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  1. I feel like I didn't even know JH had gotten divorced??? Did I??? Anyway, not really a fan of hers tbh but let's hope this one is more successful for her. As for SA, I actively try to avoid any of his content tbh but I went to look at this shit pic posted because you guys had me intrigued 😂....The whole thing feels incredibly fake to me and if not, I don't know why he felt the need to even post about it? What does it achieve? WHY?
  2. LOL okay Steve. No offense but it just feels disingenuous after a couple of weeks of saying and doing absolutely nothing. Screams PR to me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I’m sure it’ll work on the people it’s meant to work on so there’s that.
  3. I'd like to say I don't know how or why he gets it wrong every single time but I know why. 🙃 Also to just basically dismiss Wallace as some nameless showrunner makes it even worse somehow. Yikes.
  4. Didn't watch but ooof. It's worse than I thought. How can you really think now is the time to say well, not all cops??? No words. The sad thing is his staunch defenders will continue to defend him and those who are trying to tell him where he's going wrong will fall on deaf ears because unless something affects him directly, SA doesn't care to learn or to change. Wouldn't shock me if in a few months he'll make some passive aggressive pissy comment about the heat he caught during this time and how mean everyone was to him. 🙃
  5. I refuse to watch or listen to anything SA says so I’ll just trust what you’re saying but not surprised in the slightest. He makes me cringe. Also what is up with KC’s tribe post? What on earth?? That’s what she thought was appropriate to post right now?
  6. Isn't it obvious where SA stands on this? It appears he hasn't said a word about what's been happening and I don't for one second believe his BS about keeping silent because he's not educated enough. And that's not even taking into account him retracting his apology over Ahmed. As far as I'm concerned his silence (and previous actions) has conveyed his POV loud and clear. I'm baffled that anyone continues to defend him tbh.
  7. Are my eyes deceiving me or is KC looking much healthier in that post above? I haven’t played the video because I can’t stand the woman but in the image alone she looks a lot better than recent times. Good for her! She was looking so emaciated for a while there. Also, I haven’t watched any of that game thing SA & Co took part in but this discussion kinda reaffirms what we’ve known for a while - SA and his wife are a perfect match and deserve each other! 😂
  8. Imagine getting mad at fans thinking you're a couple and then posting a pic perpetuating that narrative. No sympathy for their whining about it at all. They made the bed, they can lie in it. They're all as bad as each other, I swear. 😂
  9. They're all terrible people. I can't stand any of them. 😂 I remember when SA just ignored the Stemily shipping and his wife wasn't all over everything he did on social media and the jar didn't exist. Those were much more pleasant times. LMAO.
  10. They really don’t come across as nice people in that. I’m sorry to say but they don’t. And even with all the crazies I can’t say I’ve ever seen someone believe that SA and EBR are married??? Also, please correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it AT and the rest of the awful jar who perpetuated the rumor about AT and EBR by posting pics of them kissing? I honestly have not an ounce of empathy for any of them.
  11. Even speaking as someone who has a one year old, I do not understand why SA and his wife have a live-in nanny when they’re both at home. Also did they not think maybe she would’ve liked to have been at home with her actual family during this time? They are so weird. I can’t. 😂
  12. I just randomly thought I’d check these boards, it’s nice to see they’re still going. I haven’t seen anything about the cast for months now so it’s kinda interesting to catch up after all this time. I have to admit I was legitimately shocked by SA’s appearance though. I’m not a fan of his in the slightest but he clearly has some issues going on so I hope he gets some help soon. BTW, I hope everyone here is safe and well! Take care.
  13. I only saw about ten minutes of 809, reluctantly haha, so are you saying there was no trace of any BC??? Or just Dinah as BC? I’m surprised more LL fans aren’t talking about this tbh. Curious!
  14. Yeah it's not ideal. I just kinda look at it as they really wanted their Olicity reunion to wrap things up so that's what had to give. It would've been nice if there was another scene with 2040 Felicity, William and Mia and them being told where she's going and they approve but I guess that's too much to ask. 🙄
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