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  1. I liked this episode alot. Going forward - What did Bloom do? She is gonna pay, one way or the other. Floyd needs to break up with open marriage gal. Max and Helen - glad about this Iggy - he seems to work really well with troubled kids and their parents. Maybe he could go into some type of private counseling or Max could immediately set up some type of open-door mental health counseling. Max - I love Max. I would NEVER want to work for such a boss but as a character, he is very appealing. I hope Eggold never surgically touches his face. It is soooo mobile and
  2. Maybe it was me but I expect to see the results of this eps criminals used in a future ep to give Garland a win. They pulled in some big fish. I expect Liv to help Garland use this to improve his standing and get the old guard off his back. Garland could still be leaving the show but it could be health issues, not competency. Chief Benson is a possibility. I like this show but for the life of me I do not understand where the Benson/Stabler overlap is going. It just makes no sense at all, it has no legs. She is not going to give up her career, nor is he. Let's say they couple - coul
  3. So, I watched it for the triangle and now it is over. Simply nothing encouraged me to keep watching. The writers stretched this love story beyond all belief and to the point where we had to believe the characters were stricken mute because ordinary people would have spoken out and solved the love story. Nothing was real about this. We were told constantly that E was candid and forthright about her observations (I believe Lucas's mother said those exact words) yet totally unable to identify and speak to her own feelings. Nobody else, except maybe Fiona, made me want to watch mo
  4. Wait - WHAT? I thought we find out Sunday night?
  5. 1. Zabel could have planted it after partying. 2. Zabel could care less about who, his intentions are negative toward Mare. 3. Do we know for certain it was the only heroin to steal out of the evidence case?
  6. Stray thought - We have seen the exact same shot 3 times, in 3 episodes. It is the 'bowling alley' shot from the complaining older lady's backyard all the way past the shed, to the back porch of the house behind hers. We have seen the hoodie guy, the security camera shot, and the graffiti shot. The angle is the same and the direction is the same. It seems odd to me that this particular shot has been emphasized 3 times, and in the first 3 episodes. Ideas?
  7. Funny that as I had a completely different take. I thought he was making parts up. He does not strike me as a hard-charging detective. According to what we have seen, he is lackadaisical, pleasant, and ready to stop for the day long before Mare. I think he is acting as a unreliable narrator when he speaks and the pauses in his telling of his case indicate dissembling. There may be more to learn about that case and the two cases in Easttown. In short, I don't trust Zabel. *He also could have framed Mare. When she pulled the drug packets from her pocket in the bar, he could have seen
  8. I am firmly in the Mare was framed camp, regarding the drugs. I have posted earlier - she took the drugs, she wanted to get Carrie in trouble, but we know she had a bad thought, and it went away. I think she meant to put the drugs back. Something has happened to frame Mare.
  9. My thinking - She took the drugs. She sat at the bar thinking, looked at the drugs again, then changed her mind and intended to put them back early next day. When the captain came to her door to relieve her of duty, she went along meekly because -- while Mare is messy, impulsive, and complicated -- she is not stupid. She now knows that somebody else has framed her. Again, I am working the Zabel theory because the show is not giving us much, or giving us too much. Big named actors generally sign on cuz their part has significance. Jean Smart (Helen) is going to move the story about Dr
  10. After Mare looked at the drugs while sitting in the bar, she changed her mind and decided not to go through with it.
  11. Impressions: 1. Carter and Faith - Nobody cares. 2. Somewhere, on google, there is a clip for the upcoming episode. Rosemary is saying that some people come into your life for a season and others for a lifetime. The image for 'a season' is Lucas, and the image for a lifetime is Nathan. Is Hallmark sending a message?
  12. I am sorry, but this episode came so close to jumping the shark, I was hiding behind my sofa, cringing. Yes, of course, I will keep watching. 1. Mare tells Frank about the evidence that he is the father. He asks who told her that and she tells him Lori. NO. No cop would identify a witness to the accused. Srry, that is so unprofessional as the be impossible to be believed. 2. Mom Helen calls social services to find out what Carrie has to do to get Drew back. NO. That is betrayal of magnitudes so large I cannot even guess at them. 3. Mare steals out of the evidence locker,
  13. Or possibly raped by somebody else, maybe Frank Sheehan.
  14. I have been thinking about that. If nobody really emerges as the main dude in the next episode, there is a chance that E picks nobody. I thought there was a moment between Nathan and Fiona at the wedding party so maybe the writers pair them up. A new female character arrives for Lucas and E gets severe arthritis :-)
  15. THIS. Some posters are comparing this to Broadchurch. I LOVED Broadchurch and I have been wondering why my response to this show is not the same. I think partly because they are literally throwing characters at us. There are 2 TWO dead girls and I have to remember the two men who are dragged to notify the dead girl's father, Kenny. TWO dead girls and I know that Beth's mother is dying of parkinson's and her brother is an addict who steals from her. It is either a mass murder where the entire town did it, or this is characterization by scatter shot. In Broadchurch, it went much dee
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