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  1. Agreed. We just closed on what will be our retirement home even though retirement is still a few years away. We didn't pay off the new house but we did put down a substantial downpayment. We want to keep a decent balance in the bank. No way were we going to put it all into a house. You can't slice off a corner of your living room if you want a vacation or need to replace a furnace! People moving overseas with family left behind would also need to factor in "travelling home" money into any budget they may have ongoing I would think.
  2. That takes me back! I have broad shoulders and I used to have to take those stupid shoulder pads out of almost every top or jacket that I bought back then. What were the fashion people thinking?? I've said it before but if they keep down this path I am out of this show. They are pulling the usual Chuck Lorre crap of making the wife a shrew and the husband a poor put upon guy who only screws up because he was pushed by his mean wife.
  3. Which leads to another thing that happens a lot that annoys me. Pregnancy panic which leads to nothing and no explanation is ever given as to what was actually wrong. A few days late is a logical explanation but in the scenarios I'm thinking of that's never given as an option. Something is wrong - and then it's not. Annoying.
  4. Can you share her name? I missed it if it was given on the show and now I'm curious!
  5. The Faux Pas has grown on me. It was definitely on my "can't rewatch this one" list for awhile but I saw it again with my husband, who always seems to like best the episodes I like least (go figure!!) and it really is very well written. Cringeworthy for sure but very well done. Especially poor Amy at the end!
  6. I thought the first season did a pretty good job of showing that both Mary and George had issues and that this was affecting their marriage. By the second season though it looked like they were going to justify anything bad that George ends up doing by blaming it on his mean wife. Ugh.
  7. I love this episode and just caught it the other day. Typical for the channel that airs it near me though they took out several lines and with this episode especially every line, every scene, was comedy gold. At least they left in Robert standing in the doorway!
  8. The new episode is supposed to be about a college trying to hire George Sr because they want to recruit Sheldon. No idea if that works out but if the show is going to try and keep to at least some of the established timeline from BBT then Sheldon should be starting university soon. It would make a lot of sense if the university he attends is the same place his father works. I actually hope they run with this storyline as Sheldon is wasted in high school. I'll miss the librarian though if they do that. She's comedy gold.
  9. If that's the case then them opening a restaurant that may or may not go under won't really affect their future inheritance or, for that matter Bev's theoretical financial needs. The building isn't going to lose value and can always be sold if needed.
  10. I've lost count of how many restaurants have come and gone in the strip malls near me over the years. And almost invariably there is a little notice taped on the door indicating they skipped out on the rent, probably many months worth of rent. Maybe it would be different with a franchise but I wouldn't bet the inheritance on that!
  11. I am hoping the powers that be are monitoring online chat on the show and realising that many viewers would like some positives for the Conners. Not winning the lottery positive but just a few less failures and a few more steps forward and a few less steps back please!
  12. Yes. Filmed at various locations in Memphis including Graceland. Probably among the few Christmas movies actually filmed where they are actually supposed to be. I live in Ottawa and quite a few Christmas movies supposedly set in Smalltown, USA were filmed in small towns near me like Almonte and Carleton Place.
  13. Which is why I can understand Jackie being hurt at the idea that she was bypassed in favour of Darlene when it came to making decisions. Unless Bev intended to cut Jackie out of her will she was probably going to leave half to Jackie and half to be shared between Roseanne's kids. So while Darlene would benefit it's second hand so to speak. As Bev's daughter Jackie should have had more involvement than Darlene. It was typical of Bev though to do something to make life more stressful for those involved.
  14. I was just watching the Thanksgiving episode from the first season. I love the way they have Ray sitting down on the little chair at the children's table! So cute. And one of the strength of ELR. They really didn't show the Barones as being well-to-do. They were certainly comfortable financially but they didn't have a big house and the furniture and "fixings" were in proportion to what you'd expect them to have. Especially in the early years.
  15. IS the building, and potential income from renting it out, the only asset Bev has?
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