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  1. He looks so creepy I expected him to follow that with “so I keep them in a jar beside my bed.”
  2. Yes.There was a study recently by Johns Hopkins that said 67% of people will still test negative 4 days after inoculation. That’s why we’re discouraging close contacts from running out and getting tested the day after their possible exposure. Too many people get a negative result and then disregard quarantine instructions only to come up positive several days later, by which time they’ve exposed countless other people.
  3. This makes it look like Cathy is a percentage owner of the property. I wonder if that’s true...
  4. Jill looks puffy with huge boobs in those pictures. I think she’s pregnant.
  5. That mustache makes Derick look like a cross between a sex pervert and my seventh grade math teacher. If he goes to court looking like that the judge is going to get him mixed up with the defendant.
  6. Yes, this. When I was growing up my parents never explained good hygiene to me. They practiced it themselves but for some reason it never occurred to them to tell me to shower daily, wash my face or use deodorant. That was fine in grade school but once I hit puberty and everything got greasy I was probably pretty gross. It took several months of pretty severe bullying to get me to pull my hygiene up to snuff, and even then I had to ask my mom to buy face wash and deodorant for me to use. And my parents were pretty good overall. Jill had cheap, communal products, shitty parents, and a household ethos that seemed to be “Just cover the blemishes up with makeup“ rather than “take care of your skin so the blemishes don’t develop in the first place.” As to the broader point about common sense, I think sometimes we forget that Jill is literally just now learning how to be an adult. It’s been a steep learning curve. I choose to applaud her for the progress she has made (making new friends, going to new places, putting the boys in public school, using birth control) rather than focus on the backwards steps that have come along the way. I really think she is trying to be a good friend, mom, wife, and person. Even her religious posts don’t bother me. She’s not preaching hellfire and brimstone or being pushy, just sharing part of her life that is important to her. I get the sense that out of all the married girls Jill has the most compassion and love for others. Jinger and Jessa preach about it but I think Jill really feels it.
  7. I have no idea why Lauren tagged Jill, but that’s not the same crib. Both are black and similar in style but the crownpiece on the back set of rails is scrolled on Derick/Jill’s and straight on Josiah/Lauren’s.
  8. Nothing says “successful event” like three pictures of a completely empty room. And what is Nurie wearing? Are those gored sleeves?
  9. Sam’s trying to tunnel his way out of there.
  10. Josie could be pregnant again as well. Willow is only 8 months, but Josie wouldn’t be the first Bates to have a second baby less than 2 years after the first one.
  11. Ben just seems to have a really passive, laid-back personality in general. I’ve never thought he was a guy with a lot of drive. If he had been allowed to mature at a normal rate, I suspect he’d currently be working at Starbucks, smoking a lot of weed, and trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Instead he got married at 19 and now has three kids, a demanding wife and a passel of controversial in-laws. I think he’s stuck and kind of bummed about it.
  12. Zoom in on Joy’s midsection. Snug dress, obvious bump. I bet $5 she’s pregnant, and that this whole girls’ day thing is so TLC can film her announcement.
  13. Felicity: Mom, we need to talk. Jinger: What’s up? Felicity: Who are all these backwoods lunatics in denim skirts? Jinger: This is your family. The one at the end of the table is your grandmother. Felicity: Oh my God. I’m related to her? That hair is a crime against humanity. Jinger: Yep. The rest of them are your aunts and cousins. Felicity: Jesus. Why did we come here? Jinger: Because we’re having a girls’ lunch. Felicity: Mom, we’re in a Panera. Jinger: Yeah, I know. We let Joy pick and she refused anything other than American food. Felicity: So you’re saying we flew to Podunk, Arkansas to have sandwiches in a Panera? Jinger: Yep! Felicity: Mom, Panera is boring. If we went to a Panera at home, Daddy wouldn’t even bother to hashtag it. Jinger: I know. Welcome to the family. Felicity: This sucks.
  14. Look at the body language. All the adult women are standing grouped together on either side of the group. Jill is by herself with Jenny (?) to one side and a big space between her and Jana/Jessa on the other side. Also, that is the fakest smile i’ve ever seen on Jill. I’m guessing she was only invited because JB knows there’s talk of a rift and wants to quash it, but nobody really wanted her there and she knew it. She probably only went because that’s the only chance she gets to see her nieces/nephews/little sisters anymore.
  15. Yep. Get the post-its ready! Why is the Lord hanging out in Wal-Mart waiting for Jill to lead people to him? Shouldn’t he be working on Coronavirus or world peace or something?
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