, at least in part, to look a little older. My son is not a red head but is very fair haired and had a real baby face which he found annoying - grew a beard and now he looks his age. I can't help wondering when he will reach a point where looking his age isn't quite as welcome a concept as he thinks now 🙂.
  10. I'm not sure if it's new episodes or if they're replaying the old shows. The advert certainly makes it look like they are new episodes of the Parties show - but with the Food Channel you never know!
  11. The people who award Pulitzer Prizes disagree.
  12. Checking out IMDB to see info about the Cincinnati episode I realized I only ever saw a handful of shows from the last season - one the oh so horrible Kelly's Kids episode. I am guessing by that point in the series I had either outgrown The Brady Bunch or the episodes started to really suck. Which leads me to a question - the last season had the episode where Marcia gets her driver's licence and has the competition with Greg - can anyone refresh my memory about what happened? I seem to remember she came out ahead but that she still (in typical '70s fashion) somehow let Greg save face and come out the winner.
  13. I guess if comes down to how much they made airing this show. I've no idea how they work that out - ad revenue I guess. If they made enough money then it may not be as big an issue as to what comes next with the house (from the POV of HGTV I mean). It will be interesting to see if they just write it off and move on or if they do something long term.
  14. Yes, I caught the pilot episode and it wasn't too bad. Room for improvement for sure though! If the powers that be let them find their way it might turn out to be pretty good.
  15. "Debra dear you can remove all your food because I've made some things" 😀
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