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  1. WildPlum

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    Although it does point up the plot hole of how the demons knew about the night nurse, knew exactly what agency Linda had hired, knew enough to call and cancel the nurse.... because, well, because the writers needed that to happen so the baby could be kidnapped AND Amenwhosis could have his moment of setup. It would have made just as much sense for one of the possessed to break in, kill the night nurse and steal the baby. More sense, in fact.
  2. WildPlum

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    Are we so sure there IS a Season 5? I was fine with this as the end of the show. The episodes started off pretty good, but I found myself repeating what I did during Season 3 - FFwd through all of the police procedural stuff, which is bad even by broadcast TV standards, and watching scenes with Dr. Linda and Maze and Lucifer when Chloe isn't around.
  3. WildPlum

    Forged In Fire

    New season started ... whenever (probably last week, I watch it on my DVR). Where is David Baker? The knife-throwing test wasn't very successful, don't know if it was the knives or the thrower. Not sure I am wild about this new competition format, maybe they just have a dearth of applicants and had to dig up past competitors.
  4. WildPlum

    Forged In Fire

    Now that I have found where this topic is again - still liking Forged in Fire, although liking the gimmicks and tie-ins less and less. To me, "Knife or Death" is absolutely unwatchable. For some reason my DVR decided it did not like this show when it switched nights and I missed several episodes. Must try deleting it off the DVR schedule and then maybe adding it back. Also, if we are going to keep doing the "no power equipment" or "coal forges only" or "must be canister" shows, then the contestants need to be prescreened to people who have at least SOME experience in those areas.
  5. WildPlum

    S02.E01: Simone

    I watched this last night, thinking it was S1E1 and I spent a lot of time thinking "wow, they are really going for in media res". Hmmm, no, I am jumping in to the middle. I kept up, mostly.
  6. WildPlum

    Small Talk: The Coffee Machine

    Watching the series MARS on NatGeo and trying to view it as the prequel to The Expanse and wondering if Lukrum is run by Jules Pierre Mao's family.
  7. WildPlum


    I don't see the point of mining on Mars - Mars isn't likely to have metal ore veins to mine and even if it did, the cost to get any kind of ore out of even Mars's weak gravity well and back to Earth has got to be prohibitively expensive. And if you were going to mine the moons or the asteroid belt, you wouldn't bother putting a base on Mars. And I can't see the scientists getting so huffy about Lukrum when the scientists themselves are terraforming Mars by adding solar mirrors. Either you keep the least footprint possible (sealed climate and complete recycling) or you are doing damage to Mars's ecosystem, such as it is. (Assuming we solve the "how are we going to keep from killing people via radiation exposure on the trip out" question in the next 20 years and go to Mars in the first place.) Of course, I do have to look at this show and think: Oooo, look, it is the prequel to "The Expanse" (formerly on Syfy, soon to be on Amazon).
  8. WildPlum

    Forged In Fire

    It's funny, I see ads for things on History that are clearly spin-offs from FIF and so far they've all been junk, completely missing what makes FIF a good show. Knife Or Death we discussed upthread and now Master and Apprentice, which I couldn't watch for more than 20 minutes before I had to turn it off. I'm sure that there is a market for "Jersey Shore Meets Weaponry" but I doubt it is much of a market. The Master and Apprentice episode of FIF was pretty good as far as the tone and the relationship between the contestants (except for the "Master" who just vanished mid-show) but the whining and complaining on this new show ... yikes. Ah, well, must remember not to get sucked in to other things on History and stick with FIF.
  9. This episode did highlight something that kinds of bugs me - "Naomi the Super Engineer" able to fix anything in minutes, or maybe half an hour, tops. It is very convenient for the plot, but it's sort of annoying that she can fix any mechanical, electrical or "software" based system. Granted she knows the Roci by now and she'd had some time (the period of time is unstated) with the Behemoth, so at least they were systems she had some familiarity with. Also (as someone who is a scientist) - scientists come out of the show all looking like megalomaniacs in varying shades of blind/bad. The guy on the UN ship this episode, the two scientists working for Mao, one on Ceres, the other on Ganymede with the kids.
  10. Pretty sure Bobbi killed her female subordinate - that tends to get you shot by your military organization of choice. Bobbi left a weapon on the floor and turned her back on the woman, which pretty much has to mean there is no chance of the woman picking up the gun again, hence: is dead. She sort of has no choice but to take up with the Roci crew. Look at the moment she sort of slinks into the chair next to Alex - her posture is terrible, her expression not particularly good. She doesn't look happy with the choices she's made. But that has been sort of true since she saw her own people betraying Mars, when she was back on earth. Like a line from a Mcmurty song about a character who can;t cope: He opened up his eyes and he snapped out of the groove He saw both sides of everything and found he could not move I presume Holden and the Roci go through one of the gates - without supplies or ammunition or plan. Very Holden-like.
  11. WildPlum

    The Expanse in the Media

    Ditto on the podcast non-love - while I am sure they likely think about what they are going to say in advance, the few I have listened to seem very scattered. Give it to me in writing instead of making me listen for a half hour to what I can read in mere minutes, particularly with the umms and uhhh stripped off and minus all the irritating interrupting. But then I am also old and biased toward print rather than other media.
  12. WildPlum

    S03.E11: Fallen World 2018.06.20

    I'd never though about wounds in zero g, that was an interesting aside. As was the stark assessment of the new "speed limit" and how badly they were all screwed by it. Still don't trust Ashford - yes, we heard some of his other motivations (the bit where they discuss how to get Dawes to accept something was good), but he wants the Behemoth and he'll find a way to get it away from Drummer permanently. He'd have called himself "Acting Captain" otherwise. Two hour episode next? Whoppee! I read somewhere that the producers said that if the entire series ended here it would feel complete, so I look forward to some closure with plots. We'll see what comes down the road with Amazon, but I can see how this story arc can be wrapped in two hours (I don't know where it is going, built it has certainly built to something that can be resolved).
  13. WildPlum

    S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    What we do know: the main protomolecule mass, the thing that was on Venus, has contact with all the other current bits of protomolecule blob in our system. The fact that the protomolecule wants this little blue planetessimal/ship "investigated" means that the blue ship isn't part of the current protomolecule. Where it came from is sort of a mystery, unless it was always in this little isolated pocket universe and IT, not the protomolecule, is the one enforcing speed limits, etc. The protomolecule wants its records and built the ring to access this little pocket universe, but it is the blue thing that is controlling the pocket.
  14. WildPlum

    S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    Minor complaint: the episode description says "Holden sees past, present, and future" - it is a good thing that they flat-out told us that, because I still have no idea what Holden was seeing. The little blue planetoid/ship, yes, 6 (or 8, I forget) other worlds, going blue (protomolecule?) and a close-up of one of them in flames. Someone upthread mentioned Amos talking about what happened to him when he was 5 - didn't we already get hints about that, way back when he was talking to one of the Evil Scientists (the one Dawes has now) about pretty much having part of his brain removed/killed/seriously altered, and he was asking the scientist (in a round about way) if that could be reversed? That's what I assumed, anyway, that was the reason that little tidbit was there. Not sure why anyone would do that to a 5 yr old on purpose but it might have been part of some other issue.
  15. WildPlum

    S03.E10: Dandelion Sky 2018.06.13

    I think Holden putting his hand in there did complete the circuit and "access the Archives." Now he has some of that in his head and it can probably manipulate him the same way Miller can. I still say that Drummer doesn't have that long as a living character on this show and her read of Ashford is exactly what is going to happen. How does Naomi plan to intercept the Roci before the Mars ship, which is ahead of her, does?