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  1. I hope you are all having a great summer...some of you already know that I am at the cottage for the summer and therefore not posting as much..just enjoying nature and family...will be back in September...I try every once in awhile though to come by and read all the snark here and get a chuckle...have a great summer all..
  2. THIS!! I see so many always going on about Sharon not apologizing for her bi polar actions..yet, everyone can walk all over her, accuse her of the most heinous crimes..but those same moaners don't think she deserves any apologies..
  3. I can just imagine the howling by some if it was Sharon who forgot to pick uo Faith..but because it is Nick very little mention will be made about it..It is great to see Sharon coming to terms with the fact that Nick will always be an ass to her, no one should be faulted for loving someone as Sharon has Nick most of her life, it can't be easy to finally give up on that love, the heart wants what the heart wants after all..but I can see the gentleness of Dylan beginning to help heal Sharon's battered heart, her self esteem is coming back bit by bit and the job at CL will be great for her...Nick
  4. and it's really evident when she is in a scene with Sharon...
  5. We all guessed it Sage is pregnant..she told nick today...
  6. I didn't like what Sharon did today on the Canadian show.. Sharon picks up Dylan's phone when it buzzes and reads a text from Avery: Sorry we quarreled. I miss you. Coming home. Sharon saying to herself, as though she is talking to Dylan who is out of the room..Now it’s my turn to help you. Avery then receives a text from Dylan...sent by Sharon.. You made your choice. I made mine. Finish what you started. So will I. I am not impressed with Sharon for doing that........all charges have been dropped against her as well..
  7. I know slowpokey sometimes those things are just out of our control..the more you try to fix them the worst they get..happened to me a short time ago with one of my posts..
  8. SC does such a good job of bringing it in whatever scene written for her character that I think CP wants to make use of that talent..by having SN bounce back and forth with her bi polar episodes, he is getting the very best from this actress, he gets the normal Sharon and then every now and then she forgets to take her meds and he gets the out of control Sharon, best of both worlds, if SC wasn't so good at playing it both ways, CP may not be so quick to write her having bi polar episodes...
  9. LOL, this made me chuckle, she bangs pretty good in horse manure and desk tops too...but the dumpster seems to be her trademark...:0)
  10. Great post Slowpokey....SC is a class act..some of the hatred spewed at her and her character is pathetic...doesn't seem to bother her in the least..trying to get her fired was the bottom of the barrel IMO...
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