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  1. Growing up, I thought Shannon Doherty's parents named her after the river mention in John Denver's Country Road. Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Shannon Doherty River The only excuse I can give is that I'm Australian and had no knowledge about the rivers of the US except for the Mississippi.
  2. The summary on Wikipedia said it was, but having just watched the episode it looked like Mr Honey in the video was also a mask - like the others who were killed. So who knows. All I know is I am more engaged in this show when it involves a group of teenagers instead of revolving around The Boring Core 4. As someone said above, this episode felt more like a Season 1 episode, and I approve of that.
  3. As much as I was a sucker for the happy ending presented, I did find it a tad unbelievable that after ONE successful movie with a non-white lead, Hollywood would OK and embrace a love story between 2 men instantly. Out of all the happy endings, that felt a bit far stretched. Cause in reality Hollywood would have jumped on the Meg bandwagon and made more movies in that style because trailing something else radical. Hell today's Hollywood still hasn't reached that level of comfortability with gay leads and they have experienced award success with movies like Brokeback Mountain and Moonlight, And even with the success of Love, Simon Hollywood hasn't even followed up that movie with similar ones. If only Rock Hudson had taken his boyfriend to an Oscar ceremony...
  4. Oh well in that case I would put the Tim Tams on my finest china. Haha.
  5. I didn't even notice this stupidity as I was too distracted by a writer sitting in the front row. But yes, in hindsight it really does take the power away for Camille standing up for herself
  6. So I just watched the ep, and my house got really dusty, so I'm gonna go and sleep and post in the morrow but I just needed to say that during American Pie I kept singing Weird Al's version. It seems I have no idea that the original lyrics are, apparently the only lyrics are Weird Al's
  7. I'm actually glad they skipped over the acceptance speeches for Best Director and Best Picture. For some reason, I just didn't care what it meant for these characters to win. What I did like about the acceptance speeches we saw, was the way the win impacted the folks at home listening and why a little trivial award can have an impact in the wider community. I felt a lot of the time, the direction the actor was given was pull that face Brendan Fraser used in Gods and Monsters. I actually feel the actor is a lot better than what he was given to work with.
  8. God did I learn I am a sucker for happy endings watching the final episode. I think I need to dust my house because dust got in my eye way way too many times during this episode. I honestly don't care how cheesy and ridiculous the finale was I enjoyed it. Everyone got a happy ending (Yes even bloody Harry in a way) and I don't care. The happiest moment for me was Anna May Wong winning her Oscar, since in real life she was denied because of stupid racist rules. I also felt the ceremony was reflective of how the Academy has behaved in recent years with awards, they get a theme in their head and they decide they are going to reward that theme even if it's not the best output of the recepient's career. The ceremony in this episode felt like the Academy (and I guess Ryan) patting themselves on the back for acknowledging non-white people exist in the industry. But ready yet to accept homosexuality based on the boos. It was interesting that in this alternate history Rock Hudson didn't become a big star, even before he walked the red carpet. Am I wrong for thinking it bizarre that an nominee for best Screenplay and a producer for Best Picture was sitting in the very front row? Or am I overthinking because the ceremony was not televised so there was no need for only actors to take up the first 20 rows haha. I had no idea Hattie McDaniel was prevented from sitting in the auditorium despite being nominated. My heart broke hearing that story and then continued to break hearing that the win did not open up doors like she thought it would. The little speech that really got to me was Archie's one to Avis about wanting to walk hand in hand with Rock on the red carpet. It hit quite close to home about why he wanted to do it. Because I felt/feel the same way. Growing up the only gay men I saw on TV or heard about were those dying from AIDS. It wasn't until my late teenage years that TV started showing gay people as regular people and not the story of the week. I do sometimes think about how quicker I would have embraced who I was if there was better representation for me. So I can only imagine as a white gay man what it must be like for a black gay man to have grown up in the era shown in Hollywood. I admit the show got me with the funeral, I thought it was Ernie and not Dick. And then it got a lot sadder but I'm glad that he got to be honest to himself before he died. And sure everything was wrapped up in a perfect little bow. But I don't care. It's the type of schmaltz I love. And I think I said it in The Politician forum, but I think Netflix is the ideal platform for Murphy. He is forced to make an entire season before it airs. He is forced to write beginning, middle and end before it airs. It stops him making things up on the spot because something happened in the world. I feel Netflix makes him and his team more focussed story tellers. And as much as I enjoyed the show, I don't need a follow up. I'm happy for this to be one and done. P.S. I loved during the studio lunch room scenes checking out the background extras to find the table containing extras still dressed in costumes from whatever movie they were shooting. I thought it as a nice little running subtle gag.
