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  1. Well said. ITA with what you said. I don't think they disliked their time on the show. It was just nice to hear Shiri give an honest opinion. Not the company line. Hopefully this show will help shiri land another job that makes her a household name, finally wins her an Emmy or lets her play something completely different. I read something from an actress who's not on UnREAL that said her show she's on is letting her direct as well. It must be a new trend and not just a Lifetime thing.
  2. ITA. Now that the show is over and behind them they can give a more honest opinion. I can’t wait to see what they both do next and what they will say about this show down the road.
  3. It’s available now. Thanks for posting that link. I don’t get Hulu either. However they offer a free month subscription. I happened to find S4 else where. ETA: Reality Steve Podcast with special guest Shiri Appleby http://realitysteve.com/2018/07/19/the-bachelorette-becca-podcast-87-interview-with-unreals-shiri-appleby/ I have to give mad props to Shiri for coming out and admitting some things about UnREAL. Two of the things she said are exactly how I feel. Season two suffered because Marti left. Shiri did not like the rape storyline. I guess now that the show is officially canceled she can say those things. I doubt she would say that if they were planning on making another season.
  4. I plan on watching season 4. I made it this far so it would be silly to quit now. Even though it was probably just a one hit season.
  5. Who do you think will have the biggest post show career out of the core members of the cast? Someone on reddit said they were going to miss Graham. That got me thinking? Graham was one of the best things about this show. They should give him a spin off. Make it a prequel that follows Graham as he works shitty hosting jobs while he tries to work his way to the top. Beauty pageants at a VFW, Auctioneer, TV pitch man, and the list goes on. I would watch that.
  6. I forgot that Shapiro got a deal with Lifetime/A&E. Shiri got one as well. Appletree pictures. They should have had other shows lined up and ready to go. Instead they kept airing all the other crap. It's a shame. ETA: UnREAL Final Season Sarah Gertrude Shapiro Interview Exclusive https://variety.com/2018/tv/features/unreal-final-season-sarah-gertrude-shapiro-interview-exclusive-1202873466/
  7. Me too. What has Sarah done to have people knocking down her door. The best season of UnREAL critically speaking was Season 1 and that was the only season Marti worked on. I posted the following info back in may.
  8. You are correct. They filmed season 3 and 4 back to back. They were in shock that it got picked up for a 4th season. The Hulu pick up was a also a surprise to the cast. Not sure about SGS or Stacy.After leaving UnREAL Marti is busy as hell. Constance is doing the final season of House of Cards minus Kevin Spacey. Shiri said shes waiting for the right role that films in LA so she can stay close to home. I just read that Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman landed a role in American Horror Story. Genevieve Buechner auditioned for something recently but not sure what it was or if she got the role. I know nothing about anyone else. A couple people from previous seasons landed roles on something else and everyone else is MIA.
  9. Rather then pull the BAND-AID off slowly they just ripped if off. They said F**k it I am out. Despite all my negative comments about the show I enjoyed it. I finally came to grips that it was a silly over the top nighttime soap on Lifetime and was not an Emmy winning masterpiece. I will also admit that I watched the show for Shiri. If she was not on the show then I would not have watched. The long break and bare minimum promotion did not help. (I bet you all had no idea the cast was on Acess Hollywood Live right now?) Neither did being on Lifetime. Whatever happened to this show changing the Lifetime tagline? I want a tell all to come out with the cast and creators. I want to know all the dirty laundry. What went wrong BTS? What do they wish they could do over or change or delete from the show. I have yet to watch season 4 (I don't have Hulu yet) however I did read a spoiler article with Shiri. Spoiler alert. Read it at your own risk. http://ew.com/tv/2018/07/16/shiri-appleby-unreal-series-finale-postmortem-season-4/
  10. Here an interview with Adam Demos about season 4. https://thefix.nine.com.au/2018/07/06/15/26/unreal-season-4-adam-demos-interview ETA: http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/news/a861409/unreal-season4-all-8-episodes-amazon-prime-video/
  11. Thanks to Sandra for the info. It looks like the new season will premiere this summer at least in New Zealand. UnREAL (Lightbox, July 17) https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/104973894/julys-mustsee-tv
  12. Thanks for posting that and thinking of me. I was just about to post it myself. I have yet to read it. Once I do I will comment on it. ETA: I just read the article. I like the move. It can’t hurt. How much worse can it get? Plus binge watching is all the rage right now. And I hate waiting. One of the problems I’ve noticed is with the promotion. I’ve read a handful of comments from people that say they had no idea the show was still on the air. What will it’s legecy be? When all is said and done it will probably be remembered for one great season and 2 or 3 bad or Ok ones. Plus the real BTS drama between Sarah and Marti. Say what you want but being on Lifetime definitely hurt the show. Even bad shows on bigger networks do better ratings. The. Again they also get cancelled quicker if they have bad ratings. After season 4 what is left in the story for them to tell? Will Lifetime just totally give up on the show and let Hulu take over or will it be a joint venture? Whatever happens as long as Shiri is still on the show I’ll tune in to find out. This will go down as the longest running TV show Shiri has been apart of. Prior to UnREAL Shiri’s record was three seasons of Roswell. She also got to direct a bit more and a production deal out of UnREAL. So that’s where her focus will probably turn once the show comes to an end. On a sidenote Marti Noxon has two shows about women’s pain and rage debuting this summer. When I read the news it made me LOL
  13. http://ew.com/tv/2018/05/15/unreal-constance-zimmer-chasing-emmy/
  14. What if Rachel dreams it all up while being alone at her cabin? There has to be more to it than just Rachel is the Suitress. That preview was probably edited to death.
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