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  1. So we have confirmation from Noxon herself that she is out for season 3 - and my hopes are out with her. I don't trust Sarah and her team to run the show, they obviously don't know what the hell they are doing with this season as evidence. What a damn shame - such a good show destroyed in record time and as it looks now no hopes of recovery.
  2. ^ the Breaking Bad comparison SGS was always pushing annoyed the crap out of me. How about just be yourselves? Season 1 was unique. It had its own merits. It really didn't try to be anything else and it was good. Nobody asked for the SGS season 2 version of Breaking Bad!
  3. Season 2 jumped the shark mid season but I think they hammered the nail into the coffin tonight. Season 1 was the right kind of balance between light and dark. This season is just too damn dark and bizarre. Might be too far gone at this point to fix the damage SGS had caused. Such a shame. I hope Constance wins the Emmy and Shiri gets offered a lot more (and hopefully better) roles in the future from her work on the show. It sucks their big break went bad this fast.
  4. 100% yes. Lifetime had better be prepared to beg and grovel - I can't take another season of SGS in the drivers seat. My candles been lit pretty much all season, lol. True. If Shiri & Constance were bigger name stars or the show had several successful seasons in - I would agree they would have probably earned a lot of creative control on their show. Right now though, I don't think they are at the level this point in their careers and the show still being so young that they would have enough power to influence or change much, especially the big race story line SGS thought she was going to get raves over (but ended up tanking the show.) that's why I can't blame them Next season might be different though since this one bombed so bad and Constance earned them an Emmy nomination.
  5. Yeah, I got the feeling from all the pre season interviews that Shiri & Constance were nervous about it - they kept saying it was messy, I just didn't know they were being completely honest at the time.
  6. It doesn't matter that there were glimmers of season one in this episode because they FINALLY reunited Quinn and Rachel - it doesn't matter at all because despite Zimmer & Appleby being the queens they are (and Completely blameless in all of this) this season they have been shoveled nothing but shitty, completely shitty, off the wall, over the top, out of character, makes no fucking sense at all if you really think about it writing. More than anything though it doesn't matter because for the second week - No Romeo. Proving how utterly unnecessary the shooting was. Proving that it was just a despicable and cheap stunt and that the subject of race was not taken seriously by these writers whatsoever. This was not their story to tell. Especially since it seems at this point they'd much rather sweep it under a rug and pretend it never happened. They couldn't explore racism on this show in any other way, if THIS was how they were going to handle it? Disgraceful. Thanks SGS for the complete fuck over of season 2!
  7. In season one there were things that didn't make sense or were glossed over but the season as a whole was so solid that I was able to overlook it and it didn't seriously bother me. There's just way too much unbelievable stuff to ignore this season. They tried to take on so much they couldn't do anything right. And I'm not exaggerating - the execution this season was horrible. They pulled out every stop this year and really didn't need to. It's only season 2 people - slow down. Instead of giving us shock after shock and trying to outdo themselves every episode, they should have just tried writing a good story. One good story - not 25 messy ones that all end with loose ends anyway while we move into the next shocker. Let us care about these characters and relationships - SHOW us why they make sense don't just tell us. That way when shit goes down we actually give a damn what happens to them. Maybe they did have good intentions but they ended up butchering it all to hell. They didnt do enough prep to take on such important issues and the show is closer to being a soap that deserves to be on lifetime - and not even a fun one either. They didn't know what the hell to do with Chet or Jeremy - who despite my distaste for last season seemed completely out of character this year. Quinn is reduced to one liners and a wasted flop romance with Ioan Gruffud. Coleman would have been 10x more interesting had he NOT been a love interest for Rachel. Rachel would have been more interesting had she been actually producing this season or been blatantly (to the audience) using Coleman to get ahead instead of falling into another delusion of love. Contestants we weren't even given a chance to care about. Darious was never properly fleshed out. One other problem I had this season was the separation of Rachel and Quinn. We all knew it would have to come eventually, but it was something that Should have been built to later in the season (or another season) instead of right out of the gate. They should have let us explore more of their dynamic together before tearing them apart. A lot of critics are saying nothing felt earned this season and I agree with them. Lifetime is crazy if they don't do everything in their power to bring Marti Noxon to comeback next season and tell Shapiro to deal just deal with it - they gave her a chance to run the show and she's pretty much destroyed the accross the board critical acclaim season 1 earned fair and square. Who knows if Noxon can even fix it or would even want to at this point - but the decline between season 1 and 2 is so jarring - all signs point to her being the missing ingredient here.
