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  1. I teach at a selective private university, and many students there also don't know the difference between "apart" and "a part". I've tried to explain it to a few, but it doesn't seem to sink in.
  2. So I finally decided to take a look at Mariah's paper from her website, since I don't want to grade the papers I have piled up. https://www.mariahlianbrown.com/justice/2019/10/14/origins-and-principles-of-restorative-justice Here are my impressions: 1. THE BLANK SPACE! My god, was there a length requirement? I've never seen that amount of blank space in a college paper, much less a grad school one. Which leads me to . . . 2. WHAT STYLE IS THAT? It's not APA style, that's for sure, and that's what Social Workers use, according to Professor Google. The reference style is all wrong, and what's worse she has a direct quote in her paper with no citation (page number etc) to say where she got it from, which in my class would automatically earn her a zero for plagiarism. I did run her paper through TurnItIn, which monitors plagiarism, and her papers shares parts of sentences with lots of other papers, but not enough for me to ding her for that. 3. HELLO, PUNCTUATION? She is all over the map with this. Lots of commas, even where they aren't needed, and many used when a colon or semicolon or other mark would work better. 4. PROOFREADING IS YOUR FRIEND. Ye gods but there are poorly written sentences here! I would recommend she read it out loud and see if it makes sense to someone who is not familiar with the paper (or the subject for that matter). I am finding it difficult to get through a sentence without having to stop and review the sentence to see what the hell she's trying to say. I'm sure there's more, but I'm bailing. She doesn't write as poorly as my first-year students often do, but it's not grad-level either. If it didn't earn a zero for improper citation, I'd probably give it a low B for my first- and second-year students. It'd get handed back with an "Are you effing kidding me? Do it over correctly." for a grad student, if I was feeling generous.
  3. When it comes to Izzy, I think Derick and Jill look at it this way: Before Izzy was born, everything was great. His birth, in addition to not following the fairy-tale ending storyline, came at about the same time everything started going wrong. They probably confused correlation with causation at some level and blamed him for everything. Sam, on the other hand, is the Josie of the family. I still think something dramatic went wrong with his birth, and they view him as a "miracle" child. This doesn't dovetail well with my theory that Jill is now infertile, for whatever reason, but it does explain their behavior. He's also the "baby", at least for now--and if he is definitely the last, they would definitely favor him. I wonder, if Jill is indeed infertile, if they blame Izzy for that, since it was his difficult birth that led to the first caesarian and thus (perhaps) to the infertility?
  4. Maybe Mitch is working at getting another wife? "Mrs. Brown" is an interesting choice, considering that's her maiden name and I don't think she was going by it before.
  5. Having just read the first several paragraphs of that article, that is SO a cult. Sleep deprivation, controlling when someone can use the toilet, rules about when one can eat or drink or do anything--wow. Poor Leah.
  6. Luckily, they've come back just in time for another scandal to hit. Hopefully whatever this is will drive them off the air once and for all.
  7. I wonder if it's head-to-toe because they had to fit everyone in horizontally. After all, you can't have boys standing one behind the other, it might give them ideas! Girls, no problem!
  8. If it is child porn (and I completely hope it isn't), I wonder if Joshley was stupid enough to think that if he collected it at work rather than at home that he wouldn't get caught and/or have plausible deniability if he did. But yeah, cooking the books seems like a more likely cause. Money laundering and suchlike--used car lots are notorious for that, aren't they?
  9. I agree. It's pictures like me that make me wonder if the completely unsubstantiated rumor/gossip that Jeremy has hired male hookers might be accurate after all.
  10. It's like my college students calling their parents at least once if not multiple times per day. Ye gods, I thought I was doing well when I called my parents once a week! Of course, this was back in the Paleozoic era (i.e. the 1980s) so I'm sure things are different now, but still.
  11. There are law schools that will take her, definitely. They may or may not let you bring the kids, but since the older two should be in school it would just be Lux, as I doubt very much that his dad will watch him while she's in school. I doubt she has the smarts or skills to succeed in law school, but some schools will do anything for tuition.
  12. Sexual orientation is tricky to quantify, because it tends to rely on self-identification. And a lot of people don't self-identify in a way that matches their actual behavior. Males in particular are known to call themselves "straight" even when they have sex with guys--I've heard of some that say that since they are the ones doing the penetrating when they are having sex with a guy, they're still straight because they are doing the "man's" role. Kinsey, from whom we got the 10% number, looked only at behavior--what people did, not what they called themselves or who they were attracted to. Granted, he may not have had the most representative sample (he could only get information from those who chose to talk to him, and in the 1940's and 1950's that was a lot harder to get people to talk about than today). And then we get things like, OK, how many same-sex partners does a person have to have in order to no longer be straight? One? But what if someone tried it once and never again--are they still bisexual? What if someone is attracted to same-sex people but never act on it--are they straight? What if someone male married a woman to try and "cure" himself, but now only sleeps with men and never women--are they bisexual, or gay? It's complicated. I also don't think all colleges and universities are liberal bastions of progressiveness, or at least aren't any more than they always have been. College/University is a place to go to be exposed to new ideas as well as gain new knowledge, and while many "fads" are adopted by students for a while it will be interesting to see how many of the fads fall by the wayside over time. Mariah I think is still overcompensating for growing up in an environment where heterosexuality is the only way to live, where men are so important that women are willing to share one, and where having multiple children is the only way women have value. It's quite a plateful to discard, and I'm assuming her pendulum will eventually swing more toward the center. (Sorry for the essay--college psychology professor here. I have a whole lecture on this, which causes the most interesting discussions.)
  13. I never thought I'd be jealous of a six-month-old baby . . . .
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