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  1. How much help do you think they get? I can't imagine they come up with these recipes on their own. We did see one of the home economists in the kitchen, telling Joe to tidy up (OMG is he a mess!).
  2. I enjoyed this series more than I thought I would, having never watched any iteration of Master Chef before. I'm happy with the winner.
  3. I let out such a squeeeeeeee when I saw Will on the preview!!
  4. Noooooooooooo! I'm so sad, but it was probably the right choice. I will miss hearing Geanina calling him "Georgie" and their always-positive attitudes.
  5. Impressed with how well Gin & Bake is doing, I really didn't think they would last long in the finals. Thrilled that Geanina and George got 2nd this week!
  6. Brioche is perfect on its own, but you can't serve it to Benoit and Cherish! Pithiviers do look delicious, although I would prefer a filling other than almond. I thought it was interesting that the voiceover said that doing rough-puff was a better option given the timing. If I were competing, I think I'd be afraid not to do full puff.
  7. I love them so much! I was really worried about them, but pleased they ended up with third place this week.
  8. I think Dawn's time management woes come down to her not being willing to compromise her flavors, which everyone seems to love. As she was saying to Gabe at the end of this episode, each of her components has a lot of elements/ingredients/techniques that take time even on a seemingly "simple" dish. She's not really cut out for timed competition, and the idea of editing her dishes to fit within the imposed parameters of Top Chef is hard. She probably did not realize how difficult this would be when she signed up, and I think she has actually improved a bit within this short time frame even thou
  9. I do like that Raph seems to come up with unusual color and/or fabric combinations and design ideas, but I'll be happy with either him or Serena winning. Rebecca is okay, but I feel the other two have been much better and more consistent over the series.
  10. I wondered if they wanted to make sure Rebecca didn't have such a glaring problem because they wanted to be sure Farie would clearly be last.... [/conspiracy_theory] I really liked Farie but she is not a good fit (pun intended!) for timed competition sewing at all.
  11. I don't mind the hosts but I am not a fan of the judges! Cherish especially bugs me but they both try to be so over the top in their reactions, they seem like caricatures.
  12. I agree with this and also we need to remember that producers are asking her questions that lead to these responses, and editors are choosing what segments to air. It feels like she's talking about things more than Gabe is, but that's only because the editors are not showing Gabe's talking heads nearly as much as Maria's. They are creating the storylines they want us to see.
  13. I assume they are talking about the Top Chef Amateurs preview that followed the regular episode.
  14. Yes, that was the crux of it in that episode. I think it also added to her personal outrage that rich women have access to clean, proper medical facilities for their abortions while the women in Poplar are relegated to dirty back alleys.
  15. It was Sara who said the dessert should have seaweed.
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