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  1. I don't agree that you need to (or even SHOULD) read Fraction's take on Hawkeye. The Hawkeye in Marvel comics and the Hawkeye in the Marvel Movie Universe are two distinctly different people in different situations, connected by a bow and arrow. While Disney's Hawkeye miniseries might have some of Fraction's tone, it is not likely to be that similar to the comic. Better, I think, to go in without that background. Did I like Fraction's comics? Sort of. I thought, as a stand-alone, they were fun and pretty good. But I didn't care for the remaking of the character in to a twenty-somet
  2. Having read synopses of the books, I suspect it is because of the shift in characters and aging of characters. The Expanse TV series is as much about the characters as the plot. Nothing says the show has to follow the books, of course, and the content could be altered quite a bit - except the writers are pretty heavily involved with the series.
  3. We won't get any clips, but I am sure someone will put us out of our misery as far as what the cast/producers share.
  4. Started a rewatch while on vacation, just finished Season 2. This has held up well in rewatch. (*Eyes Foundation as AppleTV* Much better than some new shows)
  5. Isn't Salvor really Gaal's daughter? There was the moment episode prior when Gaal was under the medical scanner and the doctor said something about the zygote being safe now and the dr sent her off to talk to someone else about it. I thought that was why Salvor's "mother" showed her the glowy Rubix cube thing, she assumed Gaal's actual daughter could understand it. I am sure Gaal and whats-his-name will be a plot point out further somewhere.
  6. Fortunately, it's been long enough since I watched Cowboy Bebop that I remember loving it but not any specifics, lol, other than Ein and mushrooms. That means I can look forward to the TV version!
  7. Trailer looks pretty amusing. I liked Fraction's run as an isolated view of a character called Hawkeye, wasn't too fond of the way it remade the main Marvel 616 version over in to such an incompetent "sad sack". On the other hand, how do you keep a character fresh and original for 60 years of comics? At least the movieverse version looks to get a decent send off.
  8. WildPlum


    I am about halfway through Season 3 and having my doubts about going any further - reading through this thread pretty much tells me I don't want to go any further. Couldn't stand Vic from the start (she was a Homicide Detective back in Philly? Really?) am annoyed with block-headed Branch this season and what Walt needs more than his own cellphone is a refresher course on standards of admissible evidence. I do love the New Mexico scenery, which often, amusingly, looks absolutely nothing like Wyoming. Regretfully passing on the rest of the series.
  9. I like the fact that Kid Loki put the horns on his pet lizard instead of wearing them himself. Mobius? Dead? Nahhhh Also I feel like I deserved am end-credits scene for sitting through (*whistles* fast forwarding through, in reality) 10 FULL minutes of beginning and ending credits.
  10. Just watched the first episode - I thought Trudy was back in jail (having briefly been paroled after making a deal that fell through) from her role in the jail death? Huh. When did she get back out? Tell me I missed a season, lol. So Breen (Nic Sampson) is leaving? Sorry to see that, I enjoyed his often very dry delivery. How any episodes as "Jools" appeared in? Three? Four? I remember the one where her sleazy husband was found dead in the pool, the bicycling one and maybe one other.
  11. That seemed like a waste of Darcy and Monica.
  12. It's not so much "nothing happened" as "How do we explain what happened without using exposition? I know! A bunch of forced flashbacks."
  13. So Agatha must be the one controlling the broadcasts. That definitely implies a higher Bad Person than Agatha. Although it is still not clear what the point of the broadcasts is - who are they being broadcast for (if not Hayward and SWORD)? And if it is for Hayward, why did it take adding Darcy to actually see them? Also, as a comics fan, not thrilled to see this be the source of Monica's power-up - unless there is a further explanation, like hard exposure to "cosmic" radiation being the actual source. Since I am not a sit-com fan (AT ALL), I haven't been following the various nods,
  14. Big fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, but have been enjoying this sort of mess of a show - mostly because of the actor playing Vimes as a demented pirate Popeye. Sure, it's not the books, but it IS something on its own. There are some things that they get wrong, even within their own version of the world and some production choices I think could have been much better, but I am fairly amused by it. I also have to say that this "reimagining" is far better than the BBC's attempts to do a couple of the Pratchett books "straight up" - for whatever reason, I don't think they work when
  15. Particularly all the kids that came from nowhere on Halloween. Remember in an earlier episode Vision asks her why there are no children, why the playgrounds are always empty.
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