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  1. Jane was a guest on NPR's Wait, Wait.Don't Tell Me today. She said that the cast and contestants were.flown to Australia and spent a solid 14 days alone in their hotel rooms. Eve after hearing that it was jarring to seen a crowd and a full band. So many people! I liked the show and will watch. Something light and fun. And now I want to listen to Bryan Adams.
  2. It was a show full of so many good stories today. Loved the Young at Heart choir and the segment on kindness in particular. It was a jarring transition when right after the speaking about kindness and washing the feet of the homeless it broke to the commercial stating "Don't forget about yourself the Christmas"- and the people buying themselves cars with big bows.
  3. Really did not like Codi pitch or.product- the pitch was that without tablets and phones their was nothing that interested his 2 year old. That's a problem that needs a whole other solution than more tech. And the way it seemed the interface works is that the parent tells the toy when it's time for the kids to clean up so it plays its song, tells the toy when they are done so it can praise them, etc. I'm assuming all that is through an app on parent's phone. Meaning parent is spending even more time on their device to program Codi and less time interacting with their children. Use that time to parent and enjoy your children. Plus as has been stated here and in the show this space is already full and wouldn't be a good investment.
  4. Whoa, I missed the 4 month time jump. Must have been too involved in my knitting! So she had the backpack sitting in her office for 4 months? Because the white outfit was what she was wearing during the arrest and the flashback to the telling her husband through the window was that same night, correct? Then she's wearing the red dress with the complete pregnant belly reveal when she comes into the office and opens the backpack.
  5. I knew Simone was pregnant as soon as she stood up in that white out for, but wasn't sure if Lola was supposed to be as well, but thought there is no way they can try to pull this off. So I was very relieved when she told her husband, but surely she would have told him well before she was that far along! She said he'd been gone for a month this time, so this should have been something he was well aware.of before then. Sad that Mark's reaction was what it was. Sadder still that the bigger issues are too real.
  6. This morning hearing Anthony talk about the loss of their baby during his wife's pregnancy in the past was so touching. I have never gone through it myself, but have been through it with my daughter's first three pregnancies. That deep loss is tragic and causes such feelings of inadequacy and isolation. Just hearing him speak about it, you could hear how those feelings are still there. My daughter is about to give birth again, after two healthy children and all is going well, but that underlying dread is still with her.
  7. I agree; it was awkward and embarrassing. She was practically salivating. It is just as demeaning and harassing when you say things like that to a man. He was there to discuss his book and his music; not to hear a critique of his sexiness or how much Gayle or her friend lust after him.
  8. I use Castbox and it does a good job of downloading all the episodes of my subscriptions. I can choose to list from newest providers. Can also look at my downloads by show or separate downloaded list. It also allows you to set you speed in increments of .1 seconds. I just skip through the ads if my hands aren't too busy.
  9. Just saw this one the other and it made me laugh out loud. Those aunts are indeed a pestilence- but only in the best way because they only say those things for your own good 😁 And "Auntie" Prevailing Wind you are rocking that look and your groovy suitcases.
  10. First, I'd report to the network playing it. They're the ones that would have to pay fines for the violation, I think. And I guess the FCC is the agency who makes those regulations. You could check their website.
  11. The bangs may have improved but the overtalking definitely has not. A couple of days ago I had to just turn off the interview with Amy Schumer- neither one of them seemed to understand how an interview works. And yesterday with the Popeyes chicken sandwich- we understand you love it, Gayle. But then she had to bring it up again in another segment to announce that there fries with the order. Why do the viewers care if you have cold French fries in the morning? Bring Jerika back!
  12. I did, too! He had that tone that he does in The Amazing Race when they keep the leg going. Really like Myles, Danny and Callie. I like their more quiet focus and getting the job done.
  13. Tony did such a sweet and tearful tribute to his mom for her retirement (that is, until Gayle stepped all over it insisting that he tell us about it- that is what he was doing) He seems to have lived a very interesting life. Might have to read his bio or some info.
  14. I know what you mean. I like Gayle overall and I certainly don't want to nitpick the only woman on the panel but she has certain habits. Like the pointing the finger thing, if she uses the word great she has to add "it's Tony the Tiger great", etc. Since they've been broadcasting from home the overtalking has gotten much worse- everyone does it to some extent as it is the nature of delay but Gayle does it at another level. When a guest adds something to the greeting instead of just continuing she stops and acknowledges what they said, has to try to find where she was. Same thing happens at the close of an interview if they add an extra good bye or pleasantry. It wrecks the flow entirely. The thing that irritates yet cracks me up is her need to interrupt by loudly saying their names. Yesterday it was "Anthony and Vlad, Anthony and Vlad, Anthony and Vlad". My favorite was the day they were doing a story on a man named Nick who got to use a lift to be raised up to his wife's window in a nursing home. Anthony and Tony were wrapping up the story and Gayle loudly interjected "Anthony, Anthony, Anthony", "Yes, Gayle", "Anthony, you have a son named Nick". The look on his face!
