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  1. I heartily agree. My brother-in-law runs a bunch of pubs, and it's hard work and doesn't always end well. Mr. Amy's menu looked like he came up with a lot of hip food and threw it all together, so there's no rhyme or reason to it. Pubs that actually specialize in something, so people know what they're getting when they go, seem to work better.
  2. She probably wants some bizarre breed instead of giving a home to a cat that really needs one. What breed of dog is Noel?
  3. I mean, I'm an adult and I'm not fond of waiting 15-30 minutes for my food after ordering it; I can't imagine being a toddler and having no idea why this has to happen.
  4. Royal Caribbean is selling cabins to the public for that cruise. It's going to Nassau and Labadee (which is Royal Caribbean's private compound on the north shore of Haiti). Interior cabins start at $385/person, Outside view $478/person, Balcony $554/person, and Suite $1028/person. And no mention on the website that this conference will also be there. I would be so freaking pissed if I went on that cruise without knowing this. It's probably worse than the LuLaRoe one.
  5. My god, David looks like he should be Jim Carrey's stand-in for "Dumb and Dumber"!
  6. MTV probably didn't rush over to her with a new contract to welcome her back after she "separated" from David, so they dropped the facade. Poor Kaiser.
  7. Yes, they are. I have short hair and don't wear makeup, and even when I'm wearing a relatively tight shirt (I'm not lacking in the breast department) I still get called "sir".
  8. This and the fate of the animals are the only things keeping me from dancing with joy to see him brought low.
  9. If Jemelle bails him out then we'll know they're not separated.
  10. No; males don't tend to reach their full growth until their early to mid-twenties. And yes, Robin will probably try to keep him a child forever, just like she managed to uproot all of the families so she could live in Flagstaff to watch over him in college and have him live at home.
  11. The AMA writer also mentioned the TTH, which made me figure they were a reader/writer here (do they use TTH anywhere else?). That's a term that originated on TWoP, and I don't know if it's in common use.
  12. OSU might consider him, but NOT if he flunked out of wherever he's going now. He could just sort of leave the colleges (both his current CC and "Fly for Jesus" College, neither of which's names I can remember) out of his application, but if anyone googles him he's toast. The College of Wooster might also take a chance on him, but I don't think he'd be interested; it's a research-oriented school, and I don't think they'd waste any time of him if he was failing.
  13. I teach at a selective private university, and many students there also don't know the difference between "apart" and "a part". I've tried to explain it to a few, but it doesn't seem to sink in.
  14. So I finally decided to take a look at Mariah's paper from her website, since I don't want to grade the papers I have piled up. https://www.mariahlianbrown.com/justice/2019/10/14/origins-and-principles-of-restorative-justice Here are my impressions: 1. THE BLANK SPACE! My god, was there a length requirement? I've never seen that amount of blank space in a college paper, much less a grad school one. Which leads me to . . . 2. WHAT STYLE IS THAT? It's not APA style, that's for sure, and that's what Social Workers use, according to Professor Google. The reference style is all wrong, and what's worse she has a direct quote in her paper with no citation (page number etc) to say where she got it from, which in my class would automatically earn her a zero for plagiarism. I did run her paper through TurnItIn, which monitors plagiarism, and her papers shares parts of sentences with lots of other papers, but not enough for me to ding her for that. 3. HELLO, PUNCTUATION? She is all over the map with this. Lots of commas, even where they aren't needed, and many used when a colon or semicolon or other mark would work better. 4. PROOFREADING IS YOUR FRIEND. Ye gods but there are poorly written sentences here! I would recommend she read it out loud and see if it makes sense to someone who is not familiar with the paper (or the subject for that matter). I am finding it difficult to get through a sentence without having to stop and review the sentence to see what the hell she's trying to say. I'm sure there's more, but I'm bailing. She doesn't write as poorly as my first-year students often do, but it's not grad-level either. If it didn't earn a zero for improper citation, I'd probably give it a low B for my first- and second-year students. It'd get handed back with an "Are you effing kidding me? Do it over correctly." for a grad student, if I was feeling generous.
  15. When it comes to Izzy, I think Derick and Jill look at it this way: Before Izzy was born, everything was great. His birth, in addition to not following the fairy-tale ending storyline, came at about the same time everything started going wrong. They probably confused correlation with causation at some level and blamed him for everything. Sam, on the other hand, is the Josie of the family. I still think something dramatic went wrong with his birth, and they view him as a "miracle" child. This doesn't dovetail well with my theory that Jill is now infertile, for whatever reason, but it does explain their behavior. He's also the "baby", at least for now--and if he is definitely the last, they would definitely favor him. I wonder, if Jill is indeed infertile, if they blame Izzy for that, since it was his difficult birth that led to the first caesarian and thus (perhaps) to the infertility?
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