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  1. Homily

    The Pioneer Woman

    Probably for the same reason a bunch of channels are showing Christmas themed marathons of shows and movies. They know they aren't going to get tons of viewers in July. Everyone's on vacation or outside! Of course they probably did those schedules before the heat wave kicked in. Ain't leaving the AC anytime soon and I doubt I'm the only one!
  2. I guess I've led a privileged life too at least in the sense that I never had to face the loss of a close loved one. Until last December. I lost my beautiful sister to cancer. And the lesson I have learned is that everyone grieves differently and there is no one right way. Maybe MM is the terrible person many posting here believe her to be - I have no idea - but what I do know now is that I can never ever say how someone else should react to their personal tragedies. We are all different.
  3. Homily

    The Pioneer Woman

    I get the reasons why people dislike her and I don't mind the snark I do have a problem with the personal attacks targeting people who do happen to like her. That's the kind of thing that makes for a very lopsided forum and gives a false (IMO) impression. It will take a very strong person to come in and say anything positive about Drummond or her show if they're being told they're uneducated sheeple!
  4. The main character, Nicola, was also working in Greece and living on her own before her cousin comes over for a visit. She is certainly much older - somewhat a mother figure in some ways if memory serves - but definitely not Nicola's guardian or someone in any authority over her.
  5. Homily

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I can remember thinking 60 was a good run. Thanks to a recent significant birthday I no longer see things that way! It won't be long before I think if someone dies at 75 I'll be saying "so young, so young" 😊
  6. Homily

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    To be fair Ray may have spent a lot of time trying to avoid being around his family but due to the structure of the show he still ended up being around a lot! What he did do though when he was around was scheme for sex and golf and avoid doing anything that might be construed as helpful to Debra!
  7. Homily

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    She has tried to get him involved and I guess this was one of those times when she figured "the man" should be the one calling the shots. Debra, Debra, Debra....
  8. Homily

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Bottom line with Piers and his ilk is racism. When you call them out on it of course they deny it and dance around the issue. But it's blatantly obvious to anyone who doesn't sing from their prayer book 😣
  9. Homily

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    I know they have to do it to set up the episode but this always bugs me. Debra would NEVER have expected Ray to contract someone to paint the house and she certainly wouldn't have expected him to actually paint it himself. Debra controls the budget and the household decisions, she would have gotten some quotes and gotten a painter in to do it probably without even mentioning it to Ray!
  10. A channel I get out of Hamilton Ontario shows older programming in a block every weekday. They show mostly stuff from the 70s and 80s (stuff like Mary Tyler Moore, Cheers, Happy Days) but they've occasionally had older sitcoms like The Monkees and The Lucy Show which is fun. AFAIK though they've never put on anything from the 50s (possibly I Love Lucy but if they did that one I missed it). I'd love to see some of those really old sitcoms - shows like I Remember Mama and Dobie Gillis and Our Miss Brooks that I've heard of but never seen.
  11. This was the first one I thought of when I read the subject line of this thread! I would love to see this show again.
  12. Was its origin dubious at the time she was given it? I haven't followed this story - should the recipients of his gifts have known the giver was a crook?
  13. Homily

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    An early episode showed how different Marie was without Frank around. In the Cruising with Marie episode she has no trouble making friends, is nice to everyone and seems to be genuinely enjoying herself. They dropped this later when by the last season Marie becomes the terror of the retirement community but I wish they'd kept this side of Marie because to me it always made sense that Marie became the woman she was because of the man she married!
  14. Homily

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    I think what this is referencing is the flashback episode where we first meet Robert's ex wife. It starts in the present and they see her in a restaurant then Ray tells Amy the story of how Joanne (her dancer name was Cinnamon) and Robert end up divorcing. What's particularly funny is they show why Marie becomes a first class meddler - and show Debra still oblivious to what awaits her after moving across the street from Marie!