  9. Bill1978

    S01.E06: Meg

    I kinda want to actually see Meg after what we saw on the show and reading the entry for the Wiki entry on the real person. It sounds like it could make for an interesting movie. But I guess I'll never get to see it now that the reels were bought. Someone made a back up for sure, otherwise the final episode is just people sitting around bemoaning they will never be famous or yelling at the people who burnt it. I forgot what the role of the lawyer was in the big scheme of things while Ace was out of action, Avis was technically just a figurehead who got to greenlight things but would the lawyer really have the power to destroy film footage AND talk to Ace like Ace wasn't in control of the studio. When the lawyer was talking about not releasing Meg I had to remind myself he was just a laayer and not even on the board of directors. I burst out loud when Henry suggested the Estelle Williams/Busby Berkeley number as an improvement. I'm all for large choreographed numbers in movies but Meg is not that kind of movie. Also when Henry was re-editing the film, I had flashbacks to stories revolving around Jeffery Katzenberg making editing suggestions to The Black Cauldron like it was a live action film with lots of unused footage available to use. And I'm not sure they need a scene where Meg gives an external monologue to explain her inner feelings to the audience, if that editing boy could understand her motivation to kill herself than surely the general audience can. Although today's audience has taught me that they need every little backstory and plot hole explained so maybe Henry does have a point. I'm so happy for Archie and Rock, even though back then there is no way an interracial gay couple would be remotely accepted by society. Ellen's gonna make a move on Ernie isn't she? Assuming Ernie doesn't die of lung cancer before the end of next episode? I'm so glad Ernie got to live his dream. I know people rag on sappy happy stuff these days in movies and TV but I'm a sucker for it. I honestly thought this series (it's a one off isn't it?) was going to end like so many Murphy productions, everything is wrapped up in the 2nd last episode with the final episode being mostly a pointless epilogue, but nope he got me with the death of Ace and the burning of the film.
  10. Bill1978

    S01.E05: Jump

    YES! I called it. Can't believe I did! I actually threw my hands up in the air and yelled yes when Henrietta revealed Jack wasn't the father of the twins. I then chuckled when she pointed out that Jack was dumb to not work it out. Guess Jack wrote the Sex Ed book that taught Finn Hudson about babies. I do love when shows show me the behind the scenes of how productions are made. The table read was interesting to see, the way the script was re-written was fascinating. And I agree with Dick, Meg needs an uplifting ending. The original ending works for a white girl, but if their plan with casting Camille was to bring hope to young African-American girls then the story needs to end more positively. I'm never a fan of Mafia subplots, but I know for this era of Hollywood it was a strong presence so I can deal with it, just as long as it doesn't take over the plot. Glad Dick is starting to feel more comfortable with who is and I honestly hope that his friendship with Ellen remains strong. I swear at least once an episode the costume designer puts Patti LuPone into something to remind that she was the original Norma Desmond in ALW's Sunset Boulevard. I really want to finish the last two episodes, but alas I am tired. And they will have to wait until the morning.
  11. Ah finally some good ol' fashioned Hollywood blackmailing, thank you Henry. Just when I decided to hate Claire she decides to be nice and reciprocate help AND throw her screen test. Guess I am meant to care about her positively. Jack's acting has definitely improved. And omg I can't believe I had to go through second hand embarrassment TWICE with Rock's screen test, the poor thing. I think my favourite moment in this episode is when Jeanne told Avis about her affair with Ace and Avis responded with I can't be cranky because it would make me a hypocrite. Too often dramas, will have a screaming match just because of the tension it builds in the show, even though the one who is hurt is often also having an affair. So kudos to this show for being sensible. Really felt for Archie finding out his name wouldn't be on his screenplay. I did chuckle at the studio reacting to the visit by Eleanor Roosevelt (is she First Lady at this time I don't know much about American Political History), only because I cannot think of any business in Australia responding like that if they were told the wife of the Prime Minister was coming for a visit. Maybe we'd crack out a packet of Tim Tams on a plate, if they were lucky.
