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  1. Likely to protect it. Especially as a dancer, her hair can't be washed and blow-dried/straightened every (or every other) day. Doubt it. It's common to wear weaves or wigs for AA dancers.
  2. That there will be only two ladies who will rotate sitting out games. In this case, Rachel A game 1, Kat game 2, Rachel A game 3, Kat game 4 etc... Home games of course
  3. ...same... Yeah the protruding ribs are a bit much. Even VK looks like she could use a milkshake in that field pic she posted 😂
  4. They didn't. That's why I don't understand why this year is any different
  5. You've met her? That oddly placed girl in the 47 yard line is an eyesore. Why not just place her on the 50 or change the formation to a split point so that it looks better?
  6. Yes. Also, I bet the squad reveal was actually a surprise this year since they were all expecting an extra cut. I can't wait to see what it is.
  7. Are people speculating that she quit because of a post on IG? If so 🙄
  8. I always thought that was awful of them to do. HEYYYY...same here 🤡🤡😂😂
  9. Not true. Hannah's was cut when she got cut in TC a few years back. Exactly.
  10. I'm glad they don't. It's not something I'm sure they want to relive on television over and over again. I'm sure if WE see it, TPTB certainly do..no need to need to see them criticize them publicly about it IMO I just think it's not really drilled on television nowadays for sensitivity issues.
  11. Perhaps some of the more "controversial" stuff has since been deleted since this is such an old topic. I recall reading some older posts that I'm sure are no longer there, but there weren't any ridiculous posts like "I HATE [f words]!!!"
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