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  1. Jade's tumbling passes are really gorgeous, as well as being powerful, but her choreography is awful! Still, I'm happy for her win. Rebeca had a great mix of beautiful tumbling and nice performance/dance. If she had stuck her landings a bit better, she might have won. But please, enough with the constant arm movements while walking to their next marks!
  2. I'm surprised beam is her last decision, just because that's really not her strong apparatus to begin with. And it must be hugely disappointing (for basically everyone) that she won't get the chance to have that vault skill named after her. Regarding her critics, I think part of the confusion and initial reaction is that she really didn't do a good job of explaining her withdrawal from the Team final when it happened. And obviously, she must have been feeling so many different emotions at that time, it's not surprising that she didn't get her point across clearly and concisely. But fir
  3. Strange little scripted What I Did For My Covid Year video on Reagan Smith. She seems nice though, and a good sport to do that little piece of acting.
  4. It's kind of hilarious how the Top 3 are so close in scores, and then there's this giant 5 point gap before 4th place.
  5. I love that NBC's spotlight on Ariarne Titmus began with a shot of a kangaroo just chilling in Brisbane.
  6. Simone's makeup was also very toned down - I think she only had a bit of gold/bronze inner eye corner going on. I loved Jade's and Simone's makeup at Trials. They'll probably go flashier for Finals. I'll have to catch up on the rest of Team USA (I completely forgot about Grace, about halfway through the competition) and some of the other countries' gymnastics online. But at least NBC gave a nice tribute to Uzbekistan's Oksana. I noticed during Trials that Simone seemed to have a hard time moving on from her fall on Beam. And today she definitely seemed upset, going into each even
  7. Did NBC Primetime show Jordan's and MyKayla' bars and beam routines?
  8. I'm never a fan of that type of Pnina-esque lingerie type bodice. But she does look beautiful from the chin up! ETA: It's a severe look, with the slicked straight hair and updo, super high neck, long sleeves, and quite prominent contour. I want to at least lose the turtleneck.
  9. The tumbling pass Simone did where she flew off the mat was really, really gorgeous! I do wonder though that her training hasn't really seemed to tackle reining in that power and cleaning up her landings. I know with her difficulty level and overall execution, she doesn't really need to, in order to score high. But it's her one consistent weakness. That said, she does seem a little subdued or sullen here. (Sullen might not be the right word, since obviously I don't know her inner thoughts!)
  10. Lu was also in someone else's room! To this day, I'm not sure she realizes that.
  11. Sonja seems to have actively moved away from her family, given how she keeps claiming the Morgans as her own, so maybe she never usually talks about her pre-Morgan childhood? Plus, the Dysfunctional Family and Childhood slots were always taken by Ramona and Bethenny. I forget, did Sonja stay with Ramona and Bethenny when they were bonding over shitty, abusive childhoods, or did she go with Luann and Dorinda?
  12. Exactly. And it also probably doesn't help her that RHONY tends to film over the big Holiday period, from End of Summer parties to Halloween and through the New Year. That's a lot of parties and drinking anyway (considering how gung-ho they all are about Halloween), and the show adds a higher level of expectation and opportunity. But I bet Andy Cohen is weighing the pros and cons of having a show where almost all the OGs are dry.
  13. I don't mind watching the Erika/Tom drama unfold. But I honestly genuinely want more gossiping about Scott Disick!
  14. Any (real) intervention for Sonja would need to happen off-camera and in between seasons, the same way they happened for Luann and Leah (and maybe Ramona?). But the problem with that is that Sonja often does take the time between seasons to do a detox. It's when she's back filming that she goes wild.
  15. Unfortunately for Sonja, she's lasted so long on this show that she's become the Worst Drunk. And I know that there have been frequent concerns from the other women (and the audience) about her drinking over the years, but there was always someone else for Sonja to deflect to: Luann and her arrest and just overall High Horse attitude, Dorinda, Leah, even Bethenny (whose worst outbursts seemed to be when she was fairly sober, but they overshadowed everyone else). Ramona's cleaned herself up, Luann and Leah have both gone sober, Dorinda and her Mean Drunk cruelty is gone, and the core cast is
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