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  1. Ha, that's interesting. Where did you get this from? I'm honestly asking because I thought they mostly drew on German expressionism, but I might be wrong. There's this very nice article about them and their inspirations: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/feb/27/kraftwerk-by-uwe-schutte-review In any case, we're veering waaaaay off topic, so I guess I'll just stop here. All I wanted to say is that It's fine if you don't find some comedians funny, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I love Noel and Matt (and Kraftwerk) so I recognized that specific reference immediately, b
  2. On my first try. Where there's a will there's a way!
  3. But they don't even remotely look like Hitler! I personally adore Matt and Noel but I understand their humor might not be for everybody. But come on though, they would never do a parody of nazism on British television, so next time before calling them idiots do some research maybe? Apart from that, I love how nobody can pronounce Giuseppe's name correctly but I imagine after many years of living in England he has given up on correcting people. He and Crystelle are definitely my favorite.
  4. THANK YOU, I couldn't agree more. I feel like Ru is pushing for her to get ahead in the competition exactly like she did for Gottmik last year. And I'm sorry but while we're at it, in episode 2 Electra clearly deserved the win in that lipsync against Vanity Milan. I sometimes feel the judges' decisions are based more on other factors than on how well the queens actually perform in the show. Anyway, I haven't agreed with the judges much in the past seasons, but I'm starting to think this one takes the cake. Two wins in a row for Krystal Versace?! I thought she'd be the first one to go home!
  5. Do medications that list "suicidal ideation" as one of their side effects even exist? And aren't they immediately withdrawn from the market the first time someone acts upon it? The whole thing was just bizarre. In any case yeah, absolutely NOT Heather's fault. So did Masha also lose a daughter? Or was that her in a weird visual metaphor where she sees her child-self get run over by a car? Sometimes it's hard to tell with this show.
  6. I haven't read the book and don't want any spoilers, but does anyone know if there is ANY reason why Masha should be Russian? Because Nicole Kidman is doing a terrible job with the accent and she doesn't behave or look Russian at all, so I'm wondering if anything significant (other than me being less annoyed with her terrible acting) would change in the story if the character was, just sayin', Australian? Michael Shannon is great, as always, and I agree about the absurdity of being "starved" after half a day of not eating, which basically means skipping a meal, something that I'm sure ha
  7. This was the most boring episode in the whole season (and that's saying a lot, 'cause the other ones were certainly not peak TV entertainment). I don't know what Drag Tots is, the animations were awful and I thought it was too close to being simply a drag version of the Powerpuff Girls (which I was never a fan of to begin with) to find it even remotely interesting. Plus, I didn't understand what the challenge was (were they supposed to be superheroes? Cartoon characters? Because none of them looked like either.) Eureka looked like Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones, but not nearly as funn
  8. I'd add the comedy writers to that list. Skits on RuPaul used to have at least a few really good jokes and they were honestly fun to watch, and now they're just boring as hell. I also completely disagree with Kylie's win, I thought she was terrible. She's just not silly enough for the show, I don't think I've ever seen her laugh or make any kind of jokes in the workroom, she takes everything too seriously and she seems kind of disconnected from the rest of the group, so I really don't understand why she's still here (and Scarlet is not). Pandora, on the other hand, is my absolute favorite
  9. I honestly don't understand the hype for Karen from Finance. Is it only because she had been mentioned by some other drag queens before the Down Under season started? Why is she in the final four? I mean, I have nothing against her personally, she seems very nice, but she's been kind of middle-of-the-road for the entire season. I wish Maxi was still here instead of her.
  10. I only have three things to say (apart from the fact I'm very happy and relieved Symone won, she truly deserved it and had been my favorite all along): 1. if that's really Kandy Muse's mom, wow girl. How old was she when she had Kandy? Minus 10 years old? She looks like a teenager! 2. I can't help but think the spinning wheel was rigged, because the only way to make sure Kandy would be in the final two was to have her lipsync against Rosé. Gottmik wasn't exactly my favorite, but she deserved a spot in the final lipsync more than Kandy, who IMO didn't even deserve to be in the final 4
  11. steal the look: Wow, they are really willing to go to the greatest lengths to keep Kandy in. They just CAN'T eliminate her. I would wonder what that does to her self-esteem, but I don't think she realizes. Anyway, as much as I love Rosé, I agree that her runway look wasn't very flattering. I like the idea but the dress was a bit wonky and it made her and her neck look very short. At this point I really, really hope Symone wins.
