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  1. I don't care how she left. I'm just grateful that Meh-Gun is finally gone!
  2. I am thrilled *beyond* belief that MagaMeg is going going gone!
  3. MeAgain is despicable *every* day of the week. I'm still fuming over 'claiming to be' (President Biden as an observant Catholic). How DARE this piece of shit say something like that! She is so ugly - she makes me want to throw up.
  4. I really wish MagaMeg would shift her paradigm off to FOX!
  5. MeAgain was *completely* unhinged today. Her sneer when she triumphantly said, 'and the Squad is the face of the Democratic Party!' (I'm paraphrasing - I can't write the crazy down that fast.) What an ugly human being.
  6. MeAgain is a dumpster fire. ALWAYS.
  7. Once again, Moronica McCain opens her mouth! The Fairness Doctrine, as I understand it, is so that both sides have a chance to give their views - to discuss subjects, not - there have to be equal numbers of people on the left and the right. She is so fucking stupid. I am sorry that no-one reminded her that Ana is there as well. Oy.
  8. MeGun is *always* thoughtless. Her faux tears and concern today were sickening. STFU, you miserable b**ch!
  9. Ugh. That fucking bitch is back. I'm so glad Joy spoke up and slapped her down!
  10. Really, Nutbar? You were radicalized by the Kavanaugh hearings? Fuck you. I am so angry about that moron bullying Sara.
  11. MeAgain's make-up today is horrific. Her cheeks are 'shining' on my tv set.
  12. Meghan looked very pretty with her hair down. So much ugliness concealed by a pretty face.
  13. MeAgain, always wrong. It tastes *so* good.
  14. Yes, but why should she have to?
  15. Oy. What the fuck did Khloe do to her face? Did she have her nose re-done? I thought she was striking-looking before. Now, she looks like her sisters.
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