  8. oh Season 2 why? Why are you doing this to me? You had so much potential. We were all rooting for you. I don't want to give up because I loved this show so much last summer, but I'm running out of excuses here. No Romeo, no real aftermath, so there really was no point even having the shooting last week, if they were just gonna pretend it didn't happen this week. And I wanted Colman to be up to something because his insta love of Rachel and vice versa was so ridiculous to me and made NO sense, but now I still have no reason for the insta love and I hate him. I really hope that Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmers careers, as well as the rest of the cast, don't suffer from all the backlash the shows gotten this season. They are all so far above the material their being asked to play. Bad, bad, writing is killing this show and it really pains me to say it. Like seriously I'm just sad.
  9. Season 1 is a better representation of the show - if I was jumping straight into season 2 I wouldn't understand what everybody was raving about either so I get you. As far as the acting - Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer are electric together and have great chemistry. The writing may not be as good but they are still all shades of amazing, in my opinion.
  10. Yes exactly! I don't think they know at this point, they've been so all over the map this season and completely biting off more than they could chew. And handling serious topics that they maybe had no business handling after all, if this is the result. I think they took notes from all the love they got in season one for being so dark and shocking and edgy and ran with it - right over a cliff. They cared about topping themselves and being juicy, dramatic, nastier and just took it too far. Theres no focus, nothing is well built this season (characters, relationships or plots), we just jump from one OMG moment to the next. Season 1 was a little more of a slow burn. It had OMG moments but it was also well balanced and better paced even with the little time they had in 10 episodes. This season is just too over the top and depressing. There are glimmers of good here and there but not enough. I keep thinking of Quinn's line: It takes an iron fist and a steady hand to run this show. Without a good Show Runner it became very messy. There was promise in the first 2 episodes - aka the only episode Marti Noxon was involved in this season. It felt different but at that point it could have turned out to be good different. We'll never know. It feels like Sarah Getrude Shapiro got high off the first seasons success, figured she didn't need Noxon and has proceeded to ruin the quality of the show and take it away from anything I loved about it in season 1. And yes, The new romances are just laughable this season. I got Adams attraction to Rachel in season 1. I saw what he saw in her, watched them grow in the little time they had together and it made sense. Hell, I even got Quinn and Chets. What does Coleman even see in Rachel? What is he getting out of this? They barely know eachother and what he does know should make him run backwards if anything. I hope he is using her because at least that would make more sense than all this insta love they have going. Lifetime needs to reevaluate - they wanted to break free from their old brand but season 2 is turning out to be exactly what they are trying to get away from.
  11. Haven't seen the ep yet but after reading the above not sure if I want to. I love Shiri & Constance - they are powerhouse performers on the show, so it's a testament to them that they have made me more and more turned off and disappointed in there characters as each episode airs this season. At least last season there were parts of them you could root for. I know it's not their fault - they deserve all the praise and season 1 as well . I'm gonna see this season out. And pray for Marti Noxons return in season 3. I really believe losing her as the a Showrunner and giving Sarah Gertrude Shapiro free reign is what did season 2 in. Too much, too soon, too dark, too all over the place.....too many issues with this season.
  12. Congrats to Unreal for their 2 big Emmy nods! Constance was their best shot and I thought she might pull through for the show but a writing nomination was more than I thought we'd get! Marti Noxon on Her First Emmy Nomination for UnREAL and How She Stopped Watching the Show I for one hope Marti Noxon is way more involved next season - I think her guidance, balance and touch on the show is what's missing this season and is what helped make the first season so great.
  13. I actually really felt for Beth Ann in this episode and one of the biggest things I am not liking this season is Rachels sympathy for the contestants is completely gone. I get that Rachel was going through her own stuff and as Coleman said taking it out in her work (on Beth Ann) but her open show of glee over the havoc she created was too much.
  14. I like Coleman - however I have issues with Rachel & Coleman. They had chemistry in their first scene but they jumped into bed so quickly that it all just seems so forced to me. I like their non romantic scenes, but the minute it flips I just don't buy it because they never really built it. Especially now that Adam is back, and all I can think of was the awesome build up he and Rachel had where they were actually friends first and made me root for them. When Chet said that line about thinking Rachel is in love with Coleman because he's never seen her like this before it rang so false to me. Is real love what I'm supposed to be reading from their relationship? In my opinion she was more real with Adam, doomed as they may have been. Also, so excited to have Freddie back -most excited I've been all season. Can't wait for his scenes with Shiri!
  15. I agree - something is missing and after that article it seems it's Marti Noxon. SGS is basically in charge now, which is what she wanted I guess, but I think she kind shot herself in the foot because something is off this season. I feel so bad for Josh Kelly - no matter what I feel about Jeremy, that New Yorker article - ouch.
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