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  1. Loved the correction, too. Grammar matters, people. And the Eric reaction would have been awesome but the cameramen probably have the same problem I have- which one is Eric and which is Chris? And can they please give these people swimsuits?!? It is way past time.
  2. She was in on the plan with Lauren and Victoria to vote out Ron and that's when she offered it up since this was the last tribal it could be used. So he used it as she intended.
  3. Can't believe.Rick was able to climb that tree with everyone sleeping. I was sure either he or the idol would fall right into the shelter. Glad Gavin was able to see past the manipulation of Ron and use Aurora's extra vote. Was concerned that it could end up being used against her and would be the reason she was voted out herself. But "mastermind" Ron is finally out- well, at least banished the Eternal Edge of Extinction.
  4. I thought the same thing. It would have benefited both he and Rick as they are already allies to bring someone to their side.
  5. What is that pile of food? Is it nachos, a mass of tacos, or a stack of the camera people's leftover pizza? At this point that has me in as much suspense as the hype they're trying to sell me.
  6. That's it! I keep looking at her thinking there is something familiar.
  7. Just wishing for a bit of restraint. Just like the jury "isn't allowed to speak" keeps them from shouting over to the current players but certainly doesn't preclude some amount of muttering, asides to one another and dramatic facial reactions without anyone getting kicked out. But no worries..... the producers seem to like the new, chaotic style so we'll get to see plenty more.
  8. I'm not wild about the get up and whisper tribals. Maybe the rule should be you have to stay in your seat. Then if you want to communicate with those at the other end you have to say it out loud or resort to hand gestures. The jury was enjoying it though. Finally getting something besides deep brooding, faraway looks from Joe and Aubrey was bringing the Eliza-level reactions. (Though Eliza remains Queen of Tribal Reactions) I was having a hard time telling Chris and Eric apart when they were on separate tribes, now that they are both on Edge of Eternal Extinction it's much harder.
  9. It was a good one. Eric trying to start counting once the third vote was read, Rick's jaw literally dropping and Ron trying to hold his face completely still as it dropped against his will. The puppets have broken free and are running amok!
  10. While I understand Rick's emotions after getting voted out, he has lost perspective on where he stands with Kama alliance. And even though "Wardog" was right he is an overbearing loudmouth so no way was he going to convince Rick to trust him. Liked Rick saying "Don't bark at me." Apt description of "Wardog's" style. During the IC Lauren repeatedly states how dizzy she is, the camera is doing close ups of her eyes crossing and no producer notices? Glad she was able to get back up. The funny thing that happened right before that was Jeff announcing the three remaining players in the challenge- Victoria, Aurora and Lauren. Then Aurora mumbles something like "Dang skinny girls." Ummm, Aurora you are a dang skinny girl.
  11. Yes, Snow Apple, the last guy answered all the questions. Won the $100,000 and is been named a Mental Samurai. The MMA guy missing Hall and Oates was excruciating. And then he didn't know who they were when he was told the answer!
  12. Should rename this season The Edge of Eternity because no one ever leaves! The only way out is to remove yourself from the game. Thankfully Keith and Wendy opted out. I want Ron's elevated eyebrow (and attitude!) voted out.
  13. Better hope Reem isn't reading this. She'll come at you like a wolverine. I was also in the dark about Aurora. I thought Jeff was calling someone O'Rourke during the challenge at first. And there is a Julie and a Julia. Next week maybe they'll add a Juliet!
  14. I was stunned at how easily Aubrey was reeled in. I know that she was feeling desperate for an alliance but that was too easy. And the outpouring of affection at tribal...every player was saying nice things and I was sure that would make her aware enough to pull out the idol. JT level, indeed. Hope she gets back in and redeems herself. Wendy's glee at getting voted out was amusing as was her "I'm lost" wanderings away tribal. How does that happen? Now we just have to watch Reem's head literally explode as she deals with her. Reem is so bitter and hostile. Her reaction to Chris stating the obvious was outrageous. I hope Chris is a light sleeper- I'd be nervous if I was him.
  15. Sorry that happened to your dad, Cajungirl64. Glad he got his chair to give him a little comfort though. I've heard of the recliner conflict in real life more than once. In had a version of it myself as my husband wanted a reclining couch and most of them look like massive marshmallow sculptures or as if they could swallow pets and small children. We have a reclining couch but we shopped for one that looks like a couch.
  16. Glad to see this show back. While it can be a little nonsensical I'm willing to roll with it because it makes me laugh here and there. Last night when Swoozie Kurtz was talking about not having peripheral vision then later Stacy Keach had to turn her head to see what was happening next to her made me smile. And Andy's mom skills where just what was needed to get the nurse situation taken care of. Liked the nurse.
  17. Isn't this the truth! I felt compelled at least twice to tell Mike aloud that he isn't good at this game. But he continues to think that he is.