  15. I've noticed the lack of news at the beginning but haven't missed it much. I was thinking it was because we've all heard it so much, it changes so quickly and it's nice to have a break from it. I've liked the different musicians playing the theme at the opening.
  16. I'm done. Watched the third episode of this new season and all the characters have become stupider, more sexist caricatures of how they were written previously. Tonight people deliberately ate rotten chicken salad to avoid spending time with children (which is women's work, with them having the breasts and everything, don't you know). Ugh. No laughs and no need to keep subjecting myself to this.
  17. I was happy to see this show return and usually like it for being an easy comedy to watch with a few clever lines. This episode was not that. I agree with Poohbear617 that it hit all the same old jokes. The fact that Adam expressed all his ridiculous insecurities (re-populating the world, really?) but then they weren't refuted or resolved. And then Andi "gets" to go back on birth control pills with all the negative effects of long term use. And I hated the fact that they made Andi so dumb she doesn't even think of a vasectomy as a possible form of birth control. She is not a dumb character so that just irritated me. And on shallow note. Matt LaBlanc has gained a lot of weight in the hiatus. I actually thought he might have a fake belly on in the first scene and that the storyline was going to include him losing weight. Oops, no, that's real.
  18. Thanks for the heads up. All set on the Tivo. The episode description sounds good. Thanks for the heads up. All set on the Tivo. The episode description sounds good.
  19. I didn't realize The Dream had a new season started- thanks. Loved season 1.
  20. The car divider was wacky. Do you think that the siblings aren't going to push on that nylon and wire structure? Plus it seemed like a potential hazard in an accident. And just a bad overall idea; teach your children to cope with the 'hardship' of sharing space in the vehicle. I agree with everyone's comments about pool guy- no way should this ever become a reality.
  21. That was fun. It's going to be so interesting to watch this unfold as we already know there are big egos and tangled pasts. Plus the different successful playing styles are coming up against each other. I liked the moment cocky Tyson realized he wasn't going to be able to just stroll through this game. You could almost see his stomach drop as he stood there listening to the fact that people were talking about his not-at-all secret alliance that he'd just been bragging about in his TH. And I get to watch some of my favorites- Yul, Jeremy, Sarah, Wendell and our local girl, Danni. Was glad she pushed back on Rob and didn't lie when confronted.
  22. The lasagna thing is making me twitchy. Most states allow selling of a small amount of home baked goods to the public (due to their more shelf stable and lower possibility of contamination) however other foods must be produced in a commercial kitchen that meets certain standards and is available for inspection. Of course, it happens all over the place that there are people selling small amounts of food from their homes. But the lack food safety on this show (no hair pulled back, no aprons or gloves , no hand washing, etc) when this food is being sold to other people is all sorts of wrong and shows why they attempt to regulate this stuff. Plus they still have a dog there, right? And Katie keeps making lasagnas in those big glass pans and I keep wondering how many of those she has and how her clients get those back to her. I know I need to relax and just watch the comedy but these are the things that I can't help but notice.
  23. I agree most of the disguises are so fake looking that you can tell that it's a wig before they make it through the door. I thought the Anytime Fitness boss had a good disguise though. That overly bleached hair and little bit bolder dressing style worked well in the gym setting. She handled the belligerent franchisee well. As he was ramping up his defensiveness and verbal nastiness she firmly turned it around with "Let's work on getting you out of the system." I liked the other two positive employees but am glad the dog is out of there. I like animals but not in my gym, and too many hazards for the dog as well. And also glad that kid isn't practicing his therapeutic massage. Get certified before putting your hands on people before something goes really wrong.
  24. I haven't laughed at an episode so much for a long time but that lawyer and his expert accountant were good comedy. He sincerely thought if threw around legal terms JM would be dazzled by the intelligence and award that ridiculous countersuit. Pompous fool. And then Doug in the hall after the lawyer snarkily rambles on about how the people have spoken through the great Judge Milian, blah, blah puts him in his place with a dismissive "Get it off your chest". Just wish I could see a group of attorneys who know this windbag watching it and rolling with laughter.
  25. Yes, the octopus segment was great. They are indeed fascinating creatures in so many ways and it was good to get see so many aspects of their unique behaviors. This show does such a quality job of really spending the time to cover their stories. They just let the camera watch the subject and allow the reporters to talk instead of the usual surface reporting of the highlights.
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