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  1. I was hoping that Lola and Noah would get together near the end of her run. I think that they would've made a great match.
  2. Was that referring to the fake hit that he made up to get her out of town when he returned from the dead or the real hit from before his non-death?
  3. Could that mean that they're actually going to go with Jarly? 🤢🤮
  4. This makes me sad, because I really was enjoying Gabi until they paired her with Jake. I liked her as the vampy schemer, but Jake has really sucked the fun out of her.
  5. Plus Nikolas' non-murder wasn't for lack of trying on Valentin's part. He also thought that he'd murdered Nikolas as well. I have to say that I enjoyed a few things about today's episode. Looks like there was finally some movement on the stupid and pointless "Who Tried ti Kill Hayden," storyline. Alexis and Nikolas's conversation was pretty good. It was nice to see Ava back in HBIC mode. Also, I enjoyed Britt calmly telling Carly that she wouldn't cede control of her life over to her (because we know that's what would've happened had she given in and taken back up with Jason).
  6. I'm pretty sure that Trina isn't a virgin. Wasn't there something a couple years ago where Carly found condoms in Joss's book bag that turned out to be Trina's that she was using with her drug-dealing boyfriend or something?
  7. Yes, the internship did end up becoming a paying job.
  8. I was hoping that they'd run into each other at the Metro Court.
  9. I'll give you Joss, but how is Trina spoiled? When I was in college, several of the local restaurants served college students at discounted prices and some were even covered by our meal plans. Plus she's still working at the art gallery as well.
  10. Maybe they can finally make Christina Comes Home for Christmas! 😂
  11. I really enjoyed today's episode. I liked the scene between the Westbourne cousins. Britt as she is now is actually someone that I can legitimately imagine not being really upset with Nina for what she did. I also enjoyed Britt in her scenes with Spencer. She seems to have actually learned from her mistakes and is trying to do better. I also enjoyed the scenes between Portia and Trina. Portia is serious quoting Maya Angelou. I know that she's right, but I am still rooting for Spencer and Trina. Also, did my eyes deceive me or was there a little sparkette of chemistry between Portia
  12. Brook Lynn and Austin are cousins.
  13. I just think that it would've been funny if they used Nikolas and tested his Y chromosome, because it would've come back as a match!
  14. My guess is that IRL, the test would've come back as inconclusive because they'd have more shared DNA than two unrelated individuals, but less than half-siblings. Or it could've come back as negative if they used a strict shared DNA% cut-off.
  15. My hunch about Valentin and Victor was correct! They used Alexis' DNA. It would've been interesting if they'd used Nikolas and tested the Y chromosome, because if Victor was the father there would've been a match.
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