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  1. Aw cute. Thanks @way2interested. I agree with @apinknightmare though. The ages don’t match up. 😂 But it’s better photoshop than usual so I’m grateful. 😂
  2. Oh is there a pic of them both? I didn't see that as I only saw about 10 mins of the episode. But cool! (Still feel there should've been a scene of them meeting seeing as Olicity did want them to meet, even saying as much in 722. Big sigh. But what's done is done! At least they grow up together now. I'll hold onto that.)
  3. They could’ve just bought a stroller onto set and not needed a real baby there if they really wanted to. They probably didn’t even think about that, haha. But I don’t think it’s bad that baby Mia isn’t at her father’s funeral. She’s not going to remember. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m a little disappointed that we probably won’t get a scene of young William meeting his baby sister though. I would’ve liked to see that but oh well. 😔
  4. I have to wonder, if they had Tommy and Laurel get married before she died in S4, did Olicity become a thing sooner??? I know not telling her he loved her sooner was one of his regrets. It’s a shame we’ll never know. 🥺
  5. I’m fine with this ending, although it’s probably because I accepted the paradise dimension thing after 722 and also I am somewhat detached already having not watched S8. I don’t agree with all these dead characters alive again though - everyone except E1 LL (damn they hate her 💀). So we have no way of knowing what happened. There’s also the fact that a lot of their deaths, like Tommy and Moira, helped develop Oliver’s character. Moira’s death was actually one of the strongest moments on this whole show so to erase that feels cheap. I’m guessing they want them all to guest star in the spin-off at some point, which again feels like throwing Arrow under the bus for another show. 🙄 Either way, I’m just happy to see Felicity and Olicity again as I am one of those who was convinced EBR wouldn’t come back. So it’s already more than I was hoping for. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  6. Oh probably. They are cheap. But it would be from the new 2040 for sure.
  7. 2040 is different now. So she’s still our Felicity but she would’ve raised Mia and William together and not in hiding because the future changed. Correct me if I’m wrong but the old 2040 storyline doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t know why Reddit spoiler dude is saying ‘Felicity from last season’ when it’s making it sound more complicated than it is. I would guess that they’re gonna re-do the Felicity and Monitor scene in the new 2040. If I had to guess?
  8. I’d come to terms with the paradise dimension ending a long time ago. Arrow writers are nothing if not awful and predictable. 🙄😂 Felicity still raises her. She only goes to Oliver in 2040.
  9. Yay Olicity. This is what I’m here for. Does that look like the old QC office? Actually Felicity is kinda dressed like S1 Felicity. I hope it’s a flashback rather than their paradise dimension reunion...in an office. 😂
  10. I put this on by mistake and then stayed for ten minutes. I have regrets. They really made LL/BS less annoying than she was as E1 Laurel only to make her even more annoying again. I can’t! 😂
  11. I mean this very genuinely when I ask, is KC okay? She looks almost emaciated. Her legs made me flinch. That really can't be healthy. Also, I haven't seen JH in ages and she looks odd, like her face looks kinda frozen? Ladies, what is going on over there???
  12. It feels weird to say I missed Felicity a lot seeing as I haven't watched a single episode of S8 but I did, goddammit! Those pics were like a breath of fresh air. Not sure what to make of everything though tbh. Why is grown Mia at his funeral? And Moira is alive? So did they just erase one of the most powerful moments on the show (Moira's death in S2) or is she from another earth? But if she is from another earth, doesn't that reset E1 Moira's story? I AM CONFUSION. IDK. Doppelgängers or not, I'm not sure I like that. I don't mind resetting the future because that was awful but the past too? If that is what has happened, I have no idea. 😂
  13. I was just checking in to see if any finale pics had been posted as I've decided to tune in for that but alas... Anyway, why does this spinoff/809 sound like a hastily put-together hot mess of 2 different shows? 😬 I liked Kat as Olicity's daughter but it makes zero sense why the other two are even there. Bizarre. Plus they're awful so that doesn't help. 😂
  14. That picture of the three of them awkwardly posing...Was I supposed to laugh? Best of luck to anyone watching that. 😬😂 Also RIP Oliver Queen. You deserved better. 😔
  15. Hi. I'm only here for the commentary. 😂 But seriously, yet another casualty in making LL (and DD) relevant? Yikes.
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