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  1. Just watched my recording of Christmas Jars (BYUtv) and enjoyed it more than any of the Hallmark or Lifetime new movies. I only rolled my eyes once. And even though it’s on BYU, there’s no Mormon themes at all. The acting was really subtle and the story line was pretty realistic, even the big reveal at the end actually could happen.
  2. Watched Staging Christmas on Lifetime last night. Anyone else totally creeped out by the lead actor?
  3. The costumes in Eddie and Sophie’s routine where purposefully distracting, imo. Just a mess all around. And no lifts in that routine, either. It made that pairing so boring. Not impressed with any of the dancers this season. At this point, Benjamin and Ezra seem the most trained and talented. I guess we’ll see as the season progresses.
  4. For me, it was the manufactured drama, as another poster said, and the horrible, nonsensical product placement tie-ins (Candy Crush? Yoplait Yogurt? Hallmark cards? Dixie cups? Shopkins toys?). It just robbed the show of any soul. As far as the finale goes, I would have placed them Sebastian, Hester, Garos. Sebastian was clearly head and shoulders above the other two, but I have to admit I did like Hester's jacket that was just those big furry sleeves held together with the gold chain. I thought that was really fun and innovative.
  5. If it makes you feel any better, I raised 3 boys (youngest is 19) and none of them got into trouble at all. Maybe Timothy’s family is not one to put up with foolishness, kind of like ours. Maybe the girls will be the rebels ;j
  6. The Year of Living Dangerously is on. Who knew a movie about the civil war in Indonesia could be so sexy?
  7. The actor who plays Edgar did a fantastic job in the final scene at the bar. He hit the right note of almost panicked concern (he had tears!), but in a very “bro” way. What a joy it must have been for those two to do that scene. I thought Gretchen’s mom was too cartoonish and over the top. But I guess they are showing that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—neither Gretchen or her mother have any sense of when to keep their mouths shut and just be nice to people.
  8. If Christian doesn't stop saying "like" three times in every sentence, I'll have to fast-forward through the workroom critique sessions, too (I currently only watch the announcement of the challenge, the workroom critique, and the runway + judging). It makes my ears bleed >:|
  9. And actually, being conventionally "pretty' can be a hurdle to overcome, since people don't take your talent seriously and think that you just get by on your looks. I'm so glad that she's a bright, attractive, smart, hard-working person who's not afraid to show on the outside that you can be serious and talented without looking grave and unkempt.
  10. I think the winning look won because it stuck to the inspiration photo more than the look produced by Renee. Renee’s design was great, but looked more Fall than the inspiration pic. You could easily see the nautical influence in Tessa’s design.
  11. I’ve been watching the “What Not to Wear” reruns on one of the family channels and can just imagine what Cli’in and Stacy would say!
  12. I think this season especially points to TPTB wanting Top Chef to be more like The Great British Baking Show. No villains, supportive contestants, mostly cute, happy people.
  13. I like Sara. She has a great palate (blind tasting challenge) and exudes confidence. I’m not in the restaurant industry, but I imagine you have to be almost cocky to survive in that world. And I can’t say she hasn’t backed up that cockiness with some well-received dishes.
  14. <I>The Dresser</I> is so great. Hoping TCM will do a tribute day and include this one. I will have to clear out my DVR because Finney was one of the best actors I’ve ever seen.
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