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  1. The music is terrible. I want the next challenge to be a print/anything but black challenge. 2 episodes and I’m sick of black already. Couture in TWO DAYS. I hate that they want to inspect a fabulous design (the woman from Kansas) and hate on it being imperfect when they have two freaking days. Nicole Ritchie is a breath of fresh air and is the only judge I like so far. She’s just so pleasant.
  2. 1. I mean, I understand that they can’t put all those seamstresses on camera ($$), but to have them not collaborate at all with the designer is just dumb. 2. SO MUCH FILLER! 3. SO MANY SPOKEN EXCLAMATION MARKS! 4. I am a fan of the quiet, older Italian guy. His vibe is so refreshing in reality TV land. Sort of Great British Baking Show-esque.
  3. Could this whole battle have been In Bjorn’s head/imagination as he’s sitting on the beach? He’s thinking about how Ivar will attack and playing through various scenarios while sitting there? That’s the only way I can think of any of this episode making sense.
  4. ExcEpt WiTh EdGy SeXy reFErEnceS 🍆💦🍌👀👅🖕
  5. I love period tv/films and Jane Austen. I’ve watched all the adaptations of P&P, MP, S&S, etc. The thing about Sanditon that pisses me off is that they get SO MUCH SO WRONG about the period details. If you want to sex it up and modernize it, just set it in modern times. And for heaven’s sake, don’t attach Jane Austen’s name to the result. I feel like it disrespects her fine body of work to be so cavalier with the setting and details. The weird music at the “ball” (in quotes because they really cheaped out on that scene), the shimmery lip gloss that notElizabeth wears, the hairstyles, the constant drinking, the lack of manners and social graces (that were the heart of all of Jane Austen’s work)—all are just so confusing to me as someone who watches costume productions to see a semblance of authenticity. I am not surprised that a second series did not get picked up in the U.K. I imagine that most viewers there were not amused either. That said, I will continue to watch, like I would a comedy or train wreck. How bad can it get??
  6. It struck me that Sergio figured out pretty quick that the cotton he chose at Mood (“My ancestors had a cotton farm, blah blah”) was not going to work as the cocktail dress he had planned, so he quickly decided to save himself by constructing this other story. It came off as totally fake and the dress was the worst thing on that runway.
  7. Someone please explain to me why they even had all of the midwives sick at the beginning of the episode? It just seems weird. That said, I loved the location and all of the adventures, both in Scotland and back at NH. I’m not a traveler/tourist, but rough, wild, remote places like Scotland or Wales makes me want to be.
  8. I would have aufed any of those designers that didn’t do a ‘street’ look. Eyeballing you, Sergio.
  9. I thought George Stultz was so creepy in this one. Gave off a serial killer vibe, lol. I think it was a combination of how robotic he was and the overly stiff preacher hair.
  10. So glad you all recommended The Mistle-Tones. I adore these movies that are primarily comic (The Christmas Consultant is also a favorite). Tori Spelling, while way over-the-top, was hilarious with her facial expressions and the supporting cast had excellent comedic timing. Tia Mowry’s scene with Reginald VelJohnson at home on the couch was so real and so well acted! I was also surprised that the ending showdown didn’t turn out as I expected. I wish more movies were done this well 😕
  11. Just watched my recording of Christmas Jars (BYUtv) and enjoyed it more than any of the Hallmark or Lifetime new movies. I only rolled my eyes once. And even though it’s on BYU, there’s no Mormon themes at all. The acting was really subtle and the story line was pretty realistic, even the big reveal at the end actually could happen.
  12. Watched Staging Christmas on Lifetime last night. Anyone else totally creeped out by the lead actor?
  13. The costumes in Eddie and Sophie’s routine where purposefully distracting, imo. Just a mess all around. And no lifts in that routine, either. It made that pairing so boring. Not impressed with any of the dancers this season. At this point, Benjamin and Ezra seem the most trained and talented. I guess we’ll see as the season progresses.
  14. For me, it was the manufactured drama, as another poster said, and the horrible, nonsensical product placement tie-ins (Candy Crush? Yoplait Yogurt? Hallmark cards? Dixie cups? Shopkins toys?). It just robbed the show of any soul. As far as the finale goes, I would have placed them Sebastian, Hester, Garos. Sebastian was clearly head and shoulders above the other two, but I have to admit I did like Hester's jacket that was just those big furry sleeves held together with the gold chain. I thought that was really fun and innovative.
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