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  1. Maybe she decided to get a degree from the School of Life instead of Loyola? We still haven't seen any evidence that she graduated, have we?
  2. I doubted very much this was a planned breeding, until I discovered that a "Sheprador" is apparently a thing. The owner of the mom was still probably glad to find them homes and probably didn't know about littermate syndrome either. I suspect they'll have the puppies do everything together because it's so cute, until it's too late. I didn't know Caleb was a dog person; I figured they bought them from a pet store, hence the comment about their not being bright (puppymill labs are not bred for their intelligence, which my sister found out the hard way).
  3. Those look like Labradors, and while they are great dogs they will get big FAST, and many of them are a combination of stubborn and dumb that makes training them difficult. Having not just one but two big untrained dogs who each have roughly the pulling power of one of those tractors they so love will make things really, um, interesting. Hopefully Caleb knows what he got into getting them, and doesn't rely on Ysabel or Maddie (or the kids!) to train them. As for snarky comments, I suspect within a week they will start (and the cynical part of me says "tomorrow").
  4. They'd have been much better off adopting an adult dog (already housebroken) that could hold its own with the family. As soon as the puppies get to the adolescent no-longer-cute and (most likely) untrained stage, it may get ugly.
  5. I hope if she's keeping the RV out on the Flats that she had it properly winterized; otherwise, things could get ugly in the spring. I also wonder where she could find a rental just for the winter for two people in Flagstaff; apartments won't likely rent that short a time, and AirBnBs and such would be really expensive.
  6. That's not an RV; she must have found another place. And that looks like my router-modem combo. I wonder if it's on the floor because she hasn't moved any furniture in yet?
  7. The entire post was great (as are all of Churchhoney's posts), but this is so spot-on I was stunned. This sums up the story of Josh and how everyone treated him and what they hoped for and what they got in one sentence. Brilliant!
  8. Fosca


    I'm not a big fan of babies, but that's a cute baby.
  9. Did she say "drugs" or "illegal drugs"? Alcohol is also a potentially-very-dangerous drug, and I doubt she was off that even while pregnant.
  10. Is Birdie's front tooth now missing? I thought it was there but sideways.
  11. And a heart rate average of 121! I do better than that in workouts, and I'm like three times his age and overweight.
  12. I think he'd be fantastic at it. A suckup tryhard is just who one wants selling used cars from a dirt lot in semi-rural Arkansas. I'm sure he'd view it as below his dignity, but he'd likely be more successful at that than at preaching (or being an "influencer").
  13. He's a suckup to whatever powerful figure is near him to gain their favor. He's in LA? Go Dodgers! He's in Philly visiting family? Go Phillies! He's next to the Cardinal's bigwig? Go Cards! I think it's so automatic he doesn't even know he's doing it.
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