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  1. I'm laughing really hard right now...lmaoo
  2. I always think about how they react to insider information that's actually true..like do they sit around and guess who the "mole" is or how the information got leaked lol
  3. I think this is a bit dramatic especially if they weren't obligated by contract (which I doubt they would be) not to utter anything spoken by Kelli, but lol okay. LMAO exactly. Very true. This too.
  4. Cut from....? If they aren't TCC's or actual employees then cut from what? I'm confused as to why the persons who told them is wrong if they aren't held by any agreement to discuss things with their friend..
  5. False. Literally. Meh. She could carry a tune, but "sing her heart out" is a bit..much. Maybe compared to her competition.
  6. I hope VK makes it 🤷🏾‍♀️
  7. Likely not. But on here, of course. They seemingly are always pretty hush, but we always have ways of finding out what's going on. Oh Shelly...you must be new here. LOL you know better; you know this forum loves jumping to conclusions.
  8. To be fair, it's not that difficult to find the photos online and do the same thing yourself. Lol I doubt she's on here..
  9. Some people actually know her. Or are you talking about fans of the show?
  10. Seriously...there are literally THOUSANDS of other songs to chose from. Granted Thunderstruck doesn't belong to the DCC but come on..it'stheir staple performance song..and it's not like they aren't aware. They're in Texas..lol. Its so corny.
  11. To be fair, most of them are young and in that age range where it isn't "juvenile."
  12. The only time I think they consider that is if they have more than one.
  13. I disagree..but that's because I don't have kids. Why would the absence of children make one lonely? Aren't there other people you can have in your life?
  14. If this dress makes an appearance at the etiquette dinner event they have, I'll be convinced they are trolling us lol
  15. We did. I think after some time removed they aren't as terrible as some thought. Personally, I still think they look stale.