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  1. Great book. My only complaint is it is VERY short...only about 250 pages. What her dad did to her first dog pissed me off to tears. Her family (not her current one) in general explains a LOT about Tias personality and lack of trust in people in general (I can relate so, SO much). Her and I are kindred spirits...I much prefer animals to human company and I too have a shitty family I probably will never talk to again. The book is basically like the show....laughter...tears....anger...happiness...all within a 15 minute period. She is a great writer
  2. Damn, I forgot about Scaled, it looks like it could be good. Got my One Pass set for next week though (ugh, no repeats of ep 1 this week at all). And yeah, Tanked USED to be great...but then they introduced all the fake scripted crap (like something breaking EVERY episode or the "pranks") and it really ruined the show...
  3. I actually don't mind her as much as I thought I would. Though her brattiness does come through at times... Who would have thought the Prince of Darkness would be such a softy....loves animals...took pies in the face over and over to entertain Pearl. And anyone who already has a boyfriend before their divorce is even finalized (I don't think it is anyways), was probably seeing them before the split up... I really thought Kelly was going to ruin the show, but overall, I am still enjoying the hell out of it. And I am with Ozzy, ice cre
  4. New season starts on the 13th of this month. Glad to see it back, love this show!
  5. Not to mention they stayed in a hotel, got drunk and ate pizza in this last episode. That for me killed any "historical accuracy". The scenery is why I watch just about any of the Alaskan shows. Parker still has a LOT of growing up to do...
  6. I personally don't buy the fight. If you have watched a lot of reality TV, I am sure you have seen this before. Where a fight happens and they have nothing but super shaky footage that looks like it was taken during a 7.2 earthquake that doesn't show a single punch thrown. Despite the fact modern cameras have great image stabilization. And then the ridiculous restaurant scene where Todd insisted they not be filmed! So they sit next to the window where the camera can zoom in on the "black eye" and then hey, why take our mics off when we don't want to be filmed? So anyone think we
  7. Completely agree. Shawn is the only one with money backing him to do the mining properly and the only one with the actual skill to do it. Emily and Zeke are there for drama and to be "reality" stars. And the Kellys are just outright FAKE. Gnome has a tiny population of 3800 people. If they truly stole and cheated like they did, they would be 100% shunned in that town, NO ONE would work with them. And who cheats and steals on camera, smiling the entire time? Heh, not even sure why I watch this...but I guess I can say that about most of the reality shows I watch.
  8. I thought they were leading up to Murt/Mert being put to sleep. That would have completely broke that one handlers heart (she seems very sweet), so I am glad he is still doing well (not sure how long ago this was taped). The baby gazelle was awesome. It has to be tough to hand raise them just to let them go and never really interact with them again. So I noticed some product placement on Dr Jeff (K-Mart). Normally product placement annoys me. But on this show, I would take product placement every 5 minutes if it helps fund PPP so people can continue to have care like the little chihu
  9. Yup, last episode of the season I am afraid. I was REALLY hoping we would get to see them search for that damn barrel! I mean, how far could the barrel be off shore if all he did was roll it in? The guy was a pure scumbag with zero remorse. Only concerned with a damn bond and not the fact he destroyed multiple peoples lives. I don't see how with all the testimony they have from multiple witnesses, he isn't locked up for the rest of his life.
  10. For having an unpopular opinion, I agree with everything you just said...right down to Tony using his kids as a reason he deserves to be there more than anyone else (kind of a pet peeve of mine, people using the fact they have kids as to why they deserve the money more than anyone else).
  11. I was disappointed to learn last night was the season finale for The Guardians, absolutely great show! Like you said, they work WITH people rather than just forcing things on them. Still not used to a short haired Dr. Jeff. I couldn't believe another vet wanted $4000-6000 just to do what seemed like a simple (relatively speaking) FHO. And then Dr. Jeff charges 10% of that...
  12. That is because they don't care about actually gold mining anymore, they care about putting on a good SHOW and collecting their half million salary (rumor) from Discovery. So wasn't it just a couple years ago Discovery got a new CEO and he promised they would have no more fake reality shows (this was after some ridiculous mermaid "documentary" they put on)? Yeah, that lasted long...look at crap like Alaskan Bush People and now Gold Rush...
  13. I am Matts age and while externally I wouldn't have shown the same enthusiasm (I am a fairly reserved person), internally I certainly would have. I love the Harry Potter series (I am not going to publicly admit how many times I have read the books and watched the movies). Was kind of disappointed my stepson never got in to it, but what can you do. I always thought of Matt as kind of cheesy on American Ninja, but after watching this show, I get it, he is just a big kid and I love that! The fact he is always so happy despite having rheumatoid arthritis (I have it too) says a lot about
  14. I love The Guardians. Though no way in hell I could do their job. The guy beating the puppy (I had to turn away because no way do I need that image in my head, but I saw the reaction of the two people there to confront him and knew it must have been bad) REALLY pissed me off. I am just glad they got the puppy away from him. Also sad a 21 year vet from the Navy was homeless and no one would give him a place to rent simply because he had two SMALL dogs. Definitely looking forward to Dr Jeff! It is my favorite of all the vet shows.
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