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  1. Come From Away was so good! Really fun and cleverly done, and "Prayer" was an absolute standout. Little surprised they used the full hymn of Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.
  2. Oh, Diana! What can I say? The melodies are unmemorable for the most part, and the lyrics are absolutely atrociously awful. It's not quite as hagiographic as some Diana shows/specials, because it at least attempts to give a POV to Charles, Camilla, and the Queen. And somehow, Diana is the least interesting principal in this show. The show keeps wanting to really be about Charles and Camilla's enduring love story. It doesn't say anything new or fresh, but then, are people who go to see a musical about Diana's life necessarily looking for a new or fresh insight or perspective? S
  3. Hey, at least Love Never Dies had an entire song about how much the Phantom and Christine fucked in one night! What does it say about a Diana musical, when Camilla and the Queen steal the show?
  4. Interesting that Broadway's following West End there. Although there's usually a lot of crossover between Broadway and West End in castings of both Phantom and Les Mis, and maybe Broadway wanted their first black Christine to be American. (i.e. before Lucy St. Louis makes her inevitable journey across the pond)
  5. Yeah, he's sitting or perching and she's standing somewhat in front of him. And either the angle is awkward or the photoshop has gone awry, because the depth looks weird. Meghan's face or perhaps her hair also looks a bit photoshopped. She looks very like Jennifer Lawrence.
  6. I'm a bit torn over the Garcelle issue. Because I want to think that Dorit's making a big deal out of nothing, except that Garcelle so quickly copped to intentionally jabbing at her because she talks too much. And Dorit does talk too much! But I find Garcelle's way of responding to that, if that's indeed what she was doing, extremely immature and passive-aggressive. And it rather makes her feeling of no one taking her side against Dorit a bit off, because what? Plenty would be happy to agree with her that Dorit talks too much and should shut up! But none of them are going to agree that m
  7. I think Kyle and Dorit are just terrified of Erika. They don't want her hair-trigger temper aimed at them. It's easy to talk big when she's not in the room, harder to do so to her face. Plus, Dorit may have pulled back after Teddi mentioned everyone else's lawsuits. She doesn't want Erika turning things around on her and PK.
  8. Jade's tumbling passes are really gorgeous, as well as being powerful, but her choreography is awful! Still, I'm happy for her win. Rebeca had a great mix of beautiful tumbling and nice performance/dance. If she had stuck her landings a bit better, she might have won. But please, enough with the constant arm movements while walking to their next marks!
  9. I'm surprised beam is her last decision, just because that's really not her strong apparatus to begin with. And it must be hugely disappointing (for basically everyone) that she won't get the chance to have that vault skill named after her. Regarding her critics, I think part of the confusion and initial reaction is that she really didn't do a good job of explaining her withdrawal from the Team final when it happened. And obviously, she must have been feeling so many different emotions at that time, it's not surprising that she didn't get her point across clearly and concisely. But fir
  10. Strange little scripted What I Did For My Covid Year video on Reagan Smith. She seems nice though, and a good sport to do that little piece of acting.
  11. It's kind of hilarious how the Top 3 are so close in scores, and then there's this giant 5 point gap before 4th place.
  12. I love that NBC's spotlight on Ariarne Titmus began with a shot of a kangaroo just chilling in Brisbane.
  13. Simone's makeup was also very toned down - I think she only had a bit of gold/bronze inner eye corner going on. I loved Jade's and Simone's makeup at Trials. They'll probably go flashier for Finals. I'll have to catch up on the rest of Team USA (I completely forgot about Grace, about halfway through the competition) and some of the other countries' gymnastics online. But at least NBC gave a nice tribute to Uzbekistan's Oksana. I noticed during Trials that Simone seemed to have a hard time moving on from her fall on Beam. And today she definitely seemed upset, going into each even
  14. Did NBC Primetime show Jordan's and MyKayla' bars and beam routines?
  15. I'm never a fan of that type of Pnina-esque lingerie type bodice. But she does look beautiful from the chin up! ETA: It's a severe look, with the slicked straight hair and updo, super high neck, long sleeves, and quite prominent contour. I want to at least lose the turtleneck.
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