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  1. mspaul

    S04.E10: The Hangover

    Clearly Craig must have made the food choice, because he is the worst. Who picks McDonalds over Bojangles?
  2. mspaul

    S01.E17: What Now?

    If you have no children of your own, and your nieces give you the sacred task of bringing something to their grandfather's memorial, and you know all the baggage that comes along with the memorial for your brother, not to mention all the baggage you're carrying yourself, trust me, dollar store balloons are NOT cutting it. She's not in a bad mood. It's more about control in an uncontrollable situation. She clearly has all this baggage from Jack's death, and it's spilling over into her feelings about William's death, and the only thing she can do to help Randall is get those balloons. We've seen that Kate is a great administrative assistant, so you'd best believe that those balloons are going to be perfect. She might have been snippy to someone undeservedly, but I think we've all been there in times of stress and grief.
  3. mspaul

    S21.E10: Week 10/S21.E11: The Women Tell All

    You should most definitely go!! Somehow, I ended up being there at the exact same time this was filmed, part of the time at a resort about 20 minutes from the town they were in. Sadly (or thankfully), we were totally unaware of Bachelor being there. But it is even more beautiful and fun than it looks. We started in Helsinki and worked our way to almost the top over the course of two weeks, and I would go back in a heartbeat. I think Nick likes strong women because of his mother - she definitely has what a friend calls the "I'd like to speak to the manager" vibe. I feel like they do that all the time, with almost all the dates. Last week I said to a friend that I thought the conversation that Nick and Raven had about ironing vs steaming was quite possibly the most real and interesting conversation I'd ever heard on the Bachelor.
  4. mspaul

    S29.E03: Helter Shelter

    I mean, I know that these kids don't know the vets are coming, but I knew there was zero chance that production was letting Jenna go home before Zach gets there.
  5. mspaul


    Plus, if this tanks, maybe they'll bring back Lucifer sooner than May!
  6. mspaul

    S21.E01: Season 21 Premiere

    It's actually Finland, where I actually was, apparently at the same time the F3 and final rose were taking place. Leave it to The Bachelor to retroactively ruin my vacation. That said, it's a really beautiful place and I would go back there in a heartbeat!
  7. mspaul

    S01.E09: Scratched

    Yeah, I'm not sure when this episode was written, but Theo would NEVER go for a trade like this, especially this past year. The very last thing the Cubs needed this year was another catcher (except maybe another outfielder), and they would never give up two great pitching prospects for a short term player that they didn't really need. Usually I don't get too caught up in the baseball details of this show, since I really like the story, but as a huge Cubs fan this really pulled me out of the story and made me all ranty at the TV.
  8. mspaul

    S02.E03: Sin-Eater

    If only Lester from Chuck had been wearing a Jeffster t-shirt instead of Def Leppard.
  9. mspaul

    S15.E05: Sink or Swim

    I just want to know why Nina was dressed like Kelly Taylor circa the college years.
  10. mspaul

    S03.E02: Week 2, Night 1

    This is EXACTLY what I was saying all last night!! I couldn't believe it when all the ladies were talking about how hot he was. *shudder*
  11. mspaul

    S06.E02: Biscuits

  12. mspaul

    Songs In The Key Of Cheers

    Wait, no "groin in-ju-ry" rap?! A classic, if there ever was one.
  13. mspaul

    S04.E12: The Animals

    AGREED. I've been looking forward to this recap since I binged last weekend (I mean, as much as one can look forward to reading something you know is going to make cry, and probably at work), and I feel like this is a pretty egregious disservice.
  14. mspaul

    What If Jeff Probst Quit Survivor?

    A friend and I have a dream reality show, which is Jeff Probst and Chris Harrison from The Bachelor, living together like a reality Odd Couple and teaching each other their tricks of the host trade. "No, Chris, the color of your shirt should ALWAYS match your eyes."
  15. mspaul

    S01.E13: Take Me Back To Hell

    RIGHT??!! At the end, I was like, "But where's Maze?!" It seems extremely suspect that she wasn't with them at the end. If she is missing for most of the second season I will be very put out.