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  1. And since the dog is a doodle, it’s probably a terrible matted mess. Which can cause skin sores and other damage. I wish I could take her; she needs a better home. They all do, especially the kids.
  2. It will be interesting to see what happens when Prop Bow starts to really rebel. I suspect she's just entered the "Me do!" toddler stage, so the next year or two could be very interesting, particularly with another baby on the way.
  3. Particularly since, didn't he start out at the prep school? Which meant his grades weren't really up to snuff for the Academy, and after that prep year he went on to finish in the top 10% of the class. Bravo, sir!
  4. Fosca


    Most of the syndicated shows have been cut to allow for more commercials; some channels are showing them without the cuts, as do the DVDs.
  5. I wonder if she doesn't realize how horrible the slate coasters are because she's in the desert and condensation pretty much doesn't happen when there's no humidity. When I lived in Nevada, condensation was never a problem.
  6. These geese are far beyond the age of normal imprinting; they have essentially adult plumage, so they are several months old, if not older. Imprinting tends to happen in the first hours or day after hatching. It's possible that these geese were raised by other humans and then released wherever the Rods found them. It's also possible that these have been fed by humans since hatching, and that the Rods gave them food and they followed them home. Either way, while it's cute, it's not a good idea, and it's illegal to keep them without a permit.
  7. Is she FaceTuned here? She looks fake, kind of plastic-y, and a bit too much like a cherub.
  8. If she does have a girl (and I think she'll keep having kids until she does), I wouldn't be surprised if she does then sort of neglect the boys and spend all her time on what she thinks will be her Mini-Me. Which won't end well for anyone.
  9. Wallace (and in particular the Bordello Museum--fascinating place) is a hell of a lot cooler than Lawson--after all, Wallace had the last stoplight on Interstate 90, and they filmed "Dante's Peak" there, which is more coolness than Lawson could even dream of.
  10. Spite. And not wanting to look non-maternal in front of her leghumpers. Which is why she keeps harping on getting Jace back as well.
  11. I don't think Lurch watches the kids; I think his daughter does. She's still with them, right? It was suggested on Ashley that her being "financially comfortable" comes from COVID unemployment benefits. I don't blame her, as I'm on them too, but that might be why she doesn't want to say how she's making a living. Or else it's porn, in which case ewwww.
  12. They live close enough to drive to Myrtle Beach, but I wonder if losing the car there meant they were stranded. Hopefully Barb didn’t go pick them up. Who else could they call?
  13. “Stare at her eyes” is so, well, creepy. How about “Look/Gaze into her eyes” instead?
  14. From the constant commercials: how the hell did they wind up with ostriches?
  15. Whenever I read Mariah's posts, I think of this scene: Mariah needs a bit of an intellectual smackdown herself.
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