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  1. It was during the middle of her second season. She ended up staying on the team even though she didn’t perform much (or at all if I remember correctly).
  2. This I think is the main reason people have issues with her. Not quite. Many of the things this poster has revealed months in advance weren't "negative", those things ended up being true. Bingo. I think many people tend to believe you over a new member with "sources" more simply because you're tried and true.
  3. LadyMsJay

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I wasted so much time watching this show this season. The “reaveal” as to why they chose 37 was predictable and anticlimactic. Congrats to the girls who get to live their dream but....yawn. 😕
  4. Is she "off" or aren't they going to lines? Maybe she just got there already?
  5. Likely to protect it. Especially as a dancer, her hair can't be washed and blow-dried/straightened every (or every other) day. Doubt it. It's common to wear weaves or wigs for AA dancers.
  6. Did she say she didn't ask or are you just assuming?
  7. That there will be only two ladies who will rotate sitting out games. In this case, Rachel A game 1, Kat game 2, Rachel A game 3, Kat game 4 etc... Home games of course
  8. ...same... Yeah the protruding ribs are a bit much. Even VK looks like she could use a milkshake in that field pic she posted 😂
  9. They didn't. That's why I don't understand why this year is any different
  10. Have we identified who is missing from Thunder? I only see 36
  11. You've met her? That oddly placed girl in the 47 yard line is an eyesore. Why not just place her on the 50 or change the formation to a split point so that it looks better?
  12. Yes. Also, I bet the squad reveal was actually a surprise this year since they were all expecting an extra cut. I can't wait to see what it is.
  13. Are people speculating that she quit because of a post on IG? If so 🙄
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