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  1. All he had to do was NOT include that date (looked like it was duct-taped) on the pants and he could have kept the original model. I hate watching shows that make me feel worse for watching them—this episode was just ugly in all respects.
  2. I enjoyed the OK episode because I lived in Edmond for a few years when my kids were very young. I would pack up my house today and move back there tomorrow if I could. Great place to live. The people are great and OKC is a fun little city. And it’s true about the woodwork in the houses there—every builder puts in tons of storage cabinets and bookshelves as a matter of course. I don’t think there is such a thing as an Oklahoma accent. I never noticed it in my 7 years of living there. Shoot, here in Texas it’s rare to hear a Texas accent anymore!
  3. The new animated logo really reminds me of the Criterion Channel’s logo. I’m surprised the two are so similar.
  4. Sunday 9/5 sees 3 of my favorites: Surprised by Love, Bridal Wave, and Wedding Every Weekend. SBL and WEW I watch almost every day when I’m doing household chores. “Something on your mind, DICK?” (SBY) My favorite line in Hallmark history.
  5. I admire Ozu very much, so I recorded all of the movies shown on Friday. I’ve watched all of them except for Tokyo Story, which breaks my heart every time I watch it.I have to be in the right frame of mind for that one. That said, it is one of the best movies of all time, IMO.
  6. Absolutely! I hope that the remaining chefs agree not to help anyone else with any component of their dishes in the finale. Win or lose based on what YOU can do with YOUR time allotted.
  7. Who on earth drizzles liquid over fried chicken? Gross. What a cop-out move, Kiki.
  8. Kay Francis is a personal favorite of mine, but I especially like her as the baddy in In Name Only.
  9. You made it farther than I did. Knowing a little something about the world of fashion/design, it was too off the mark for me to bear. I ditched it after the female lead first visited the residence and met the mom (?) and weird grandma (?). The actors (all of them) played their roles as if they were actors playing actors playing characters. Never a “real” intonation, phrasing, response. No thanks. This business of not even trying to make it real is why I just can’t with period movies/series, like WCTH. Just the lack of (historical, but really any kind of) accuracy makes me crazy.
  10. The lead actress in SnowComing (Lindy Booth) looked a decade older than her love interest (Trevor Donovan), plus the chemistry was just. not. there. Completely ruined a movie that I thought had potential, plus some big names ( Ed Marinaro, Joe Theismann). Her eyebrows bugged me so much that I don’t think I’ll watch any of her movies.
  11. On to Sylvia Sydney day! I really enjoyed all of her films TCM featured this week. Thirty Day Princess was a cute rom com with an early appearance by Cary Grant (I think they lacked chemistry, but were both gorgeous) and Sabotage was great, of course. I can see why audiences back then were taken aback by the bus scene, but I loved it.
  12. My take on Norma Shearer is that she was great in silents, but the transition to talkies was tough on her. Not because her voice wasn’t pleasant, but because, especially in her early talkies, her gestures (facial and hands) are still over-emphatic, as they had to be in the silent films. I noticed it particularly in Private Lives, which seemed really rushed and frantic overall.
  13. I have to agree. We fly first on AA frequently and will almost always skip the food service, because it’s flat-out gross. I’ll only eat a cheese plate (if there are any left by the time the attendant gets to me; seems like everyone only wants the cheese plate lol).
  14. So either Kevin or Gregory gets auffed next episode? I can’t imagine that the judges won’t hold them each responsible for how the restaurant is run. This kind of bothers me.
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