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  1. Ana looks totes adorbs!!! And it's so good to see her. I was dreading seeing MeAgain and then Ana!!!!!
  2. So, Megaphone is preggers. Don't care.
  3. Fuck that moron! Mayor Pete was *very* clear in answering her bullshit abortion question. I also told her to go fuck herself on her twitter account. What a cretin. Re: Jessica Simpson - her lips looked really weird - I thought it was probably botox or fillers, not drunk or drugged. I also liked Alec Baldwin. I think the moron is definitely afraid of him. Good.
  4. MeAgain is a coward. Good for Blabby for pushing back and *thank* you, Sunny!
  5. God. MeAgain is *such* a stupid bitch.
  6. I'm behind in my reading, but I just wanted to say that MeAgain's behaviour isn't 'sassiness'. It is ignorant, rude, condescending and 'entitled'. I despise the 'Princess of Arizona' for her lack of empathy, her stupidity, her mean-spiritedness... the list is, unfortunately, fucking endless.
  7. I'm loving not having Whoopi on these past few days. GO JOY!!! MeAgain, STFU. Your screeching, screaming, squealing, yelling - what drugs are you on, bitch? 'Cuz you need to take a LOT more so you can sit there quietly and give us all a break!
  8. OMG - MeAgain let out her attack dog, BlAbby, yesterday! BlAbby is *so* fucking stupid.
  9. Joy was on fire today - putting Bullshit McCain in her place with her "Missy" comment and joke! And MeAgain looked *so* uncomfortable with the sex jokes - which were *hilarious!!! She must have felt insecure with Ana being there. GOOD. And MeAgain and Abbeh with their political crap at the top of the show - all the screaming and yelling over Sunny *and* Ana! I yelled "fuck you" at the tv quite a bit during that segment.
  10. It is a total shitshow. They should have put either MeAgain or blAbby on, either Joy or Sunny and,I guess Whoopie had to be there. So much crosstalk - honestly, you cannot hear anyone.
  11. Tulsi Gabbard is a very smooth operator. A really good liar. Fuck her.
  12. I don't know why blAbby (great name by the way!) was even at the table with Jane Fonda. She brought *nothing* to the discussion. Too bad Sunny wasn't there today - I thought it was either a day off - or she was working on her new show.
  13. OMG, I just finished watching Cory Booker and shit-for-brains McCain. Jesus, Me-Again, *I'll* go to your fucking brother's house - STFU, you ignorant bitch! God!
  14. So happy Joy is back and not sick anymore! I missed her terribly. She would have skewered that ass, Newt! Me-Again was a moron. Again. Matt Gaetz should be arrested and fined for what he pulled yesterday - and everyone with him!
  15. Today was quite the shitshow. I'm sorry that Joy is still not well, but at least she didn't have to sit through that hot mess! I muted most of it.
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