  18. Davie's instincts are strong in this game. He is definitely being seen now - no more under the radar so I hope he can keep winning challenges and making the right moves. Couldn't predict this vote- I could barely keep track of who was planning to vote for who and it almost seems like the players were having the same problem. Goodbye Christian (aka twitchy Mark Hamill)...you and your overly verbose commentary will be missed.
  19. I think these big moves, voting out Carl and attempting to vote out Christian, just came a couple of weeks too soon. Everyone is playing so hard they've gotten too eager to keep their perspective. Gabby's stated motivation was that she could see that how Christian was comforting and reassuring with his girlfriend is how he was with her and that is what made her want to make this move. Was that jealousy? Or a moment of self realization? And not liking what she saw she immediately wanted to change others perception of her. So much so she took the controls and banked so hard to the left she crashed and burned. Taking a deep breath and working on deepening her alliance with Alison, Davie, etc independently for a few more days before making the move against Christian would have been wiser, but the emotional reaction still won out with her. Another emotional player is Nick. He was all over the place tonight. I thought he might pass out during the family visit and that was before his dad made it out! And his bitterness toward Christian was totally understandable but hope he can get a game plan together. I like Nick more as the game has developed. Really would like to see Davie go far. I think his feeling that he needs Christian as a shield actually has some validity- he's playing an under the radar game because Carl, Gabby and Christian have been so obvious and have kept the Goliath's attention. Now he's down to Christian who fills that role; coupled with his sense of loyalty I can see why he didn't want him to go. As much as the tribes are over and there has been blending it is still on enough people's consciousness that Davie would come to the forefront. But he's going to have to step up sooner rather than later as we're getting to the end.
  20. What a lot of twists and turns this episode took! Loved all the planning that had to go on and how many of these players seem to be able to control their mouths and not tell about their idols or try brag less than cryptically about where their vote is going. Well played. Bye John; we were as blindsided as you. I was distracted though several times by Christian's eyes. I was wondering if he had some sort of eye infection but finally decided he's just incredibly sensitive to the sun. Every shot in the full sun looked painful. Speaking of eyes... coming back from one of the commercials I was admiring, as often do during Survivor, the beautiful arial shot of the island and then there was a close-up of a dead fish on the beach, sans eyes. Yikes. More crabs, birds and snakes with eyes please. I'd much rather watch the stick tricks of Davey on the rocks. That was funny. Way to keep your cool and create a distraction at the same time.
  21. The people on Natalie's new team have some amazing self control. As soon as she started assigning jobs I would have come back with "And what will you be doing?" The answer is obviously nothing but micromanaging. That fire scene was excruciating. I know she has employees she manages/harangues but PLEASE tell me that she doesn't have children or a pet. Then there was Natalia. Vote the way I tell you and then shut up. As soon as Kara and Elizabeth started talking about horses you could just see her hostility. Alec was not thinking clearly (I mean this was not Natalie level bossiness) but she made it really easy for him to be swayed. Was not sorry to see her go. And this is how the Davids just might find their chance. Hopefully Gabby can pull it together both for her and Christian's sake. That amount of anxiety is exhausting. After the challenge maybe she felt she could talk to the 'cool kids'. Interesting to hear John talk about his social anxiety and relating to Christian.
  22. I'm okay with them giving them the fire starting kit. It was getting old watching them sitting wet and miserable staring with blank eyes while people began to shiver uncontrollably. The tarp should have been a reward but as I've never sat outside through a cyclone it seems like a small comfort in those circumstances. Natalie is one hard headed, delusional person. If someone comes to you and tells you how other people perceive you, you at least listen. Especially in Survivor where perception is the reality. All I can see when I see Christian is a twitchy Mark Hamill. Goodbye Jessica. Barely knew you but it was a pleasure watching your self assured expression leave your face. You've known these people less than a week; it is unwise to presume so much.
  23. We spend the show making comments on how amazing each and every move by Agent Hannah Wells is (you must use the full title, although it must now be Agent Hannah Wells, Swiss Army Knife). Toward the end of this episode she had a touching line about how alone she felt and my husband and I both burst into laughter because, of course she's lonely, everyone in close contact with Agent Hannah Wells, Swiss Army Knife dies. As ridiculous as the show became we will miss it. Maybe Chuck could get a spin-off where he is allowed out of the basement and to have human contact with more than one other character on the show at once.
  24. I missed that. Thought loopy Sebastian would have stayed in charge of it. That explains why Wendell jumped on, never missing an advantage opportunity.
  25. It would have been a much better move if Wendell and Dom had convinced Sebastian to send Laurel to Ghost Island. It would have cemented their bond with her as she keeps their idol secrets. Might have taken some quick talking to get Sebastian to agree but pretty sure they could sway him. And wouldn't be quite so in your face to the others left behind. Even though I'm sure Wendell knew where Don and Laurel's votes were supposed to go the possibility that they flipped and all that double talk would have sent me grabbing my idol. I really didn't want to see Wendell go but would have totally understood if Laurel and Don made that choice. But Laurel aligning with Kellyn after her double vote last tribal and the lack of trust with any of them would be tough.
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