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  1. He was Celeste's son that was introduced ~2010. He got close to Lexie and Theo before Lexie died. He was infamously the other lef of the love triangle where he and Chad competed for the dubious honor of taking Abifail's virginity.
  2. No version of Joss should have an easy relationship with Carly. Good girl Joss should be morally outraged at Carly and the way that she has chosen to live her life; and hellraiser Joss would be bringing a neverending stream of drama and trouble into her life. This version of the character just doesn't work for me. And I think that the actress could probably pull off a more interesting version of the character.
  3. I believe that they established early on that Imani had completed finished law school and/or was preparing for the Bar exam. I am very much entertained by Imani's shameless flirting with Nate, Elena's annoyance, and Nate's attempts not to preen at the attention (serves her right after being Ms. Waffles).
  4. Victor is really Bo's father (and Shawn Douglas's grandfather), but Caroline is still the mother of both Roman and Bo (and grandmother to both Shawn Douglas and Sami), making them first cousins.
  5. Hasn't she left, returned, and left again since being shot?
  6. Of course a narcissist like Jocelyn can't stand not being the center of attention. She's got to find a way to make this all about her. I'm sure she's going to convince herself that Spencer is using Trina to make her jealous or something. And Spencer is pulling this lying foolishness on the wrong lady. I can't wait to see Trina's reaction when everything comes out.
  7. Oh, she's definitely a narcissist; but her narcissism isn't as destructive and soul-sucking (malignant) as Carly's... yet.
  8. He's come to an early realization of what he needs to do to maintain a happy(ish) relationship with her. Jocelyn may not be quite the malignant narcissist that her mother is, but she's heading that way.
  9. Brady's photo is next to the dictionary definition of serial monogamist.
  10. And AJ was very well could've been. If I'm not mistaken, they actually thought that Rick Webber was the father at one point.
  11. I'm still holding out hope that Mac has a long-lost child out there somewhere.
  12. My watching of the show has been pretty irregular. Has Sami made any reference to Nicole's interference in Allie's initial return story (pregnancy etc.) as a motivation for her revenge (even privately)? It was pretty obvious to me that a big part of Nicole's motivation in that situation was sticking it to Sami. I'd be able to enjoy this story much more if Samie wasn't just hiding behind protecting Eric from Nicole. I really enjoy vindictive Sami when she's acting out of vengeance or righteous anger than simple pettiness.
  13. New Ship Alert: Billy and Tara. Two selfish, dupliciotus characters who'd make each other absolutely miserable.
  14. That movie was filmed before he came on DOOL as Eric. I believe that GV found out that he got the role of Eric while filming of the movie. I remember AS saying that it was a good thing they shot the movie before the show because it would've been really awkward had it been the reverse.
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