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  1. Haha, yikes in a bad way for me. I think there were only a handful that I found attractive. But I also know that a lot of these pictures are never very flattering and in most cases, they all look better in motion. I was also reading somewhere that Michelle might already know one of the contestants: Joe, 28 from Minneapolis (incidentally, one of the more attractive guys). I think it said they both played college basketball for the same school or something.
  2. ABC has released the 35 potential men competing on Michelle's upcoming season: https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/news/meet-michelle-young-s-potential-bachelorette-contestants/ss-AAMzq8P?li=BBnb2gh The men are...yikes. But one important thing to note is, no Bao. It's possible he could be brought in later (which would make sense given Michelle herself was a late entry), and 35 seems awfully low for the initial batch of guys. Don't they usually have like 40+ potentials before they whittle it down to the final 30 or so?
  3. I bet you his GPA is dance. *goes back to lurking*
  4. Thank you, I wish I did! At least it would somewhat justify all the hours of my life I've wasted watching this show. 😄
  5. Cassie: I just don't know... Colton: You don't have to know! Who knows anything? Certainly not me! Cassie: But I'm scared... Colton: I'm scared too! Especially with spiders, they're terrifying! Cassie: I want to take it slow... Colton: Just call me Mr. Turtle! Cassie: I like being with my friends... Colton: Bring them with us on every date! You can even ditch me for them whenever you want! Cassie: I'm not sure I want to be committed... Colton: Me neither! Psych wards are scary! Cassie: I just want to be totally sure... Col
  6. YES to The Truman Show reference. When I heard "Can someone get Chris?", I got major flashbacks of when they sent Marlon to Truman's house to check on him. Christ on a cracker, Cassie, use your words! I lost track of how many times she said "I don't know", but I'm guessing she says that a lot.
  7. Oh, America. You finally get it right on a night you simultaneously get it so, so wrong. Alexis gave Alan the Bachelor Handshake when they were called safe. Have some decency, woman! I don't need to see that shit outside of the franchise.
  8. DEAD. I legitimately thought the competition must've lasted hours with all her finger ticking and chalkboard tapping. What the hell was she doing every time she tapped the chalkboard anyway? That being said, I truly wanted her to win. I love her. They have never dragged out an audition tape to school someone before and watching it was GLORIOUS. I'm holding out hope that Kaitlyn is really a set of triplets with vastly different personalities because otherwise...yeesh. That bitch cray.
  9. I hate that this show continues the charade of acting like all they do in the fantasy suites is "talk". Just once, I want one of them to be like, "We stayed up all night talking...oh and obvi we fucked."
  10. I thought the same thing about Lily. How in the hell is she only 21? Yeesh.
  11. Am I going straight to hell for thinking Yuki sounded like Miss Swan?
  12. Okay seriously, is that just a statue of Steadman? Why isn't he moving?
  13. Screw the DWTS band for making me think, "Man, I wish Will Smith were rapping this instead".
  14. Was it just me, or was Lacey walking into her date with Daniel like Frankenstein's monster? Has she not walked in heels before?
  15. Julie, I like that you snagged both your sleeves on your way out the door and improvised by throwing some lamp shades on in their place. That's some clever DIY shit right there.
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