  12. So I was definitely wrong about the wife having a secret. Turns out the 'twist' was that Jack isn't in love with her. I think I can deal with that, especially since they are setting up Jack to be with Claire. Guess we aren't meant to hate Jack for hooking up with Blondie if he actually doesn't love his wife. And speaking of Claire, I don't like her. There is not a part of me hoping she gets the lead role in the move, I am cheering for Camille on that front. However, in regards to who is going to play the love interest I want both Jack and Rock to get the part. Am I meant to prefer one over the other, cheer one on more from a character point of view? Both characters are likeable and I want to see them achieve their goals. Really not a fan of Henry. Was he really like that in real life? I wasn't buying his sob story one little bit and the ending proved to me that he hadn't really learnt anything from his experience. He just seems to like to use it to manipulate young actors to do his bidding. While Jack has the strength to walk away (probably because he is straight and would get no pleasure from Henry's offer, makes it easier), I feel for Rock's insecurity causing him to do things he is already regretting, Henry really is playing on Rock's need to be secretive about his sexual preferences to get Rock to do things. And I'm glad that Dick didn't follow through with his hookup with Rock once he realised why Rock was really there. I really liked how Rock gave Dick the hug right at the end. A hug between two people with the same burden to bear. I was going to make a comment about what I felt was unnecessary boob shots in this show, but then they decided to have unnecessary penis shots so it's evened out. Haha
  13. Entitled was probably the wrong word but I felt there was more to her anger than just anger I jumped to the conclusion that Holland Taylor's character (I will learn the charactes name soon I'm terrible at the start of shows)put her there. They showed us she is willing to support a handsome poorly trained actor get a contract and that she appears to enjoy rocking the boat by her approval of Archie being African-American. If I read Wikipedia correctly, in real like Dylan's character got started in a gas station like that but than branched out to owning a true pimp shop. But I may have read that wrong. My biggest issue with the gas station is the amount of smoking occurring. I get inside the shop but out near the pumps? Surely they knew back then petrol was flammable.
  14. Well, the second episode has convinced be to keep watching. I never make a commitment based on the first episode. With more of the cast introduced, I can now see where the story is going. And I must be invested because I found myself going over to Wikipedia to check out the stories behind the real characters, especially after what happened to Anna May Wong. I know our society still has a long way to go (ie Ghost in a Shell) but wow how heartbreaking for Anna May Wong to be looked over because of the movie rules at the time where you couldn't have missed racial relationships. I didn't really know anything about anyone going into the show but I had the feeling that Roy was going to be someone famous. Jim Parson's character seems to be the character we are going to hate while Holland Taylor's character is definitely going to be the character we wish existed in the time period. Really felt for Camilla, when she thought she was getting her big break but it turned out that not only was it the stereotypical help role but she also wasn't allowed to use her actor training and resort to a stereotype. I feel there is some big secret with Jack's wife, mainly because we are being asked to sympathise with Jack's gigolo-ing and the wife is acting all entitled. Wouldn't surprise me if the twins aren't Jack's. And I imagine Darren Criss has heard many of the lines said to his character in this episode 'You don't look Asian' 'You get it easy cause you look white' Paraphasing that last one. On a different tack, I'm always impressed when actors can convincingly play bad acting. There is good acting in acting badly.
  15. I never know what to expect from a Ryan Murphy show. Is it going to be a straight up drama, a dramedy, a comedy, a black comedy or just a show where they throw things at a dart board and hope something sticks. Now that I know that (atm) it's a straight up drama, I should be able to sit back and just chill watching this. As a first episode it was a little bit slow, especially in introducing our characters but I enjoyed it. I admit I'm slow and didn't see the 'cliffhanger' end of this episode. Poor Jack. But I'm not surprised I missed the outcome of that plot as I was slow with why Jack was visiting that theatre haha. I've only known Patti LuPone from Broadway recordings and her appearance on Will & Grace so I really only know her acting as the 'over acting' required for the stage. It was really nice to see that she does have 'natural' acting chops in this episode. And I really do have to give Ryan credit for continuing to employ older actors (especially females) with meaty roles. Whatever criticism I have for Ryan's shows that is not one of them. At the moment, the first episode really didn't present the 'alternate' Hollywood the trailer promised but I guess you need to set up all the characters before that can happen.
  16. Well that Honest Trailer has made me curious to check out the movie, it kinda looks like fun. Unlike the trailer which made me want to run away from any cinema that had a poster for it.
  17. So I tuned in last night to watch the appearance of Kevin Keller total forgetting that there is something called an international date line. And I admit it took me until 10 minuts before the end to realise that technically Australia is a week behind on Katy Keene. And I too was surprised they actually showed the male threesome. I thought all we would see is the standard glance and the audience would assume that it happen. So well done show. This is the 2nd episode I've caught of the show and I feel that maybe I should catch up. It seems like a gentler, kinder, positive version of the Riverdale world. It's just telling stories instead of trying to out bizarre the episode before.
  18. And the make up person. I follow Debra Messing on Instagram and she never looks like she does on the show. Maybe Megan is the wardrobe department. I've been watching episodes from the original run and while Grace's fashion sense has been questionable a number of times, they at least were always flattering outfits. The re-watch has also made me realise how much I enjoyed Will's relationship with Vince and it's a shame that it is no longer end game. I can take or leave Leo ending with Grace, and honestly I feel it's better she didn't settle with Leo, but Will now not ending up with Vince doesn't seem right.
