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  1. You're right. I don't know him or Becca at all. I can only assume based on his apology that he's willing to become more open-minded because that's what he (or ABC or whoever) wrote, but that could all be to save face, too. I tried to analyze the situation the best I could as a complete internet stranger, but I could be totally wrong with my assumptions as well. I'll own that. I wasn't trying to imply that I'll enjoy watching Garrett on screen now that he's apologized, but that I won't feel as repulsed watching the entire season in general knowing he admitted his mistakes. If he didn't
  2. I don't want to get too political here, but it's nearly impossible not to with this Garrett situation. I feel like there's a big difference between liking a post about a conspiracy theory claiming a Parkland student is a crisis actor versus liking a post mocking Trump for having the words "I hear you" on a notecard as a reminder to be empathetic towards Parkland families. One side is rooted in fiction while the other is rooted in reality. Far too many people unquestionably believe the Parkland conspiracy theories, which also means they would rather think children are actors playing up the
  3. If they didn't want a mob of fans with pitchforks outside their homes, maybe they could have...oh, I dont know...given Captain Swan an actual TLK? Or allowed them to have more than one solo adventure together once every 40 episodes? Or, at the very least, included them in the love montage at the end of this episode? As it stands, these were the couples A&E really wanted to make sure the audience remembered during Regina's speech: Robin/Regina kiss Snow/Charming TLK Emma/Henry TLK Another Snow/Charming TLK Princess Aurora/Prince Phillip TLK Rumple/Belle d
  4. "I can't wait to see what's in store for me next!" An awkward silence. "...or for everyone." Congratulations, geniuses. You forgot you elected a narcissist.
  5. The term Mary Sue needs to forever be replaced with Regina Mills because they somehow made her such a Mary Sue that other fanfic writers will watch the show and say, "Even I wouldn't have gone that far."
  6. NO. THEY HAD 150 EPISODES TO ADDRESS THIS SINCE GRAHAM'S DEATH. 150 X 40 MINUTES PER EPISODE = 6,000 MINUTES = 100 HOURS. THEY LITERALLY, NO JOKE, HAD 100 HOURS OF TELEVISION TO ADDRESS THIS, AND SOMEHOW THEY COULDN'T BE BOTHERED TO EVER ADDRESS IT. Ahem, sorry for the capslock. But this is one issue that will forever bother me. Emma congratulated Regina on becoming the Good Queen, probably even voted for her to become the new dictato...er, I mean, totally oxymoronical democratically elected Queen...but never found out Regina killed her friend years ago. Talk about twisted. I guess it's f
  7. I would have loved to see that. What could have been...
  8. A&E obviously know the fans are upset about this as well because The Apprentice told Henry his story needed more romance. So they hear our criticisms yet completely ignore it. It's such a shame because it's extremely rare to find actors with great chemistry who also portray iconic characters. This show had numerous couples with amazing chemistry, but A&E were bound and determined to ignore the chemistry and focus more on convoluted monologues and explanations of magic rules. I think the reason A&E were afraid to really go there with Captain Swan was because they so badly wante
  9. One of the biggest writing blunders (of the many) this show suffered was never knowing whether Emma or Regina should be THE lead. At the beginning of the show, it seemed obvious it was Emma, then Emma and Regina flip-flopped in importance for a few seasons depending on the plot, and then the final few seasons A&E said screw it and made Regina THE lead. If they had just stuck to one character the entire time, the entire series would have been much better and the fans wouldn't have felt ripped off. If this were truly Emma's fairytale, the show should have ended at Season 3 or gone in a compl
  10. A comment in another thread just made me realize... Did Emma get to say one word to her parents this episode?? "Sorry I'm late" doesn't count.
  11. I'm probably way over thinking this, but how can it be a legitimate election if the person elected didn't even know they were on the ballot? In order to keep Regina in the dark, that means everyone in the new Storybrooke Universe had to keep the election process a secret. (There's absolutely no way Regina wouldn't have thrown her name into the hat if she knew an election was going on.) If everyone in town was keeping the election a secret, how is that fair to the other candidates? The other candidates wouldn't have been able to run a proper campaign because they wouldn't have been allowed to u
  12. Blame the Fairy Electoral College. I love how it's canon that Emma didn't give a crap about showing up late to Regina's event. (I'm guessing Emma figured she and Hook could make a quick batch of pancakes when Hope finally fell asleep.)
  13. I'd like to see the Once Upon a Time in Offscreenville scene where everyone who ran against Regina are sitting at the bar watching the live coronation on the television, complaining about how they never stood a chance against a rigged election.
  14. This is why the Season 3 finale will be my effective series finale for the show. It was Emma's fairy tale driving the finale's plot, and every main cast member seemed to be at their happiest: Snow and Charming were celebrating having a new baby, Emma and Hook found love, Belle and Rumple got married, and Regina and Robin were together and happy with Roland... OMG. Roland. Where was he all season?!
  15. I'd say it represented the show starting at 4x01. There was a palpable tonal shift starting with that episode where it gave you this gut feeling that the entire show was actually all about Regina. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 at least still gave the audience a false illusion that the other characters might also be just as important.
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