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  1. Had all the ingredients in my pantry so I finally made that masala sauce out of canned tomato sauce, canned green chilis, chili powder, heavy cream, garlic, butter and mexican cheese. Poured it over cooked chicken, black beans and canned mexicorn and let it all simmer. Not bad at all. In fact it was a big hit with the boys. That's probably the first recipe from this show that I've added to my own book.
  2. Yes, I think he's finding that the ted nugent look wasn't helping his causes. It's better to look less like a bridge troll if you're looking to solicit money.
  3. Yeah I think this has enough audience for a Netflix or Hulu season. I'm dying for more.
  4. https://hyperallergic.com/512581/artist-sues-country-rapper-who-shot-paintings-with-assault-rifle/ Oh they're friends with Upchurch? Swell guy to bring the kids around...
  5. oh hell no they're in MY town!! Nashville, TN. Not sure why you'd bring a bunch a kids here who are too young to go to the honky tonks.
  6. I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding y'all. Amber will tell you she was just practicing her lines from a movie script she was offered.
  7. I wonder how Cait and Maci feel about their sisterly support of Amber now? Any takebacks?
  8. Well then Ian really did his job well didn't he? 😄
  9. I would never shame someone to their face but I also wouldn't say you look fantastic would you like a donut. No one deserves praise for being obese. Overeating is just slow suicide. Would you encourage your loved ones to commit suicide? Not to mention obesity increases medical costs for all. That was Bill's main point, that Americans will not lift a finger to help improve their own health. He's not wrong.
  10. I'm not bothered by fat shaming. I don't subscribe to the notion that all humans are perfect with no room for improvement. That's just lazy copout from people unwilling to improve themselves. Shame is healthy. It forces improvement.
  11. I loved her in What I Like About You. She's the reason I watched that. I had to google Latte of Love and that movie does not exist in real life.
  12. I think this format is genius. Of course fans of the show would be consumed with all the behind the scenes drama, just as we were in the 90s. Had they just done a straight reboot the script and show would have been savaged by fans. So it's smart to minimize the show, and show us the behind the scenes stuff that we want. It's hilarious and campy and I'm here for it. And I love the passive aggressive swipes at Dean McDermott.
  13. The wore jeans to the VMAs? That's not even trying!
  14. Because eggs from a multi-drug including heroin addict are in such demand?
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