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  1. I don't like Nick, but damn I could watch Victor get punched in the face all day.
  2. CrowServo3K

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Hilary: Stay Buzzin' GC? Devon: Dammit, who typed a question mark on the TelePrompter? How many times do I have to tell you? Anything you type, Hilary will read!
  3. CrowServo3K

    S05.E18: Catherine & Graham

    I know she said earlier in the show that she has anxieties and other issues, but this is another one of those episodes where the person being catfished is way too attractive to be fooling around with a catfish. And I say this as someone with social anxiety. I know the situation sucks, but you're better than this girl.
  4. CrowServo3K

    S05.E22: Check-Up With Dr. Drew - Part Two

    This. I think I'm finally getting my girlfriend, who is usually too blinded by Gary-hate to side with him, to come around on this. I don't like Gary much, but a broken clock is right twice a day and he's definitely right on the Matt issue.
  5. CrowServo3K

    S05.E15: The Big Day

    The only thing I can say from this episode is that Farrah needs to catch a good old-fashioned passionate ass-whooping. I don't care if we are both adults, if my daughter talked to me like that I would have busted her face open, cameras or no cameras.
  6. Ok, I hate to call a child full of shit, but Leah has obviously figured out how to play both sides. First she tells Gary that all Amber does is lay around all day, then goes and tells Amber that Gary didn't do anything with her at Disney World. Both of these things are likely true, but it's kind of scary how she's figured out how to play her parents against one another.
  7. CrowServo3K

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I hate that "My parents didn't send me to law school for..." spiel. Don't get pissy with the litigants, get pissy with your producers who keep picking these cases. You bitter old crank.
  8. CrowServo3K

    The Judge Judy Drinking Game: No Water For You!

    Chug a fifth of your favorite hard liquor every time Judy is an insufferable asshole. I mean, you'll get alcohol poisoning three minutes into the show, but you'll still have a good time.
  9. CrowServo3K

    S05.E10: Let's Face It

    The only real gripe I have with Gary tonight is him talking crap about Amber while Leah was in the room. Poor form, Gary. You and Amber can hate one another behind the scenes all you want (and the kid will eventually pick up on it if she doesn't already), but don't do it blatantly in front of Leah.
  10. CrowServo3K

    S05.E07: First Time For Everything

  11. CrowServo3K

    S05.E06: The F Bomb

    I know I called her a whiny baby before, but on this aftershow Maci straight-up looks like the poutiest toddler on earth. I'm kind of surprised; when I heard that Farrah was coming back, I thought she would be the most annoying one on the show. Turns out I was very wrong.
  12. CrowServo3K

    S05.E06: The F Bomb

    I'm 10 minutes into the replay (missed it earlier tonight), and the only things I've learned are that Maci is a whiny fucking baby. Shut the fuck up. The producers are gutless. Remind her again that she's nothing without this show, then ask her if she's really ready to walk. And if she says yes again, then leave and never air the footage you already shot of her. My god, she's a stupid asshole.
  13. CrowServo3K

    S04.E09: Jamey & Ari

    Thank you for saying this so that I didn't have to. This episode was such a sticky situation. You can't fault Ari for wanting to come out on her own terms/at her own speed, but at the same time you can't have a problem with Jamey for not being romantically interested after the reveal. I think the whole thing of "I don't want to meet you unless it is on TV" was a two-fold thing: It creates a pretty high hurdle to climb, thus keeping the liklihood of Ari meeting Jamey pretty low Ari may have been thinking that if she did meet Jamey and he flipped at her secret, then meeting somewhere in public and surrounded by cameras would prevent any violence befalling her.
  14. CrowServo3K

    S05.E05: Surprise Surprise

    Gary's fat, but Farrah has no room to talk about anyone's looks and bodies given what she's mutated into.
  15. CrowServo3K

    S05.E05: Surprise Surprise

    I would have loved it if the producers told Farrah that if she didn't calm her stupid ass down, the show would walk. Yeah, they need her for ratings probably, but letter her know that allows her to act like even more of an entitled ass than she normally does.