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  1. Finally was able to see the finale, and so happy that Sunny won. She was my favorite from the start! My only problem with this episode is them all just talking with each other openly in the technical. Yes, their results were still slightly different, but to me not sharing information in the technical should be strictly enforced so it's really testing each individual's instincts.
  2. That's exactly it. On the Bake Down podcast (referenced in the Media thread), Jane talked about how the bakers leave the tent for about an hour and a half after completing the Showstoppers. They eat lunch while the tent is cleaned up, so their bakes have to sit for that amount of time before judging.
  3. He had a small Welsh flag pin (for Michelle) and the spider web (for Helena). What a sweetie!
  4. jpgr

    Top Chef in the Media

    I read elsewhere that they were filming yesterday at a farmer's market near San Diego. There were several former cheftestants spotted, but the poster didn't know if it was all-stars or a mixed vetaran/newbie cast.
  5. I'm not a former food service worker and it drives me nuts! Helena and Alice are the two worst. Alice's hair is always bouncing around and is often in front of her shoulder. She is tipping the balance toward "I want to look nice on TV" over sanitary baking.
  6. I'm watching, and I mostly like Tom Allen on it but I think he has taken over maybe a bit too much (judging the audience bakes, and giving a recap to the losing baker, and more quips throughout). Sometimes I think Jo is fed up with him.
  7. I personally did not get all the love for Helena's spider. I didn't think it was all that original, and I'm already tired of her "witchy/goth/spooky" schtick. She made two different types of biscuit for that sculpture, and spiced nuts for the other little eggs spilling out, whereas most others used several types of biscuits to create different elements, or used other baking skills to create confectionary elements. OK, she had spun sugar and made caramel to stick it together. Her signature was TERRIBLE compared to everyone else's - she's the only one who didn't have any layers at all, just her simple green finger made in a mold with an almond and a squiggle of "blood." Super lame even compared to Jamie who at least had several elements in his bars.
  8. For those who are interested, Jane Beedle and Howard Middlebun are doing a podcast called "The Bake Down." The first episode was really nice, with some behind the scenes info and their take on the current series.
  9. Happy 30th Birthday, Fati 💔
  10. The actress who played Gwen, Rose Leslie, is now married to Kit Harrington (Jon Snow).
  11. @Netfoot I don't post often, but have been reading your posts for many years (back into TWoP days). As someone who has had more than her fair share of surgeries, I am sending you my best good vibes that all goes well and you are feeling well again very soon. Don't do too much, too soon.
  12. I agree, to a point. A bigger master bath is definitely on my list for our next house. We currently have two bathrooms, both are very tiny (9' x 5'). I'd like space for a linen closet in the bathroom, and I'd like two sinks because my hubby is messier than I am. I don't need it to be huge, though! The closet in/near the bathroom thing is something I have wondered about for a while - I don't want all the moisture from a bathroom environment that close to my clothes.
  13. His voice sounded familiar to me but he looked different enough that I didn't know right away. By the end, though, I was pretty sure it was him and the credits confirmed it.
  14. Me this morning: Oh yay, there's a Call the Midwife rerun on while I'm getting ready for work. I'll leave it on in the background.... Twenty-five minutes later, I realize I got sucked into the show, I'm running late, and there's no way I can put on my eye makeup now because I'm weepy (Barbara is dying in this episode - I always liked her, but I love Phyllis and she's so devastated it's killing me!).
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