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  1. Ramona walking the beach with her giant hat draped over her belly... but I guess walking next to Lu, I’d be hiding my belly, too
  2. I haven't made it through all the pages of comments yet, and just got to watch this morning, so forgive me if I am repeating here. But 2 things for me stand out: First, I have no problem with the age of the women flirting. To me, it's just the rudeness that is shown to the other women. It's constant with Romana. Her level of self importance is disgusting. She can't go into a restaurant without working a room. She can't host guests in her home without leaving to attend a more "important" party. She thinks herself quite the Socialite. Second, I am not trying to defend Dorinda, but to me it seems her annoyance is with the fact that Tinsley signed up to be on a reality show yet she is trying to have 2 separate lives. A gross, emotionally stunted, Barbie Doll behavior life and a separate personal/private one. It's not what she signed up to do. If Scott doesn't want to have a relationship on the show, and she wants a relationship with him, she needs to leave the show. Yes, the girls found out about John from page 6, but Dorinda hasn't kept quiet about it.
  3. I wasn’t cool with that, either. So.... I don’t always agree and side with him. At all. But I can tell you that I listen every single day. So I still stand by the fact that I feel he is usually pretty self aware. But I think he was wrong on Monday. So I am not sure if that was a dig towards me, him, or both of us. But since you don’t know me at all, I will assume it was only towards him. Who you do know well.
  4. I HATE Dr. Donna and the Patti shows. Good riddance to Patti! And I totally agree. Most of the time he is being an asshole, he is being sarcastic. I actually think he is pretty self aware and honest regarding his faults. Glad to know you are also one of his 12 listeners!! haha Do you have Sirius XM? I think that's the only way you can listen. He's on 4 days a week but there is a change.org petition to go 5 days. I unapologetically love him. He makes me laugh out loud every day.
  5. Here's the thing, I listen every day (it's my entertainment at the gym). Most of his narcissistic comments are usually a joke. He makes fun of himself a lot. He really doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. If you are an occasional viewer or listener, it can come across as totally serious. I actually find it refreshing that he knows his flaws and takes 100% ownership. But again, just my opinion. I know he gets a lot of hate which is odd to me. If he's not your cup of tea, don't watch or listen. For me, I look forward to most of his shows (except when Dr. Donna or that Millionaire Matchmatcher chic used to be on).
  6. I am going to speak out in support of Jeff on this one. As an avid listener to his radio show, he really seems to be more self-aware. And it sounds like Scott was the one having a really hard time with the quarantine. Making assumptions based on the tv show isn't fair. In my opinion.
  7. Marcya23

    The Great

    You know, I really like it. Even if it is not historically accurate. And I like the nod to the horse rumor. I also like the reference to playing with toy soldiers. So I am enjoying it.
  8. I can't believe I am saying this (because she has grated on my last nerve so far this season), but Sutton for the win in this episode. She did nothing wrong. She had a thought that freaked her the fuck out, whispered it to the closest person... unfortunately, that person was Dorit. I do not for one second believe she would have ruined anything or caused a scene. But ponytail saw a good "in" for this episode. I fucking hate Dorit. I am not sure if I can with this season. If we are going to look for a fight, I can just focus on my own household right now ( I mean, the CHEWING!).
  9. This is officially the most checked out and uninterested I have ever been in an episode of VR. It gave me nothing of interest.
  10. I came here to see if anyone else was disturbed by her TikTok videos??? I don’t get it. They’re concerning. IMHO
  11. Disclaimer- I worked for NCA for many years. First as an instructor then later in the corporate office. I came up with Brad (the Cheer Athletics owner featured). I loved my time there and still treasure the friendships. I cheered at a D1 school- albeit 20 years ago. I am amazed at how the sport has progressed. I would never make the team today! I get so frustrated with most cheer shows and was skeptical when I heard this was coming. But man, this hit the mark. I love how so many non-cheer folks have also enjoyed it. I especially think that if you are ANY type of coach or athlete, this can speak to you on so many levels. 2 things to add: one of our seniors (I am a teacher and school cheer coach) tried out for Navarro on Monday. They are having several open tryout days, so he won’t find out for a bit. He said that all of the “cast” was there, even Gabi. But it makes sense because they were probably running through the Ellen routine on the 3 day weekend. He said everyone was pretty talented but was surprised how many girls who “base” showed up. Navarro being coed, there’s not much chance of them making it. As for filming and footage, it has pretty much always been the practice at NCA to not allow outside camera crews. Besides, the Daytona venue is tight. It would have been disrespectful and distracting to others competing. But I do know for a fact that the crew was given the Varsity footage but decided not to use it for some reason.
  12. This one hit close to home for me. I am living a version of this currently, so I could relate to a lot of it. But if not for that, I can see where it fell flat for many. Knowing the actors, I expected this episode to deliver more. I’ll keep going with the series, but it’s not a binge-worthy one for me.
  13. I am a bit late to the game on this. I finished “You” and was looking for something to binge before school starts again. Add me to the list of criers. And I never cry. I was so worried he was going to die before she made it back to NY. Touching story and wonderful acting from the both of them!
  14. Same! And they were 90 Schilling which is one of my favorites to drink while in CO. Seeing them sit there was stressing me out!
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