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  1. knitorpurl

    Which Podcasts Fuel Your Listening Pleasure?

    Just finished listening to The Dream on your recommendation. Thanks for that. And now that The Clearing is wrapping up next week might give True Crime Garage or The Vanished a shot. I can only do one true crime at a time - I start getting the facts mixed or the sadness of it all starts weighing on me.
  2. knitorpurl

    Three Identical Strangers (2018)

    I watched this in the theater when it was first released and was so affected by it. The way these people were 'handled' as it their lives were given over to the researchers was stunning. I was so intrigued I got the book written by the twin sisters that appeared in the doc that were part of the excitement, too. It is "Identical Strangers" by Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein. It adds more info and they even talked to the doctor and some others involved. If you want to know more I would highly recommend it.
  3. knitorpurl

    Where'd You Go, Bernadette (2019)

    Never read the book, but I enjoyed this. I do tend to be a fan of a quirky movie and this fit that description. Cate Blanchette plays a very good antisocial person and the actress who played the daughter was good. I'm normally not a Kristen Wiig fan but I liked her here. The story was far fetched but enjoyable. And the scenery was gorgeous. (Once they got out of that ramshackle house- particularly jarring right after the Addams Family trailer!)
  4. knitorpurl

    CBS This Morning

    Yeah, that was rude and made for a very awkward moment. Gayle does bring in the awkwardness with some regularity with the other hosts and guests. That said I do like most of the changes- talk of the table and before we go segments in particular. I could do without the overly repetitive teasers and the recap at 7:30 and 8:30. People who tune in late can get it when they repeat the leads at 8. Still the best, most news oriented morning show, which is the reason I watch.
  5. knitorpurl

    Which Podcasts Fuel Your Listening Pleasure?

    Two that I would recommend: The Shrink Next Door- about a patient and his psychiatrist and how things went down a bizarre path. A real lesson in trust and how things aren't always as they seem. The Clearing- A daughter suspects her father of more than one murder. She remembers things from her childhood and goes digging on the internet to find unsolved cases near places they lived.
  6. knitorpurl

    Yesterday (2019)

    Really liked this. Jack's struggle to balance the excitement of his music career taking off and then the mixed emotions of guilt and being overwhelmed were well done. The two other people who knew the truth were great. Loved their reaction. I was distracted throughout the movie by how much Lily James resembled Kiera Knightly. They could be sisters!
  7. knitorpurl

    S38.E12 Awkward

    Loved the correction, too. Grammar matters, people. And the Eric reaction would have been awesome but the cameramen probably have the same problem I have- which one is Eric and which is Chris? And can they please give these people swimsuits?!? It is way past time.
  8. knitorpurl

    S38.E12 Awkward

    She was in on the plan with Lauren and Victoria to vote out Ron and that's when she offered it up since this was the last tribal it could be used. So he used it as she intended.
  9. knitorpurl

    S38.E12 Awkward

    Can't believe.Rick was able to climb that tree with everyone sleeping. I was sure either he or the idol would fall right into the shelter. Glad Gavin was able to see past the manipulation of Ron and use Aurora's extra vote. Was concerned that it could end up being used against her and would be the reason she was voted out herself. But "mastermind" Ron is finally out- well, at least banished the Eternal Edge of Extinction.
  10. knitorpurl

    S38.E10 Blood of a Blindside

    I thought the same thing. It would have benefited both he and Rick as they are already allies to bring someone to their side.
  11. knitorpurl

    S38 Preview & Speculation Thread

    What is that pile of food? Is it nachos, a mass of tacos, or a stack of the camera people's leftover pizza? At this point that has me in as much suspense as the hype they're trying to sell me.
  12. knitorpurl

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    That's it! I keep looking at her thinking there is something familiar.
  13. knitorpurl

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    Just wishing for a bit of restraint. Just like the jury "isn't allowed to speak" keeps them from shouting over to the current players but certainly doesn't preclude some amount of muttering, asides to one another and dramatic facial reactions without anyone getting kicked out. But no worries..... the producers seem to like the new, chaotic style so we'll get to see plenty more.
  14. knitorpurl

    S38:E09 Y'all Making Me Crazy

    I'm not wild about the get up and whisper tribals. Maybe the rule should be you have to stay in your seat. Then if you want to communicate with those at the other end you have to say it out loud or resort to hand gestures. The jury was enjoying it though. Finally getting something besides deep brooding, faraway looks from Joe and Aubrey was bringing the Eliza-level reactions. (Though Eliza remains Queen of Tribal Reactions) I was having a hard time telling Chris and Eric apart when they were on separate tribes, now that they are both on Edge of Eternal Extinction it's much harder.
  15. knitorpurl

    S38:E08 I'm the Puppet Master

    It was a good one. Eric trying to start counting once the third vote was read, Rick's jaw literally dropping and Ron trying to hold his face completely still as it dropped against his will. The puppets have broken free and are running amok!