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  1. things are definitely bizarro world when Amelia (AMELIA!) is my favorite character of the episode. Ok favorite might be a stretch but the truest scene was Amelia telling Owen she called a PTSD specialist, not for Meghan, but for him. Everything else was kind of meh. The Meghan thing is just stupid and literally everyone saw it coming. I was originally on board for Jo/Alex deep storyline with her ex husband but it couldn't possibly be playing out any worse. Alex literally finds the guy out of nowhere? Fantasizes about confronting him and beating him up, all for nothing? Don't get me wron
  2. there are two types of Nielsen ratings, National and Local. Local ratings are based on the area which you live in (called a DMA) are the only ratings that are still based on paper diaries--and not for much longer. National ratings, the ones which are reported in media, are all based on electronic measurement. Yes, it is based on sample but that sample is scientifically and diligently selected, weighted and analyzed to properly represent the entire US. Is it perfect? No definitely not. Nielsen has tried to make progress to measure all viewing (computers, phones, tablets, etc) but has had
  3. This episode was ok, but that is just the problem this show has gone from great or pretty good to just ok or insufferable. I was/am a HUGE Merder fan but was rational in realizing this is a fictional drama and Meredith would need to move on an eventually find another love interest. But, I am just not feeling Meredith and Riggs at all. Their chemistry is weak and even when she says she is into him she looks painfully disinterested. The only time I felt a remote connection between them was when she told him about Lexie when they sat on the floor of the plane. Speaking of which, I was into a
  4. I agree...I liked this one, once I got past the total contrivance of April going along with Jackson- um they live together how did they go to the airport separately and neither knew they were going to same place. silly. Also, as others have been saying, they haven't really been consistent with Jackson's backstory but I am willing to hand wave most of that away since if you think too much about the logic or timelines of this show you'll give your self an aneurysm. If they are going to insist on the bottle, small cast episodes I think this was the best approach.
  5. 100% spot on, every single one. I thought this was particularly funny.
  6. Actually, Catherine mentoring April is more in line with their history. Before she and Jackson got married, April was actually close to Catherine...emailing her and texting her for work advice/mentoring. She also called Catherine to come do a surgery at GSMH at one point when Richard wouldn't admit they needed her. I'm sure there are other examples that aren't on the top of my mind. I'd actually argue that Catherine manipulating/suing April over custody was the out of character storyline for these two.
  7. I'm barely watching this show any more....but when Jackson and Warren are my two favorite characters of the episode something is wrong. Every storyline they have going is awful and boring. Arizona/Minnick- No; Owen/Amelia- Nope; Meredith/Riggs- who cares anymore? I certainly don't buy that either of them do; Jo's backstory- oh wait, that was a thing? Everything is terrible. Also, why is everyone acting like Meredith is supposed to be young? She was at least 30 when the show started and it's been at least 10 years in the show's timeline, plus she has 3 kids and is a surgeon. I
  8. Bailey gave Meredith Chief of General last season. There was a whole (stupid) storyline of Bailey low-balling her new salary and her "standing up" to her and asking for more money. Maggie was definitely hired as Chief of Cardio, it was mentioned at the end of S10 when she was first hired and they've mentioned a few time that she is Riggs' boss. But, like you said, it's not like it matters since it is only brought up if it fits the storyline, otherwise it's completely ignored.
  9. wow what a boring uninspired ending to Alex's court case. That can't be it, like we definitely find out more about how the case was resolved right? How exactly did Alex get into Meredith's bed without anyone knowing? Did he come home after Meredith and Maggie left for the day? And, why was he is Mer's bed? Isn't he living there now and thus has his own bed? Twitter is going crazy with the MerLex shippers. ughhhhhh I'm so so against any romantic pairing between them. What was with Maggie at the beginning, first messing up the letters in the court case and then pronouncing the
  10. this was pretty much the world's worst kept secret since she's already been cast in another show. I'm guessing it was her decision, maybe even with a push from Shonda since she is so under utilized in the show. Considering she was cast in a Shondaland pilot that didn't end up making it, I'd bet she was encouraged to take any offers that came her way. And of course, you are 100% right, we will absolutely have a bunch new regulars that no one gives a crap about, when they can't even be bothered to flesh out the existing characaters. yay
  11. just echoing that these ratings are fantastic. I was definitely not expecting that. I want to credit the return of TGIT and the heavy marketing, but Scandal itself was just ok. Big Bang Theory was a repeat so that definitely helped GA. Unfortunately (for me), this is just going to lead to more bottle, small character centric episodes which I personally don't really love.
  12. I'm torn about this episode, which I'm pretty certain I've said almost every episode this season. On one hand, I thought it was really well shot and acted, I like the different types of shots like the "security" footage. I liked seeing Bailey, Arizona and Jo together (although Bailey was acting kind of strange to me in the beginning), and I admit to tearing up at the end after the baby was born. But, it definitely an odd choice for the mid-season premiere. I follow the spoilers closely so I knew exactly what we were going to see going into it, but still it felt odd and very non like
  13. This probably goes in the media thread but, Ellen P and her husband had another baby (I assume via surrogate like her second daughter). http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/ellen-pompeo-welcomes-third-child-with-husband-chris-ivery-w458280 I think this is probably the reason for all the out of order filming, so that Ellen could have a small maternity leave and a lighter schedule in the fall. There isn't a whole lot of info about the baby yet, but it looks around 2 months old?
  14. Yes, this is exactly what I had in mind. Again, there are still tons of holes and retconning happening but I think its the best they are going do be able to do after pulling the secret marriage/name change out of thin air. I'm pretty sure Bailey knows also. Wasn't there something where she thought there was something romantically happening between Maggie and Webber and then he told her? Also, DeLuca knows for sure. I'd wager that Catherine, Jackson and April know as well. I think we are supposed to assume its well known amongst "our" doctors without coming out and saying it.
  15. I agree, there is really no logical way this all makes sense so I just let the whole thing slide in my mind. I think the only possible way they can salvage Jo's backstory is to have her be in a witness protection program. Meaning she really was homeless and put herself through college, then married the abusive husband at a young age, went into witness protection as "Jo Wilson" and then went to med school. It's a stretch but its the only way any of her backstory makes any sense without a complete retcon. I'm sure they will come up with something way more convoluted and nonsensical since t
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