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  1. Yep. Gaspy Giggler and the Big Toothed Goof. How exciting! It's about time for Chelz' gestational drought to come to an end! Who would the flexible faced Bassett hound Sage be paired with? Oh the anticipation!
  2. I have not been watching the show but I just saw this. Max Page - Reed! He sure is growing up. He just went through another heart procedure. Bless this little trooper! Go Max! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/young-darth-vader-from-super-bowl-ad-has-heart-surgery/
  3. Hilarious indeed! CG is amazing even when she's goofing around. EB looks like he is shitting his pants and delighting in it - the same way Victor always looks.
  4. Not on the Harding train either. He is a slob IMO.
  5. Hee! If it's a girl - Chicquita, a boy - Dole
  6. Oh well peaches I suppose it's just you and me. Marissa is supposed to be the token stereotypical fiery Latina and it's just old. I predict she'll be dumbed down in no time and contract babies rabies. I guess I am just over this show, nothing is piquing my interest.
  7. My UO is that I am not seeing anything interesting or special about Marissa. I can't stand the way she trills "Marco". Sounds like she has a mouthful of marbles. Or who knows what. She's a gorgeous lady but bland as heck.
  8. ah those 70's shows. Subes was a young girl when they first aired. Good Times indeed. The Jeffersons, All in the Family. All still entertaining and surprisingly relevant. Not to mention funny, well written,well acted, thought provoking, heartwarming, and tear jerking.....sigh
  9. I agree about Jessica Collins. The Avery character went down hill when paired with Donkey Kong. Her website is fab and I would love to see her on a cooking show. PB and French - I would love to hear that!
  10. Dave is the first person I thought of when I heard The Donald's decree to the masses.
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