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  1. The night my mom passed, I had woken up around 3 am, and felt a warm sensation of peace and contentedness wash over me. My dad called several minutes later to give me the news. She’d been living in pain for two years with undiagnosed (until much too late) pancreatic cancer. I like to think that was her way of saying goodbye to me. Also, the sailor’s clock next to her chair in the living room stopped that night. As an aside, I can’t stand when random strangers wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. I get that they mean well, but it’s just painful.
  2. jenh526

    I Need a Recipe!

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but here it is. I live at about 5000 ft elevation, so when I bake Tollhouse cookies I have to use the high altitude recipe. The recipe says to “add 2 tsp water with flour”. The first time I tried this I added the 2 tsp water to the flour mixture. Later I convinced myself this was not correct. So now when I add the flour to the wet ingredients I add 2 tsp water with the first addition of flour. Now I’m thinking this isn’t right either, and I should add 2 tsp with each addition of flour (I don’t have a mixer, doing all this by hand). The last batch of cookies I did turned out well with just the 2 tsp water added with the first addition of flour, if a tad dry. The batter was very hard to mix though. Anyone familiar with high altitude baking that has a suggestion?
  3. Pumpkin pie pop tarts. Yummy! A coworker used to make Trader Joe’s pumpkin tarts at work because they smelled so good as they were toasting. He liked making the rest of us jealous. I like the pumpkin pie pop tarts better than TJ’s version.
  4. jenh526

    S03.E08: Biscuits

    Ok, so Brendan only made a house. It was very cute though. I kinda love that he had marshmallow bits all over his face during the technical.
  5. jenh526

    Media for Sharp Objects

    The Atlantic sure seems to love this show: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/07/sharp-objects-review-hbo/564524/ https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2018/07/sharp-objects-music/565544/ I did love the use of Led Zeppelin's In The Evening intro in the second episode... impending doom indeed. Gave me chills.
  6. jenh526

    S01.E03: Fix

    The only words I caught were on Camille when Alice(?) told her not to talk to her. Camille pulled her jeans down a little to reveal what I think was F*** You etched on her skin. When did we learn Alice’s name? Must’ve missed that part.
  7. jenh526

    S01.E03: Fix

    Maybe Camille's editor had the best of intentions sending her back to Wind Gap, but Adora and Amma strike me as the kind of people you want to stay well away from if you have an interest in self-preservation. Poor Camille.
  8. Crows practice necrophilia. Ducks gang rape.
  9. jenh526

    S03.E04: Desserts

    I made the flan. Big cracks across the top and pockmarked on the sides. However, my caramel was a nice dark color. So I may not have come in last, but definitely down near the bottom. :) Good choice for a technical bake.
  10. jenh526

    S03.E04: Desserts

    I think the caramel custard is the same thing as what we call flan here in the southwest US. Quite a common menu item in the restaurants around here. Never made one myself but am tempted to try now.
  11. jenh526

    S03.E03: Tarts

    Was that John’s son who was in a little clip saying “in my tum tum”? I nearly melted from the adorableness. Love Sarah-Jane and how gleeful/shocked she was when Paul complimented her banana tart.
  12. jenh526

    A case of the Mondays: vent your work spleen here

    What did you change to? I always hear about women leaving IT but the articles never say where they end up.
  13. jenh526

    S07.E06: Botanical Week

    Either Mel or Sue (can't keep them straight) said something like "the bushes need trimming" at one point. I'd been half-listening but when I heard that I was wondering if there was some kind of innuendo intended...
  14. jenh526

    S07.E05: Pastry Week

    The lips... she reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter's Queen of Hearts.