  12. I don't understand why Symone and Kandy fought so hard over the role of Dominique when Dominique was clearly the character that had the least amount of screen time and lines and also the character it would be the least fun to play because she was the only queen who didn't shrink. Kandy's outfit looked like one of those shower curtains that have pockets where you can put hair products and brushes and stuff. It even had hooks. As a matter of fact if she had gone for the real, see-through thing and put shampoo, a loofah and a couple rubber duckies in the pockets she might have actually look
  13. Although I understand the concept of a pot-stirrer who keeps the audience watching, I still don't understand why the judges would agree to go out of their way and look this phony and incompetent just for the sake of pleasing the producers. I mean, if needs must they could still keep Kandy on without acting so fake! In any case, I still prefer to watch queens loving and supporting each other (see: RuPaul UK) than someone creating drama for no reason and being undeservedly kept on the show when someone else (see: basically everyone who was eliminated before Kandy) who deserved it more was sent p
  14. I couldn't agree more with all of this. When Ross Mathews said during the critiques that Kandy set the standard for everyone that followed her and "no one topped that" I wanted to cry. I think what happened is the judges decided beforehand (like 5 episodes ago) that Kandy needed to win a challenge because she was the only one who had never won, so they said "ok, the first time she doesn't blatantly suck we're going to give her a win." So when this roast came about, they were like "ok you guys, this is our (only) chance" and then tried to laugh as hard as they could to give the impression
  15. what. just. happened. I was already a bit upset when Ellie didn't make it to the top three. I agree she wasn't ready for the crown but I would've FOR SURE put her above LC. Tayce and Bimini were the only true contenders for the crown, and I wouldn't have cared who won between them two, I love them both. But Lawrence Cheney?! Why? Well I guess Ru has been enamoured with her since day one, set her heart on it and refused to see anything that happened afterwards. I hope this doesn't mean we're (slowly, very slowly) heading for a Kandy win in the US race. Other than that, I loved this s
  16. That's true, but I get where she's coming from. People are afraid of everything these days, especially if you're on TV and on a show like RuPaul's, whose audience is very PC-aware. She just thought it would be better to stay on the extra safe side than to risk offending someone. And what about when she said that accent sounded like complete gibberish and she couldn't make out a word Rosé was saying? Has she ever heard herself talk? The nerve on that girl. For all I know she could've been impersonating Patrick Star from Spongebob. She would've looked and sounded exactly the sam
  17. The running order drama felt soooo fake. I'm not sure what they expected Ellie to do, pick herself to go first? No one wants to go first, that's quite obvious, but someone has to do it and I don't blame her for choosing the person who has been slagging her off from day one. And I'm sorry to say I'm not surprised Lawrence sided with Awhora and attacked Ellie too. Awhora is evil incarnate but Lawrence has also been showing a mean streak lately, and her stand-up wasn't that funny. Everyone keeps saying Lawrence is a comedy queen but I actually think she just has funny comebacks, 'cause so far she
  18. I'm bummed that Sister Sister went home because I still don't know why but I liked her a lot. She was funny. Anyway, I felt like there were no more expendable queens even before Tia left (I miss her!), so at this point whoever leaves would be a loss for the show. The only queen I still don't like is Awhora, but her dress tonight was incredible, so it was clear she wouldn't be eliminated. I would've put Biminy in the bottom, though. Her outfit, with those butt cheek plungers and the oily hair, was a bit tacky. And I can't believe Michelle praised her eyebrows, they were all wobbly!
  19. I swear to god that song is the gift that keeps giving. Seems to be triggered by absolutely everything I've been seeing and doing for the past 10 days. I need help.
  20. It will be very sad to watch the show without Tia's funny talking heads from now on. I absolutely don't agree with Ru's decision and I don't quite get it. I think Tia has much more to offer overall than other queens like Awhora or Ellie, whom I do love (Ellie, not Awhora), but for sure not more than Tia. She was a really memorable character on the show and had so much airtime, and deservedly so, because she brought something extra that added a lot to each episode. The show will be boring and bland without her! And okay, I do understand her looks were a bit shabbier than the other queens', but
  21. I am once again speechless at this show. At this point I'm wondering if Kandy saved the life of one of Ru's family members or if Ru owes her money or something because I honestly do not understand what is going on with them two. Plastic daisies, terrible lipsync(s), worst performance in the Rusical but no, I'm not ready to let you go. Well, I was. I didn't really love the Rusical, it seemed a bit too chaotic and confusing at times but Rosé did fantastic and she deserved to win, even though that outfit really was orange. Denali and Gottmik were great too, although I'm not sure how the Rus
  22. Yes I agree, my "how can they not know what's going on" was more in the sense of how can they not realize people at home are gonna call BS on this kind of unreasonable critiques that make absolutely no sense and on top of that are detrimental to other, more deserving queens in the competition. I understand Ru and the producers want to keep pot-stirrers on the show as long as they can for the sake of "good TV" drama, but like 30 Helens said upthread, I'm also one of those viewers who are not interested in that and would forever choose charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent over drama poten
  23. Am I watching a different show than the judges? Because I honestly cannot understand what they're doing. Denali and Rosé were safe?! They did great in the challenge, they're amazing, nice people and Rosé's beaded look on the runway was to die for. She looked so beautiful and well put together. I love her. Yet, thumbleweed. At this point I am out of words to describe my feelings towards Kandy. I was SURE she was going to be in the bottom two and possibly going home, that outfit was nothing special and she was so loud and annoying as usual in the challenge. And instead. Wow. Why. How can Ru
  24. I agree 100%. I think she told the producers about the fibromyalgia before they even started taping the show, and maybe since Tamisha is an older, well known, established and respected queen they struck a deal where she would stay for a few episodes and then she would be eliminated because it would be too exhausting for her to keep on competing. I might be going too far with this theory but it's the only explanation I can give myself after watching this episode. Kandy's outfit was bad, her hair and makeup were so effed up they were honestly hard to look at, she barely walked or did anythi
  25. Just wanted to post this because I think I mistook them for one another until now. They're identical! ... and I love them both. Sister Sister is a strange character, there's something about her that's a bit off but in a good way. Tia still remains my absolute favorite and I'm glad A'whora came around.
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