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  1. exitstageleft

    S14.E13: Game Day

    I really can’t see them very well to tell who is who, but is Meredith the one who makes a mistake at 1:14?
  2. When you do the same choreo but tweak it a little for different songs/performances, I can see how anyone could flub some steps. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  3. Rewatching Season 13 and just noticed that Kitty was the only one that didn’t put a sticker on Jalyn’s picture. 🤔
  4. Hence the reeling in of the crazy side 😂🤣😂🤣
  5. If Malena is actually trying out again, hopefully she has been practicing all of the routines that she learned in training camp last summer all year long. Since her downfall was memory issues, I hope she was smart enough to rehearse those dances over and over all year long. I believe that they reuse many (if not most) or their sideline routines so that would help her a lot. Malena could then focus on any newer routines learned in TC. I was rooting for her last year. When she’s in her element, she is so poised and polished, plus very knowledgeable about football - a great asset to any NFL cheer team. But she’s gonna have to reel that crazy side in tho 🤣😂🤣
  6. That’s a good point! Lee Meriwether, she was a great Miss America Debbye Turner, she was a great black Miss America Yeah, that sounds good!👌🏽
  7. Jacie is the cutest little Barbie doll, luv her lol Kinzie is the cutest little white Barbie doll, luv her too lol now how does that sound?
  8. Totally understand what you’re saying. I danced for over 30 years and cheered for several of those, but never competed in either. So my experience has been to have a dance or cheer set on us and that was it, unless there was an injury. There were times when my count was changed after I had rehearsed it and sometimes I would revert back to my old count before my body got used to the new count. For TCC with experiences similar to mine, I would imagine there would me some mistakes (AKA Malena) during the initial changes and that MAY affect some decision making. Judy: Malena, what number do you go on? Malena: Four Judy: Then why did you go on three? Malena: Yes Ma’am
  9. When cuts are made so close to their first performance, don’t formations have to be adjusted as well? Even though they are all doing the same choreo, they may have moves changed to a different count. And with cuts being made throughout these last few weeks, those counts may have changed several times. That must be challenging for the TCCs and I suppose how well they adjust is something else to be judged on. I’m sure the DCCs are used to it.
  10. Hi I’m ExitStageLeft and I am truly unSpoiled That being said, there is NO WAY that Icky makes the team. I think they’re holding out on cutting her so that it’s a real tear jerker - like World Class crying (from K&J, to Phil and even the guy that operates the boom!) Her shortcomings are soooo obvious that they can’t possibly take her! Yeah, they’re gearing up for an Epic episode - hey, an EPICSODE!
  11. That was some World Class Fuckery right there! #FreeUsFromVK
  12. I always thought that it meant round 2 of training camp....not being on the squad.
  13. Please forgive my ignorance, but can someone point out the instances where Cersten states that she is actually a nurse? Did she say she is one, or did she say that she is considered one at her job, or do people use that term when referring to her work position? I was under the impression that she received her BS in biology and has worked as a certified medical assistant and surgical tech.
  14. I’m going to have to disagree a little here. This woman has not problem being told she’s not sexy. Not all women want to be seen as sexy. Also, I think that Keyra’s facials were more her feeling like they were about to cut her for not being sexy, not the fact that they didn’t think she was sexy. I think she knows what her “type” is and was trying to fit into the type that she thinks K&J want her to be. And yeah, any other year, her body type probably wouldn’t cut it. And she needs a better hairstyle cause that lace front thing is booty.
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