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  1. I agree. They could just call it a case of Illness Anxiety Disorder (formerly known as Hypochondriasis). I diagnosed myself with several illnesses due to Medical Student Syndrome back in the day.
  2. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that's thinking along those lines; but I feel really silly for missing your post.
  3. I'm starting to wonder, did Victor Cassadine somehow fake Britt's Huntington's Disease diagnosis as part of a long con to get to Liesel? I know that sounds crazy and convoluted, but this is GH.
  4. Glad that we finally got to see Liesel and Victor Cassadine again. So, Victor set up the fake medical conference to get Liesel and do some kind of medical research? Also, if we weren't sure before, we definitely know now that Peter is in league with Victor. I'm actually enjoying Mr. Sheffield as Victor, and think that he and Liesel have an interesting dynamic. Trina continues to impress with her intelligence and compassion. I know people on the internets want her to eventually join the PCPD, but she's too smart for them and would get dragged down. The WSB's a better fit for her, lol!
  5. That's how it went originally. Nikolas and Ava assumed primary custody of Avery, but then gave her back to Carly when the stalker storyline got going.
  6. I'm pleasantly surprised that Chase didn't just go back to being hunky dory with Milquetoast Millow. He's not holding a grudge, but he's not cool with them either. Also, I continue to enjoy Spencer and Trina. That boy has got it bad. He was literally staring at her playing on her phone/fixing a drink the whole time that Joss and Esme were trading barbs. And I'm glad that Trina was the one to figure out that Spencer and Esme were working together as the stalkers. This is probably the best written story on the show right now. I also found myself moved by Sonny reuniting with his k
  7. I have to admit that WR's performance has finally hit that sweet spot where it's Hammy and OTT enough that I'm finding it entertaining and comical. So, if that's what he's going for, he's hitting the mark for me.
  8. I agree that it wasn't the writers' intention. I just think that this whole storyline is problematic and tone deaf.
  9. Given the context, in which Eric is offering Carter to fulfill Quinn's sexual needs, there are parralels to enslaved African Americans being used for sexual gratification by their owners; so in context, Eric and Quinn dressed up and Carter in casual attire presents a distressing image.
  10. Maybe it's for BH's maternity leave?
  11. NO! They can't have my precioussss!
  12. Looks like John Brotherton will be co-starring in Candace Cameron Bure’s Hallmark Christmas movie this year.
  13. I think that Billy is more open (often obnoxiously so) about his awfulness, which is really grating and off-putting. Cane tried to present himself as more respectable, and could come off as annoyingly sanctimonious and hypocritical.
  14. I think that Trina is such a great young heroine; and she's been written pretty well overall. We clearly see that she is loyal, intelligent, outspoken, caring, and an overall a good, well-meaning person/character. She has agency and doesn't merely react to what's going on around her. But she also has clear flaws that are addressed in story (her reaction to her father faking his death, her reaction to the knowledge about her mother's affair with Curtis, and her overall idealization of people that she looks up to).
  15. I knew that Victor would be showing up eventually with the name-dropping that's been going on. I actually suspected that he would be involved in Liesel's kidnapping; but I thought that we'd just be seeing dayplayer guards for a few days-weeks before it was revealed that they were working for him. Color me surprised, but I'm actually interested in this story (and I'm actually finding myself buying Liesel and Scott's pairing). I am curious if Spencer and/or Esme is in league with Victor; and if he's connected to Ryan and/or Peter. I loved the scenes between Ava and Trina.
  16. The whole town would be lining up to call her a WhoreSlutTramp, and she and Chase would both be pariahs. One thing that I found really interesting is she talked about the pure, genuine love that she and Chase has. In my mind, she was basically admitting that she's mainly choosing Michael because of Wiley and the family that he has rather than for just himself.
  17. And it would force her to deal with her own child's death instead of latching onto Wiley as a replacement.
  18. Oh, I definitely agree, especially when she didn't really seem to care about Spencer's crush on Trina (except for how it may affect THE PLAN). There's some speculation that she may be Ryan's daughter.
  19. https://www.soapsindepth.com/posts/one-life-to-live/erika-slezak-in-next-stop-christmas Looks like ES will be in Hallmark Christmas Movie this year.
  20. I think that it's over the top and hammy, but it hasn't quite gotten to the point that it's funny to me. I just need him to pull out the "Superstar" move the way Marty Saybrooke did on OLTL. That was deliciously over the top!
  21. I definitely see that they're going for both Esme and Trina appealing to different sides of Spencer. I'm glad that they aren't playing like Esme doesn't know that Spencer is interested in Trina because it was obvious that they were about to kiss when she found them at Wyndemere. I'm actually liking Esme now too; but I actually thought that I detected a sparkette between Esme and Cam both today and last week. I was hoping that Chase would hand the letter to Michael and wash his hands of that situation, so I was pleased with those scenes. I don't see how Austin presenting that to
  22. Nicole/Sydney bonding would really bring out Hurricane Sami, justifiably so in my opinion. I thought that the bonding between Allie and Nicole was really contrived. Nicole was never really shown to be around her since she was Lucas's child; but she was around Johnny and Sydney when she was married to EJ. My guess would be that Sydney's probably still in school somewhere in Europe (since she's younger then Johnny and Allie).
  23. I have higher hopes for this than I normally would; because I do think that Spencer's reintroduction storyline has actually been pretty well-written especially compared to so many of the current and recent ones. And I still find myself weirdly invested in Spencer and Trina, which I think has been particularly well-developed so far (especially for a teen romance).
  24. It does make sense given that he's supposed to have been in boarding schools in Europe for several years.
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