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  1. On a different topic, I agree that if either Dom or Wendell were female, they would have lost. It's the deep-rooted patriarchy society that causes these perceptions. I've said before that even Laurel played better than Wendell. Even Don had a chance to win. I know I can be objective. I can look at myself. But then again, it's all opinions on a game that is about social.
  2. It was an alliance of 4 and only Don was on the jury and he thinks Wendell was second in command. You have to see objectively how Dom played. He wasn't wild like Tony Vlachos or an ass like Russell. Have you seen how he behaved when the Bradley thing went down, how he talked to Chelsea and Kellyn and how he talks to Angela? I think calling him an ass(while may be your opinion) sounds like an excuse, based on the edits. Again, because of your perception of Dom, you also see Michael in a bad light. I don't remember Michael interrupting anybody. He spoke up always near the end
  3. People can vote for who they want. I get that. It's like their rights. And you can't go against people's rights kind of thing. I'm just dissecting their decisions and merits. If you say he's second in command, then he has the second best resume. He's not as visible out there as Dom. Obviously, they were both save with immunities and idols. So all that's left is to put yourself out there more so you have the better resume. I'm just questioning his logic. Kellyn wasn't a strong alliance to the foursome. She was always looking to make something of her own against the boys. Seb felt
  4. I didn't bring up the vote validity argument, you did. Obviously, you should look at the part about Angela and Jenna. I was just talking about merits. I don't discount anybody's' vote. You can't affect how they vote. You can just question their decision. And frankly, Stephen's opinion is shit and stupid. The statement is sooooo stupid. There's the one who played best. There's the one determined to play the best. The one determined the best was judged as so by the jurors, but they did not played the best, they were only determined so, but as such is the best, but did not played the best...
  5. Did he really say or think Dom is powerless? Or did he meant would be? Also, does he really even believe that when he voted for Dom. First of all, we don't even know what's Kellyn's problem with Dom is. She even shushed him. In the episodes, they were fine. He was the one to warn her they were plotting against her. Seb's just too immature over Dom's act at tribal. Dom was not just loud. You're saying loud like it's without substance. But in the episodes, he was shown to be the one talking to people whilst Wendell hide behind him. He was the one seen talking to Chelsea, Kellyn, others. He broug
  6. Obviously, Wendell tried to be the good guy. He'll enthusiastically debate rap music with Des but she doesn't care. But he'll do chores with Seb so Seb gives him the vote. For me, survivor gameplay is mostly black and white. I'll leave the emotions out the door...mostly. I'll reward the best player.....as long as they are not ass. I don't think Dom is an ass. That satisfy my whole criteria. Best player + not ass. That's a win for me. Wendell is second best but nicer. But when I say not ass, that could mean nice as well. Just not as nice as Wendell. Tony Vlachos was super crazy, was he ass
  7. You didn't really compare Angela and Jenna, you just questioned my judgement. Angela doesn't know how to play because she spilled the beans to Dom. Before that, she was always strung along by other people. I'm surprised the bottoms never voted together, but at least Don and Seb were going after it more than Angela. But Jenna was shut out by everybody, just like Michael. Maybe her social game wasn't strong enough so she finds herself on an island, but at least she wasn't strung along. Actually, you could swap Jenna for Angela but that's hypothetical. But just because Jenna didn't get the chance
  8. I looked into the interviews. Seb said Dom called Don names. But I'm second guessing his account. Why would Dom be that stupid? Sometimes, when my dad criticized my mom, mom would say dad scolded her. I'll ask her word for word what did he say. Every time, she exaggerates things. It could be the same with Seb. I can't see Dom being that stupid. But if Seb feels he has a bond with Wendell, then that's fine. And Don said Wendell was the second in command. And he wanted to play like Wendell. So he voted for Wendell. But there's a fallacy to that kind of thinking. If you're second in command,
  9. Where did you get that Dom was flashy or dick swinging? I didn't see any of that. Dom was the one talking to most people, doing the work, whilst Wendell just sat back and relied on his alliance. Dom's game was stronger. But Kellyn seemed to has it out for Dom at the final for some reason. She's bitter. Sebastian's bitter. Chelsea has a poker face because of the edits, but in the episodes, Dom was working with her. Dom's was the one warning Kellyn. Dom fooled Sebastian at tribal. Wendell has an antagonistic relationship with Donathan towards the end, Im guessing whether he mistakenly voted the
  10. I feel like ratings are dropping because there are fewer episodes this season I think. I don't like the show tribe swapping twice. Once is enough. In Survivor 2 Australia, I think is the season with Colby. Back then, 40 minutes of the show would be about them surviving the wild. Then around season 20, you have the dominant alliance steamrolling to the finish. Every time I think about this, I think of Boston Rob's winning season. So on the scale, in the beginning, it was "theoretically" 0% luck and now the show wants to spice things up for the viewers which introduce more of the element of
  11. He doesn't have a choice but to find hidden immunity idols or win the individual immunity. Because the strategy for everybody else is to vote him out.
  12. if you can convince others to take you to the final 3, it's probably becuz you're not gonna win. there are exceptions like Woo The vote on wiki is 5-2-1. Wont be a tie.
  13. It's not like she's a mastermind. She was on the backfoot from Ben, Lauren, Ashley and Devon alliance. And Devon wasn't with her until near the end. Devon was the one who told him to be a spy. Gotta give credit to the guy with the plan.
  14. Joe called him king, but that's Joe. Ben feuded with Joe...because it's Joe. Do you understand what I'm saying? Have you seen Joe's game? Ben didn't like Cole but can you blame him. There's a line between honest and be friends with everybody. Depends on what kind of person you wanna be or if you decide to put on a mask on Survivor and keep smiling to everybody you don't like. I can appreciate Ben keeping it real. And you definitely are not keeping it real here. Ben has to find the hidden immunity not because of his social game, as I've said before, but because of something else but I won'
  15. Man, if I'm a Survivor, just lie to me, it's ok. Tell me how you outplay me, I'll give you a million dollars. But don't tell me you care about me when you don't. I'm not gonna give you a million dollars.
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