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  1. How many bedrooms/baths does it have? Will there be room for Janelle?
  2. So, would that be the same COVID that Jermy's boss and idol says doesn't exist or is so mild that there's no need to wear masks or shut down indoor gatherings? Seems a bit contradictory.
  3. Or else she meant her answer as a joke, which doesn't make her any better a businesswoman without a follow-up making that clear.
  4. The peril of having a family business is that anything that affects the family can affect the business. If my siblings do something bad, since we all have very different careers and live in different parts of the country I doubt it would affect me (unless what they did made the national news, and maybe not even then). In a way, this is all because of their fame: we only know Josh Duggar and his arrest only made the national news because of the fame of the "family business", and I suspect at least partly because they billed themselves as being "ultra-Christian" and presumably better than
  5. I want to know how much of a zoom she needed to get that picture. From what I've seen, the trailer is in the midst of a lot of dirt, with no vegetation nearby. And if the elk do visit her "yard", I doubt it's for long.
  6. I really think that, as has been suggested, JB and M will move her into the TTH, where she will begin raising/teaching the Lost Girls (and maybe Tyler and Jackson) along with her kids. The question will be if Anna will have to sleep in the girls dorm or if she'll get her own room.
  7. Why brush her hair when they won't be showing her off on the Internet? Much more important to help Jer pose for the best food pic in LA.
  8. I'm sorry if I missed it, but did J&J actually say they stopped showing their children's faces because of security concerns? Because I can see them doing that to make people want to watch their new spin-off show in order to actually see the girls.
  9. And Josh hurt both families and others, plus downloaded/watched/presumably enjoyed violent child porn. Everybody is going to hate him. Hope he's ready for solitary.
  10. That travel trailer runs new run between 70K and 80K to buy, with some cheaper. If she was smart she'd get somebody with a big truck to pull it to Maddie's and live there (preferably in a nearby trailer/RV park), particularly once summer is over. Is it possible that Savanah is an introvert and doesn't much care about being around lots of people? I got enough socialization during the school year that I really didn't need close friends after school and even during the summer. She might be fine there in the boondocks.
  11. Josh's lawyers better make damn sure they get paid in advance; I can see JB going into debt to the lawyers and then declaring bankruptcy so they don't have to pay. If they've shifted all their assets to their kids (other than Josh--can the lawyers go after Anna to pay his debts?) they'll still get to keep the house and can just go on their merry way.
  12. You know, I can see this happening. The "grey water" (kitchen, shower, sink) can generally just be dumped outside/used to water plants, as it doesn't contain any pathogens. If they have an outhouse (or install a composting toilet) they'll just need to replenish the water supply periodically, and there are bulk water delivery services in Flag that can do that. At least until the neighbors complain. Electric would be a problem, but I suspect solar panels would help with that quite a bit, and she can use propane heat in the winter. (Disclaimer: I live in a 26' RV (although mine i
  13. It does look a bit like a still-shot from a hostage video . . . .
  14. This is exactly what crossed my mind too. Nurie looks like she's trying to pose like the Virgin Mary does in various paintings. All she needs is the halo, although that might be too Catholic for the Rods (and I've never seen a painting of Mary clutching her baby bump with Joseph hovering behind her).
  15. Are there more pictures than the one posted in Instagram? That picture didn't show the posts embedded; I suspect it's just sitting on the grass, which while easier to remove if/when they leave means the thing can tip over easily. They probably haven't thought about that.
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