  19. Thanks for posting this analysis, it helped provide me with the name of a book I've been searching for for many years. Who would have thought a 'random' prop in Westworld would provide the answer
  20. I admit I didn't have enough foresight to see the death when they got in my car but after Charlore's held hands with her hubby and then they showed Charlores from the side with the window I was expecting the car to be hit from the side by another care, and then 1/2 second later KA-BOOM!! Serac is going to regret killing the family, when The Terminator comes for him. I felt this season was goning to be a Dolores/Maeve showdown but after losing her family I wouldn't be surprised to see Charlores blame Dolores for the deaths as well.
  21. Ah that one week off was painful, painful. So good to have the show back. I quite enjoyed The Boy Is Mine segment. I found it incredibly hilarious. I hope that's what they were going for because I couldn't stop laughing, the choreography and facial expressions had me cracking up. I also found the Dance Your Anger Away moment highly amusing as well. I'm guessing the show firmly wants me to be on Team Simon after the way they finally decided throw Max under the bus. What a douche he was in this episode. I'm actually fine if Zoey doesn't end up with either Simon or Max, but at this stage I'm hoping by the season finale Zoey and Max are at least friends again. From the moment Leif got with Joan I knew he would end up backstabbing her, but I never saw that it would be a result of his broken heart. I'm just glad it's going to be coding and not a lawsuit, TV court bores me and I don't care about coding to be truly invested in the 'Bros Whose Hearts Are Broken Code Together' plot point they are going with. Speaking of Leif, the show finally confirmed with this episode that there is a Brogrammer who looks very, very similar to Leif. I thought I was going mad, so it was nice to see them physically in the same scene. And I don't know how the writers manage it but they get me nearly every time with the ending song. Does anybody else try to predict at the start of the episode when Zoey is going to swear and what word it is going to be? It's one of my favourite parts of this show.
  22. The message said something to the effect of "I've taken the kids, don't try to look for us". I had to rewind to catch it all but her data said she would have multiple affairs with patients and develop an opioid addiction. Then her partner sent the above text message. I really enjoyed the majority of the episode. Which isn't surprising since it was light on the Dolores. However my eyes were on constant rolling from the time Charlores activated the robot and the Delos Troopers kept shooting at metal. I was really enjoying Maeve's plot up until once again original Dolores gets the upper hand and kills Hector and turned off AI Dolores. This show really wants me to care about Dolores and cheer her on, but I stopped caring and cheering Dolores Season 2 Episode 1. But honestly I don't know who I want to win Dolores or Serac. I'm hoping neither and Maeve becomes President of the world. Or maybe Charlores will terminate original Dolores. Who knows? Can Season 4 just be Maeve and Lee wandering around the different worlds of the simulation? I miss Season 1. And wishful thinking, I'm hoping the other host being printed is Teddy.
  23. I found this episode to be a little flat, it felt more like an episode where it's primary purpose wasn't to entertain but to move all the characters into position for the final episode. Having said that I will admit Karen's response to her statue was the highlight of the episode and one of the funniest things Karen has said in a very long time. And as we get closer to the final episode I am left scratching my head to why they decided to make the original finale and all connecting plot points a dream, if we are going to just end up at the same spot. The only thing I can conclude is they were happy with how Grace and Will ended up (and therefore repeating the kids plot) but weren't happy with how Jack and Karen ended up and are therefore fixing up their end point,
  24. Woo! This is exciting news. I find Bughead and Varchie boring as heck. Actually I find the Core Four boring so maybe this isn't as exciting as it could be.
  25. I know my condition is nothing compared to blindness or deafness or anything else, but reading theses discussions reminded me of something I've experienced. I am red-green colour blind and cannot see purple. The doctor did give me the fancy term for it all, but I can't remember. I wasn't diagnosed with my colour blindness until I was 22 and was required to get a medical for my teaching job. So I was living what I thought was a 'natural coloured life for 22 years. As a Science teacher I love being able to share my colour blindness with my students. In recent years, when discussing it with my classes, it is inevitable that someone will bring up those new glasses that will fix my colour vision. And I tell them the same thing. I have got this far in my life experiencing the world with the colours I think I see and they are often the same colours as you are seeing (technically), if I put on those glasses I will see what I am 'missing' out on and I don't want to then spend the rest of my life wondering about what I'm looking at. I would prefer to just continuing experiencing the colours as I have all my life then put on a set of glasses so someone can feel good that they've allowed me to experience the 'real' world. And honestly I feel they want me to wear these glasses so I can tell them exactly what colours my eyes normally see so they can understand the condition better rather than making my life 'better' So I understand why there would be people who don't want to be 'fixed' so they can experience a 'normal' life for our benefit.
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