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  1. Disclaimer- I worked for NCA for many years. First as an instructor then later in the corporate office. I came up with Brad (the Cheer Athletics owner featured). I loved my time there and still treasure the friendships. I cheered at a D1 school- albeit 20 years ago. I am amazed at how the sport has progressed. I would never make the team today! I get so frustrated with most cheer shows and was skeptical when I heard this was coming. But man, this hit the mark. I love how so many non-cheer folks have also enjoyed it. I especially think that if you are ANY type of coach or athlete, this can speak to you on so many levels. 2 things to add: one of our seniors (I am a teacher and school cheer coach) tried out for Navarro on Monday. They are having several open tryout days, so he won’t find out for a bit. He said that all of the “cast” was there, even Gabi. But it makes sense because they were probably running through the Ellen routine on the 3 day weekend. He said everyone was pretty talented but was surprised how many girls who “base” showed up. Navarro being coed, there’s not much chance of them making it. As for filming and footage, it has pretty much always been the practice at NCA to not allow outside camera crews. Besides, the Daytona venue is tight. It would have been disrespectful and distracting to others competing. But I do know for a fact that the crew was given the Varsity footage but decided not to use it for some reason.
  2. This one hit close to home for me. I am living a version of this currently, so I could relate to a lot of it. But if not for that, I can see where it fell flat for many. Knowing the actors, I expected this episode to deliver more. I’ll keep going with the series, but it’s not a binge-worthy one for me.
  3. I am a bit late to the game on this. I finished “You” and was looking for something to binge before school starts again. Add me to the list of criers. And I never cry. I was so worried he was going to die before she made it back to NY. Touching story and wonderful acting from the both of them!
  4. Same! And they were 90 Schilling which is one of my favorites to drink while in CO. Seeing them sit there was stressing me out!
  5. This! I came out of lurking to post just this. I am no fan of Shep, but she called him over to her to make her laugh because she was depressed. Knowing damn well she was starting something with him because he doesn't want the two of them together. In my opinion, she started it. And in no way did Danni deserve to have that information out there. I think it showed exactly who Madisin is. And by the way, that's not winning an argument. There was nothing smart or intellectual about being that mean. If she wanted to outwit Shep, she failed.
  6. Seriously!! What was that on her neck? I didn’t hear a word she said at lunch. All I could do was stare at that mark,cut/burn??!
  7. 1: I 100 percent believe James screws around. But.... 2: who in the Hell of a right mind would find that disgusting cigarette butt attractive?
  8. That was quite the shit show. Pun intended. Very hard to watch.
  9. I believe I heard on Radio Andy (I think on Jeff Lewis' show) that the original reason Gina's husband wasn't shown or filmed was due to his employer.
  10. This is my theory on Craig and Naomi. He admitted that he is a liar. He showed in his scene with Cameron that he can't stick with one thing. He can't even commit to a pillow. I think that he had Naomi snowed. She loved him and believed in him. Yes, she's shown that she can be a hella stalker and a bit crazy, but who here hasn't. I sure as hell have had my moments where I went a bit cuckoo over an ex. I believe that although she doesn't want to be with him, she is still having a hard time with the break up. She spent years believing his bullshit. Yet he is still this lovable goof to everyone. It has to be exhausting to witness. Or.... she's just a horrible person and I am totally wrong.
  11. If only Tamara Judge was as funny and interesting as she thinks she is.
  12. I was honestly and genuinely surprised. Only because I thought that they had some sort of arrangement or something. Not that I thought it was an authentic, loving, committed relationship.
  13. I don't know why this news made me a little sad. With the exception of all her Tom talk, I kind of enjoyed her lately. Especially in Mexico. But I do think all of the "married" and "Tom" mentioning was a sign there was trouble in paradise. Usually, if you have to point out that often how wonderful things are for you... they probably aren't.
  14. What I see with Ramona's body is this: she is sway-backed and pigeon-toed. ( I am sway-backed, myself). But add to it that she has an odd core. I know that she is fit, but she doesn't seem to have a six pack, but rather a belly that tends to arch forward. If that makes sense. It becomes even more evident to me when she's had too much to drink. When she is walking around wasted with Lu, you can really tell that she doesn't have it in check. Butt back, stomach out, and toes in. As for her monster boobs, they wouldn't look so bad if she would dress them properly. But since she has zero self-awareness, she dresses them so inappropriately for her age. IMHO. In regards to Bethany's tequila tour, I really don't think that we saw the whole experience. I believe she was meeting with people that didn't want to be on camera. I know there are a lot of Bethany haters here, and this isn't taking up for her, but I think we only saw the part that was for production purposes. I am sure what concerned her regarding Ramona was that she was going to say something inappropriate that would end up on camera that could hurt her image. Just like she did at the Kodak event with Jill. Weren't sponsorships lost over that? IIRC.
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