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  1. Jill is limiting her family size. She’s been open about the fact that they were using birth control to prevent pregnancy for several years after Sam was born, and I don’t think that the fact they’re trying for a third means they’re opening the floodgates to endless procreation. A ton of my (non-fundie) friends have three kids, especially when their first two are the same gender. Really, the only Duggar daughter/DILs I see who might rival Michelle for fecundity are Kendra, who seems on track to have 20+ kids unless something changes, and possibly Joy, although I question whether she and Au
  2. I don’t think even a redneck patriarchy-lovin’ religious zealot is going to be on Team Josh here. Child sex abuse seems to be the one thing that pretty much everybody except actual pedophiles still agrees is beyond the pale. And while he will obviously have some leeway to present his defense, I don’t think the judge is going to allow Josh’s lawyers to make the trial about American politics or religion.
  3. There have been a number of interviews in which sources who know the family state that Anna is spending most of her time at the Reber house with Josh. Many of them have been mentioned in this thread. I don’t think anyone has come out and said it was great for JB, Michelle, and Anna to let Josh be around their kids, but there have been a number of posts that minimize their poor decision making in this area. People have said that JB and Michelle did the best they could (they didn’t), that the consequences they imposed were harsh and appropriate to Josh’s wrongdoing (they weren’t), that the
  4. And some posters might fiercely criticize Jill and Derick or Jeremy and Jinger for doing things that are nowhere near as horrible as downloading CSA while thinking it’s not such a big deal that JB, Michelle and Anna jeopardized the safety of their kids by allowing a child molester to be around them all the time. 🤷‍♀️ Different things bother different people. I would imagine that the past several months have probably also been pretty awful for Anna’s kids, who might be expected to need the close support of their mother to get through it. If Anna occasionally gets a babysitter so she can a
  5. That would be amazing. An instant thirteenth vote for guilty! The body language in that clip is really interesting. Josh is not only not holding Anna’s hand (which would be he natural thing to do if you are trying to impress the media with how much you care about your wife who is so pregnant she might squat down on the sidewalk and pop your baby out at any moment) but the hand next to her is actually in his pocket. Either she refused to take his hand, or he really didn’t want to take hers. I can’t imagine it was the former, so I’m guessing he didn’t want to hold hands with her. I thi
  6. Hell, he probably likes it. I don’t think marriage to Anna followed by a zillion blessings was ever what Josh wanted. I think if he’d had his druthers, Josh would gotten a job in conservative politics, dated around a bit, and eventually married some kind of lower-rent Kayleigh McEnany type who would have been happy with a couple of kids, max. But Josh needed JB and Michelle’s $$$ and fame to get anywhere close to the kind of life he wanted, and they told him that his end of the bargain was getting married to a nice Gothard-approved girl so he would have an outlet for his “urges” and woul
  7. Are you an attorney? If not, what is the source of your information? True crime TV series and podcasts have made many people think prosecutorial misconduct is far more common than it is. It’s not that common. You just don’t hear about the cases where the prosecution complies with discovery requests and does everything else by the book, because those cases aren’t exciting enough to make for good media. It’s the sensational ones with a clear villain that get all the press. Perhaps this statistic will be helpful — data taken from U.S. federal courts of appeal show that fewer than 7% of
  8. Late to the party, but Fern? I guess their ten girls are all going to end up with botanical names. These seem popular among fundies lately — Josie Bates Balka named her girls Willow and Hazel. Eliana (usually spelled with one N) means “God has answered,” so I guess that’s the biblical connection?
  9. I haven’t seen anything suggesting they plan to remove Izzy from public school. He seemed to do well there. I believe Sam is 4 or almost 4? So he could do preK this year, if they have public preK in Arkansas.
  10. My dog, who to be fair is possibly the stupidest dog in the history of time, once ate a psychedelic mushroom she found growing in our backyard. My husband found her with little bits of it clinging to her muzzle. The entire way to pet emergency, she stared at the backseat of the car and barked at things only she could see. Then, when we got there and I let her out of the car, she dove to the ground and covered her head with her front paws, as though she was being bombed from above. They pumped her stomach and she was fine, although it took her a loooooong time to sleep off her trip. I like
  11. I’m amazed that Jill let the girl who is second from the right out of the house in that skintight baseball T. Even with the frumpy jersey maxi skirt, she looks like a normal teenager! People might look at her instead of Jill! That’s just not acceptable!
  12. Lundyn? Eek. I don’t know which explanation is more horrifying — that her parents chose that creative spelling or that they thought that was actually how “London” is spelled.
  13. Marjorie also had ambitions beyond marrying at 18 and spending 20 years breeding for Jesus. She graduated from an actual accredited college and has a job. I always thought the courtship was something her parents pushed her into and the Josh revelations just gave her an excuse to back out that her parents couldn’t argue with.
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