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  1. What's wrong with a shirt proclaiming that Jesus is Lord? 🙄
  2. I've always thought she had a think for Zach Bates and at the time the Bates Family weren't "good enough" for the Duggars and Jim Bob didn't allow the courtship. By the time the Bates Family's star started to take-off, Zach was spoken for.
  3. Wow I was excited that Felicity had a normal, child appropriate birthday celebration. I think Jinger's kids and Jill's kids are the only ones that will have anywhere near to a normal childhood.
  4. The Wissman guy is really attractive; Jana could definitely do worse.
  5. Felicity's outfit in the last picture looks self-selected. That dress is a Disney princess dress-up item (my niece has one) and that hat was probably plucked out of the closet.
  6. I only say it's not fair because I don't think Jana and JD can STAND Josh. I think that's been pretty clear over the years. I also feel like I rarely see/saw pictures of Jana with Josh's kids, in comparison to her with her other siblings children. I'm almost 100% positive that I've never seen a picture of Gracie anywhere close to Josh, even at big family events.
  7. Jer is referred to as "Sinner" twin because he was sent to ALERT multiple times.
  8. I could name all of the siblings in order. I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself. Of the females, I still think Jana is the prettiest, not sure yet how the lost girls will shake out. For the males, James has retained his un-Duggar looks, not sure how much longer he has before the Duggar curse kicks in. Jeremiah is still holding on to "cute" but I'm sure marriage, and 50 lbs is not too far away on the horizon.
  9. What an interesting looking child. Carlin looks awful as a blond. Blond is definitely not always better.
  10. His speech is really lacking for his age. I had to check to make sure they said he was turning 3 rather than 2.
  11. The worst thing about Jenni is that she always wears those sandals with the straps that are too small. Her toes hang over. It's a crime.
  12. I expect Johannah will be offered up to the Spivey son.
  13. They rushed this because either they already anticipated their vows or it was getting hard to keep them from doing so. I predict a pregnancy announcement by the end of the month and a November/December baby.
  14. Twins? Jill will be absolutely insufferable (more so than normal) if that's the case.
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