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  1. Yes. Also, I bet the squad reveal was actually a surprise this year since they were all expecting an extra cut. I can't wait to see what it is.
  2. Are people speculating that she quit because of a post on IG? If so 🙄
  3. I always thought that was awful of them to do. HEYYYY...same here 🤡🤡😂😂
  4. She WAS. Then she wasn't. It was clear in alot of photos..
  5. Not true. Hannah's was cut when she got cut in TC a few years back. Exactly.
  6. I'm glad they don't. It's not something I'm sure they want to relive on television over and over again. I'm sure if WE see it, TPTB certainly do..no need to need to see them criticize them publicly about it IMO I just think it's not really drilled on television nowadays for sensitivity issues.
  7. Perhaps some of the more "controversial" stuff has since been deleted since this is such an old topic. I recall reading some older posts that I'm sure are no longer there, but there weren't any ridiculous posts like "I HATE [f words]!!!"
  8. Wow there is a lot of reaching here lol. I just think she's marking it in her head her own way.
  9. How? I don't think it was ever "confirmed" to be 100% happening to begin with.
  10. I think it's cute for her. Worst case she could always get a new weave, but I doubt we'll see that
  11. I’m in the minority again..I thought it was funny lol Save me one too I agree about Amy. I think she’ll get it.
  12. I'm laughing really hard right now...lmaoo
  13. I always think about how they react to insider information that's actually true..like do they sit around and guess who the "mole" is or how the information got leaked lol
  14. I think this is a bit dramatic especially if they weren't obligated by contract (which I doubt they would be) not to utter anything spoken by Kelli, but lol okay. LMAO exactly. Very true. This too.
  15. Cut from....? If they aren't TCC's or actual employees then cut from what? I'm confused as to why the persons who told them is wrong if they aren't held by any agreement to discuss things with their friend..