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  1. I guess we're not watching to see people measure things or make good cakes -- there are plenty of shows about that -- but there are a million ways you can mess a cake up aside from just deciding to not follow the recipe.
  2. She certainly was a judges favorite. I don't understand how anyone doesn't get that baking is a science and you have to follow the recipe for a reason. There are honest mistakes when you have to move quickly (tsp for tbsp comes to mind] but to right out say you are going to disobey the recipe you are in trouble. Maybe it comes from people who have a cooking background which has a lot more wiggle room. Was she also the one with hair in her dessert? I can't remember.
  3. I am delighted by Jack McBrayer, but it sorta took some stakes out of his episode as you know he wasn't going to win.
  4. I haven't seen the others, but I'm actually glad that they are all at 1OO%, seems to indicate some quality programming to seek out.
  5. Blood diamonds maybe? I honestly don't know.
  6. Turkey's already in the oven to get some answers! I mean, who is "we." Tie-dye guy?! I just like to think that in his spare time he has a metal detector in CP and is looking for clues. That man is adorable.
  7. Yes! No one brings the snark like these two!
  8. Media, I guess? Steve Martin is always on the job trying to solve mysteries!
  9. I don't know if it's a plot hole or a clue. Not knowing the charges, it's hard to speculate, but I don't think you have to punish a father for the sins of their son and vice versa (real put any relation in here - siblings/spouses/lovers]. ETA: But with this show a lot of people have secrets/are shady so maybe he has something on the board (I think that's who would hire and fire people] so they can't fire him. Gah! I was up pretty much all night reading about possible plotholes/clues about everything from props to set dec to timelines, so I'm reaching Claire Danes on Homeland levels o
  10. I just want TJ to tell people he's disappointed in them. I love when TJ expresses disappointment.
  11. I was just surprised that Devin was quiet throughout. He's my favorite person when it comes to egging on fights. And all the awards to the cameraperson who caught CT's reaction to Josh and Esther hooking up. Comedy gold.
  12. Mabel's wearing a coat (at least when she chases Tim the the elevator] I couldn't find the party scene. So if Tim saw a tattoo he shouldn't have thought it was Mabel.
  13. Yes, he certainly comments and smirks at Mabel in the flashback. The ice cream on the beach comment is another wrench. I'm happy to go with him being bi. Tim is harder to read as he doesn't really seem to have any sexuality. Oscar and Zoe as shown being all over each other, bu I don't recall anything between Tim and Mabel. This leads me to think that he may be a teenager struggling with his sexuality.
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