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  1. Savannah has palm trees and the climate is classified as subtropical.
  2. Thanks to those of you who watch the show so I don't have to. I'm having to ration my television media diet strictly, But oh the irony of Mika not liking Kate's SNL opening at the piano because she thinks SNL should be funny First of all Mika has no sense of humor and has no clue to what funny is. Secondly, she is to stupid and oblivious to pop culture and a host of other things to understand most of the shows references, characters and jokes. And even though she is of the generation that could remember the early days of SNL. I doubt seriously that she knows who John Belushi or Gilda Rad
  3. I think Teresa will be back as a host. Why cast that actress for such a brief time? She could be the one who persuades them to rehire Bernard. I think Bernard was a real person once( why hire a name actress to play his ex-wife for only a scene?). Probably nobody who comes to Westworld gets out alive. Ford replaces them all eventually. I think it will be revealed there is another person(s) in the Ford/Arnold photo. Don't find Delores and William interesting. Thandie is great but the Maeve storyline of the guys doing what she tells them to do seems implausible.
  4. I remember Bethy's fake laugh from her show. It wasn't any more believable than her fake crying. The only emotion she consistently and believably expresses is anger/rage. Bethy has money, she always has, even when she was "broke" or "homeless". She'd probably be wise to squirrel some of current paychecks into savings as the Skinnygirl/ Housewives gravy train isn't going to last forever or probably even another 10 years. i'm sure Bernadette was a doozy of a mother and of course Beth isn't obligated to have a relationship with her mother. Some people are toxic and are be
  5. Bethy famously said when she's done with someone she's done. I think that is part of her rage at Jason and his parents. They've served their purpose as far as she's concerned, sperm donor and co-stars on her canceled show, they need to fade away now. She has new co-stars, Kevin the driver, the new Julie assistant, Carole., etc
  6. Bethenny has posted at least one photo on social media of Bryn, it's a photo of her doing yoga with Bethenny. That's tame compared to her more underhanded ways of exploiting her kid with the Daily Mail photo ops. There have been at least two maybe three of B using Bryn as a photo prop. There Beth is with her daughter sharing ices totally unaware of the cameras though B is shown gazing lovingly at said cameras (similar creepy camera love gazing was on display with her lover Dennis in the diamond as big as the Ritz photos ). She's not the only celebrity to do this. When you see a photo of aceleb
  7. I'm skeptical that whatever place of yes that the whore/slut/skank/sex doll rant came from had much to do with what Lu put Carole through. And Luann was lousy to Carole and Carole has very legit reasons to dislike Luann. Bethenny's actions and motives are more ambiguous.
  8. I think as far as men go Bethy & Lu are both scraping the bottom of the barrel with their douchy, bald lovers. Human nature is full of pettiness, jealousy and envy. Ain't nobody above it or 100% free from it. Sometimes bitches be jealous, yeah it's that basic. Basic human nature and neither gender has a monopoly on it. It may not be the whole story but that doesn't mean it isn't present and a part of the rancor. Scolding ones peers from perceived lofty perches is pretty basic to.
  9. Bethenny is repulsive for dragging the daughter into this ratfuckery. And Dennis the Douche is even more repulsive for allowing his daughter to be brought into it. You're suppose to protect your daughter Douche Dad not the other way around. Why didn't you take the call you spineless lowlife? I wonder if Daddy and his monster offered to buy her an apartment or something? When dad is rich you bite the bullet and tolerate some of his slimier behavior sometimes. I can't believe the mother would be anything but distressed about her daughter getting emeshed in this crap but I can see her telling her
  10. I think Carole looks good, dress, hair and make up. Those fake breasts don't do Ramona any more favors than those horrible extensions do. Doris looks crappy. Make up and hair to harsh and severe. Dress is tacky and does her no favors. She should have stuck with her vintage Pucci.
  11. Freddy was kind of like a cat wasn't he? A cat playing with a mouse? But in the end he did the right thing for whatever reason. Maybe he was innocent once to. I found the Chandra storyline believable. People do crazy self destructive things. She was in over her head in a high stress situation with someone's life on the line, emotions are running high, he's attractive and working her, she's vulnerable. I don't think she liked being a lawyer either. But she's probably got a boatload of student loans. Elaine May Jr taking off her high heels and walking out of the courtroom in her Tieks
  12. If Dorinda is being even slightly critical of Bethenny publicly or seeming to show signs of any distancing of herself from Bethenny's backside I can only assume Bethenny made a complete ass/fool of herself at the reunion and in how she handled the Tom situation .
  13. I think Tom is skeevy, sleazy and sketchy as all feck. And I think he ain't got no money, honey. If he's really her soulmate and they have a lot in common it doesn't say much about Luann as a person. But at least Luann is good looking. And Sonja whoever from production is whispering in your ear(and feeding you your lines) that this is a good storyline for you isn't doing you any favors. Instead of playing the wounded bird you should be shouting "I never had sex with that guy! Even I haven't ever been that drunk!" That party was a party from hell! Who were those people? Carnies who were s
  14. Sonja got a good divorce settlement out of Old Man Morgan. She just pissed it away on legal fees and the lawsuit. Her kind of squirting. The only way I can believe that Sonja was clueless that she was walking into a confrontation with Bethenny is if production was bending over backwards to convince her otherwise. In an actual situation it would have been crappy for B to unload on Sonja in front of her worker bees but even if they had gone into the conference room there would have been an audience with the crew and it was being filmed. I didn't see any actual tears just someone doin
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