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  1. Mmazeo

    S16.E15: Finale

    Wow what could possibly lead you to loathe her from the first episode? That’s disturbing because I can probably guess why.
  2. Mmazeo

    King Of Queens

    Doug to Carrie who is barely paying attention because she's been getting groped by Kaplan's kid: "Hey what do you want for dinner? Anything but Chinese because I had Chinese for lunch" "Unless you really want Chinese" "...let's get Chinese"
  3. Mmazeo

    S02.E04: Exit Strategy

    This is approaching Under The Dome levels of bad.
  4. Mmazeo

    S01.E12: What Took So Long

    Ugh what a great cliffhanger and we aren't going to get any satisfaction. Damn damn damn you ABC.
  5. Mmazeo

    S07.E18: The Party

    Funny episode. Jay's talking head where he's cracking up at Cam saying he banged the guys sister is one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. That whole segment was hilarious. And Mitchell and Phil had so much potential but they just didn't get enough time.
  6. Mmazeo

    S13.E07: Back In The Day

    Mei couldn't even get a proper intro? Boooooo
  7. Mmazeo

    S13.E01: Stop The Presses

    Can't believe no one posted Grayson's best moment...
  8. Mmazeo

    S11.E10: Dish of a Lifetime and Pilots

    Lol, they do this on other cooking shows. Top Chef comes to mind. They're adults I think they will be ok.
  9. Mmazeo

    S11.E10: Dish of a Lifetime and Pilots

    Dom is taking this. Neither of those pilots will come close. Time to bring Italian (American) food, the BEST food, back to Food network. And by a New Yawka doing it NY style.
  10. Mmazeo

    S11.E08: Lifestyle Brand

    Ok this pissed me off. These two goofs decide to show up and announce to the world how little cooking actually matters on their FOOD network. Arnold, Alex, and Eddie can't cook. Most of their food has stunk. Ok maybe Eddie has had a few good dishes but the other two almost always fail. And I guess we are to believe if the decision was Bobby and Giada's like it normally is, Dom would still be there. Tough luck for him that they picked this random week to get involved.
  11. Mmazeo

    S01.E10: Cycle

    I'm a little surprised at how negative the reaction is. I liked how they ended the show, but I didn't like the ending if you follow. This episode needed another hour. Not another stand alone episode, but another hour where they could've given us at least some semblance of an idea on how the students took over. I like that they took over, but I really needed to see some of it. I really enjoyed this show, glad I gave it a shot.
  12. Mmazeo

    Season 2: What will happen?

    I guess it won't happen, but I really would love updates somehow on the three Crawford girls. Even if it was just a recurring side story.
  13. Mmazeo

    S11.E05: The Perfect Match

    I just go by what Bobby says.
  14. Mmazeo

    S11.E05: The Perfect Match

    Eliminated much sooner according to who? Dom is one of the only good cooks this season. To me that's more important and it's worth it to give him as much time as they can to improve. It's not like any total packages have been axed before him. Last year Luca earned his spot in the finale after too early an exit. He proved to be a very good finalist.
  15. Mmazeo

    S11.E05: The Perfect Match

    So according to many posting here, the only reason Giada would want to keep someone is because they're good looking, Italian men that she wants to sleep with? Lol, wow. Ok